How Much Does a Gardener Cost in 2024?

A typical gardener costs between $110 and $200 nationwide, but it could cost as little as $50 or as much as $1,450 in different areas.

Whether you want a total garden makeover or regular maintenance for the front yard, you can depend on a gardener to accomplish the task. Gardeners are available at a surprisingly wide range of price points. 

The national average cost of hiring a gardener is $150 per visit, including lawn care, clean-up, and shrub trimming. A typical gardener costs between $110 and $200 nationwide, but it could cost as little as $50 or as much as $1,450 in different areas.

In this cost guide:

Average gardener costs in 2024

If you’re curious about the cost of a gardener, we’ve put together a helpful overview of cost estimates based on the rates of gardeners across the US. Remember that pricing is subject to vary because each gardener sets their own rates, and each job is unique.

National average cost$150
Typical price range$110 – $200
Extreme low-end cost$50
Extreme high-end cost$1,450

The prices listed above are per visit, where each visit includes lawn care, shrub trimming, and yard clean-up.

Gardener cost estimator per hour

A gardener’s hourly rate could be determined by their level of experience. A new gardener with basic experience typically charges $20 to $30 per hour, whereas a gardener with years of experience who specializes in garden planning may charge as much as $60 to $88 per hour

For the majority of gardening activities, average hourly fees range from $33 to $47, but some projects may have lower or higher charges based on the required level of skill.  

Other factors that affect cost

Normally, any factor that extends the task’s finishing time will increase the overall cost. When determining the price of a gardener, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Type of gardening service required

Garden maintenance can include trimming the hedges, clearing the ground, seeding, fertilizing, maintaining the lawn, and more. The more tasks you need a gardener to do, the longer it will take, and the more money they will charge. 

See the table below for the typical costs of some common landscaping and lawn maintenance services.

Gardening servicesCosts
Yard clean-up$205 – $805
Seeding$0.10 – $0.19 per square foot
Fertilization$120 – $480
Lawn mowing$50 – $190
Laying sod$0.90 – $1.80 per square foot
Weed removal$65 – $170
Soil testing$14.50 – $100
Hedge trimming$65 – $90 per hour
Bush trimming $50 – $75 per hour 

Tools and materials

Costs for gardeners often involve both labor and tools to complete the task. Prices increase for special work and installations that require design, technical know-how, and labor-intensive work. 

However, because they are not included in a gardener’s standard rate, things like expensive weed killer, mulch, or materials to build garden beds will result in extra costs if they’re required.

Number of gardeners

Homeowners can choose if they want to hire one or more gardeners to work on their property. The average cost of a gardener is $150 per visit, so for hiring two gardeners it would become $300 and so on. 

The cost of hiring two or more gardeners is higher, but they’ll finish the work faster, so the total cost may even out if you have a large property that needs a lot of work.

Gardeners also provide some services like seasonal yard clean-up, tree trimming, lawn aeration, and more. Find out the cost of these related services below:

Yard cleanup and leaf removal

The cost of removing leaves ranges from $155 to $460, or around $280 on average. Your yard’s tree count and regional variations in the cost of living have an impact on price. The cost of a yard clean-up (which includes leaf removal, debris removal, and bush trimming) is between $205 and $805

Tree trimming and removal

Trees must occasionally be pruned to keep them away from electricity lines and to prevent them from growing into buildings like your house or shed. The cost of tree trimming ranges from $255 to $655. It costs extra to trim tall, crooked, or otherwise difficult-to-access trees. 

Sometimes a tree needs to be removed, whether due to lightning damage or to make room for a new installation. Typically, tree removal cost ranges from $385 to $1,070.

Aerating the lawn

Aerating a lawn costs roughly $145 on average. It enables your grass roots to absorb water, nutrients, and air. 


The cost to seed a lawn ranges from $680 to $1,815. Seeding is useful for preventing or treating patches of thinning grass.

Hedge trimming

The average cost for hedge trimming ranges from $50 to $150. The cost of maintenance may, however, vary depending on the circumstance. Usually, the price per bush ranges from $5 to $15.

Installation of a flower bed

A gardener may assist with installing a flower bed and advise on the appropriate soil type, landscape design, and annual and perennial flowers for your region. Flower bed installation will cost between $650 and $3,000 overall.

Pro cost vs. DIY cost

Want to do your own gardening? It could save you a lot of money and even be fun! Here are the basic tools a homeowner needs to maintain a garden DIY:

DIY equipmentAverage cost
Tape measure$18
Utility knife$12
Work gloves$18
Garden spade$12
Garden trowel$10
Garden hose$38
Pruning shears$15
Total cost of tools:$234

Many people are capable of performing gardening tasks and upkeep on their own. It can involve trimming, weeding, mowing the lawn, and mulching. However, some tasks, such as tree trimming and area planning, might be better left to professional gardeners. 

Typically, gardening at home can cost about $238 (one-time cost), whereas hiring a professional gardener would cost between $110 and $200 per visit. Weekly or bi-weekly visits add up quickly. On the other hand, garden maintenance is a lot of work, and it’s not for everyone. Hiring a gardener might be worth it to save you time and effort. 

Cost of hiring a gardener by location

Gardeners’ prices can vary by location because of locally specific factors such as:

  • Climate: The climate you reside in affects how much a local gardener costs. Homeowners living in colder areas usually spend less on gardening compared to those living in warmer areas.
  • Rural vs. Urban Areas: Urban gardening may be more expensive than in rural settings because of the higher cost of living. 


Do gardeners require a license?

Since gardeners’ knowledge frequently comes from experience—years spent with their hands in the dirt—many gardeners have no licenses or certifications. While many states do not require any license, some may require gardeners or landscapers to obtain a contractor’s permit to conduct business.

Do I need a gardener regularly?

The size of your yard and other factors will determine how frequently you need a gardener. You might need to schedule service from your gardener at least once every week if they will be taking care of your lawn, pulling weeds, watering plants, and other routine tasks. 

Others might employ a gardener a few times a year to assist with significant tasks like cultivating compost piles, creating new beds, enhancing soil, or bush and tree trimming.

What exactly does a gardener do?

Gardeners usually offer all lawn and garden-related services, including:

• Pruning
• Mowing
• Hedge trimming
• Mulching
• Weeding
• Clean-up
• Applying fertilizers and pesticides 

Additionally, gardeners may help you design a flower garden or plant grass, trees, or bushes in your landscape. Get in touch with a local gardener to find out exactly what services they offer.

What advantages do gardeners offer?

Even though you might be tempted to DIY every aspect of your garden, there are many advantages to hiring a professional gardening service, such as:

Reclaiming your time: Gardening can take a lot of time and effort. Hiring a professional gardener takes the burden off of your shoulders. 

Obtaining maintenance aid: Starting a garden is one thing, but keeping it alive is quite another. A gardener can assist you in caring for your priceless plants, ensuring they thrive and last throughout the seasons. They can also provide upkeep advice for gardening jobs they do not perform.

Avoiding costly errors: Gardeners have the expertise to select the correct plants, irrigation setups, and other features for your yard and garden the first time. On your own, you may suffer through a lot of trial and error before getting it right.

Final thoughts

A beautiful garden is the dream of every homeowner. It enhances the visual beauty of the house and is refreshing to the mind. The first step toward your own dream garden is reaching out to a gardener in your area. Hiring a professional gardener costs homeowners a national average of $150, with costs typically ranging between $110 and $200.

Note: Lawn Love may get a referral fee for matching you with contractors in your area.

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