How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in 2024?

Most homeowners spend as little as $29 for lawn mowing services, while other routine lawn care costs as much as $4,200.

If you want your lawn to be healthy and vibrant, giving it constant TLC is imperative. From basic services like mowing to specialized treatments like fertilization, each lawn care costs differently based on various factors.

Lawn mowing costs as low as $29 to as much as $168, depending on the size of the lawn. For lawn seeding, most homeowners spend between $592 and $1,768, depending on the project size and the type of grass.

Average lawn care costs in 2024

Lawn care serviceExtreme low-end costExtreme high-end cost

While lawn care costs vary depending on the lawn care company you hire, the type of services you need, the size of your lawn, and other factors, these averages should give you a good idea of what to expect. Professional dethatching may cost as low as $100 to as much as $1,140, while lawn aeration usually costs between $43 and $496.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on lawn maintenance, you can try to go DIY. For example, doing the weekly or biweekly mowing yourself can save you a significant amount of money in the long run, as long as you have the time and equipment.

Cost estimator by service type

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The price of lawn care services varies based on the specific tasks involved. For basic services like mowing, you can expect the overall cost to be budget-friendly. However, certain services that use complex equipment or demand more labor can have higher costs.

You can refer to the table below for a quick overview of the average lawn care costs incurred by most homeowners.

Lawn care serviceAverage price range
Aeration$82 – $251
Dethatching$145 – $247
Fertilization$103 – $343
Leaf removal$165 – $485
Mowing$35 – $100
Mulching$43 – $98 per hour or $20 – $45 per cubic yard
New grassSeeding: $592 – $1,768
Sod installation: $1,048 – $2,992
Hydroseeding: $493 – $2,900
Sprinkler systemInstallation: $2,400 – $4,200
Repair: $110 – $365
TrimmingTree: $315 – $700 per tree
Bush: $6 – $15 per bush
Hedge: $48 – $79 per hour
Weed removal$65 – $120
Yard cleanup$174 – $436


By reducing compaction, lawn aeration can help improve lawn health and make it easier for water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

On average, lawn aeration costs between $82 and $251, or around $143 on average. The overall cost of aeration will depend on your lawn’s size and the current condition of the soil. If it’s too compacted, it may take the pros longer to finish the job.


Another lawn maintenance service that should not be neglected is dethatching. This process helps remove thatch – the layer of dead leaves, grass, and other organic matter that builds up on your lawn over time. This build-up can prevent your lawn from getting the oxygen, water, and nutrients it needs to be healthy.

While lawn dethatching costs around $145 to $247, you may have to spend as little as $100 to as much as $1,150. It will still depend on cost factors like the project size and how much dethatching is needed.


Does your lawn seem dull and lackluster compared to your neighbor’s? The solution may be as simple as applying fertilizer. You can have a lawn care expert evaluate your soil through a simple test and devise a fertilization plan tailored to your lawn’s needs.

The national average cost of lawn fertilization is around $289, but you can expect to spend between $42 and $733.

Leaf removal

Fallen leaves can pile up and block water and sunlight from reaching the grass. If you just leave them there, they can harbor various lawn diseases and pests. To keep your lawn healthy, you need to clean up these leaves promptly and regularly, especially in the fall.

The cost to have a lawn care company remove fallen leaves from your yard is around $60 or between $165 and $485.


Not every homeowner can spare some time for mowing the lawn. Instead of canceling weekend plans and tiring yourself just to mow your lawn, a viable option would be to hire a lawn care pro for the task. This way, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends. Plus, you won’t have to break a sweat trying to take care of your lawn.

Depending on your lawn size, you can expect to spend between $29 and $65 per hour or anywhere from $35 to $100 per visit for professional lawn mowing services.


Mulch is a fantastic addition to your flower beds and gardens, as it offers many benefits for your plants and landscape. Apart from adding beauty to your landscape, mulch can help keep your plants hydrated by retaining moisture in the soil. Plus, it also can help prevent soil erosion even during heavy rains.

Mulching costs can vary depending on the type of mulch, the quantity needed, and whether you choose to spread it yourself or hire a professional. On average, mulch costs around $2 to $5.50 per bag or $17 to $68 per cubic yard. If you hire a pro, expect to pay around $43 to $98 per hour or between $20 and $45 per cubic yard.

New grass

Planting new grass can breathe life into your otherwise yellowing or patchy lawn. You can choose between seeding, hydroseeding, and sod installation.


If your lawn is thinning and you need to fill in bare spots, lawn seeding is your most affordable option. The cost to seed a lawn is around $1,122 on average or between $592 and $1,768. Note, though, that seed germination can take anywhere from seven to 30 days.

Sod installation

For homeowners who don’t want to wait long, installing sod may be the better solution. With seeding, it may take a year or two for the lawn to become fully established. On the other hand, sod can instantly transform your yard into a natural, green carpet.

On average, most homeowners pay around $2,010 for professional sod installation. But depending on cost factors like grass type and lawn size, you may have to spend as little as $583 to as much as $7,238.


For large yards or challenging terrain like sloped land, hydroseeding will be the better option. This process involves applying slurry, which is a mixture of seeds, fertilizer, mulch, water, and soil amendments, onto the target area.

While professional hydroseeding is more expensive than traditional seeding methods, it remains a cost-effective alternative to sod installation. This landscaping service costs anywhere from $0.06 to $0.20 per square foot.

Sprinkler system

A sprinkler system can be a lifesaver for busy homeowners who don’t have the time to manually water their lawns regularly. Lawn sprinklers can help ensure your grass stays healthy and hydrated without requiring constant attention.

The cost of installing a sprinkler system usually ranges from $2,400 to $4,200, with most homeowners spending an average of around $3,150. For homeowners with existing sprinkler systems, occasional repairs may be necessary to maintain optimal functionality. You can expect to spend between $110 to $365 for sprinkler repair services.


Make it a part of your routine lawn care to trim your trees, bushes, and hedges. While trees can significantly improve curb appeal, they can ruin the overall aesthetic of your yard when they become overgrown. The average cost of tree trimming is around $475, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $85 to $700 per tree, depending on the size of the tree.

For trimming bushes, the average cost is around $10 per bush or $63 per hour, with most homeowners spending between $6 and $15 per bush or $50 and $75 per hour. If you want to maintain the shape and density of your hedges, the average cost of hedge trimming is around $48 to $79 per hour.

Weed removal

The unsightly presence of weeds like yellow nutsedge and bull thistle can mar the beauty of your lawn. They also can affect the health of your grass by competing with them for essential nutrients, sunlight, and water. For a weed-free yard, you can use chemical treatments targeted to eliminate the specific weeds invading your lawn.

Alternatively, you can opt to hire a skilled lawn care pro to manually remove the weeds. On average, weed removal costs around $30 to $60 per hour or anywhere from $65 to $120 per treatment. Weed seeds can remain dormant in the soil for years, so it’s important to have a regular weed control program to prevent them from taking over your lawn.


Every winter, your lawn becomes vulnerable to damage caused by harsh winds and cold temperatures. If you’re not prepared, the onset of snow or frost can undo all the hard work you’ve spent on your lawn. Most landscaping companies offer lawn winterization services, which cost around $393.

Additionally, your sprinkler system will need protection from the cold weather as well. To winterize your sprinklers, you may have to spend anywhere from $60 to $120.

Yard cleanup

Keeping your yard neat and tidy may sound easy, but only if you have a lot of time on your hands. If you’re busy with work and family, it might be better to hire a professional to do it on your behalf.

The average cost for yard cleanup services typically falls around $318, but you can expect to spend around $174 to $436. This includes tasks like raking leaves and removing old furniture. You’ll also need to pay an additional $160 to $400 for debris removal.

Other factors that affect cost

Apart from the type of services, here are other factors that can influence the cost of lawn care services:

Type of grass

The type of grass can influence the overall cost of lawn care. Different grass species have varying growth rates and maintenance requirements, directly impacting the frequency and extent of services needed.

For example, Bermudagrass is known for its rapid growth and typically requires weekly mowing to keep it at an optimal height. This frequent mowing schedule can result in higher maintenance costs, especially for larger lawns.

Conversely, fine fescue is a slower-growing grass variety that typically only needs to be mowed around twice a month, leading to lower maintenance expenses.

Yard size

Another crucial factor directly influencing the overall cost of lawn care services is the size of your yard. Larger or smaller-than-average yard sizes can lead to significant variations in total expenses compared to the national average.

For example, most homeowners pay between $218 and $327 to dethatch a lawn that’s around ⅛ acre in size. But if you need to dethatch a ½-acre lawn, you can expect to spend anywhere from $871 to $1,307.

Lawn’s current condition

The current condition of your lawn can significantly impact the cost of lawn care services. Keeping your lawn healthy through regular care and maintenance can help lower lawn care costs and reduce the need for costly treatments.

For instance, if your lawn becomes overgrown due to a lack of mowing, you may incur higher fees to tackle the excess grass during subsequent mowing sessions. Similarly, neglecting tasks like aeration, dethatching, or proper watering can lead to issues like pest infestations or lawn diseases, requiring additional expenses for control measures.

Obstacles in your yard

If there are obstacles in your yard, they may require additional time and effort for the lawn care pro to navigate around. For instance, old tree stumps or large tree roots can present challenges for lawn care professionals, slowing them down in performing tasks like mowing or installing sod.

As a result, lawn care providers may adjust their rates to account for the increased labor and resources needed to work around these obstacles.

Recurring lawn care services

Many lawn care companies offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly maintenance plans, so you can choose one tailored to your lawn maintenance needs.

Compared to paying for one-time visits, opting for recurring lawn care services can help you save money. For example, a monthly lawn care plan may range from $125 to $500, depending on factors such as lawn size and desired services. Apart from cost savings, consistent lawn maintenance will help ensure your lawn remains healthy year-round.

Lawn care package plans

You can buy lawn care in bulk by opting for package plans. With a customized lawn care plan, you may be able to save both time and money in the long run. These plans typically include a range of services bundled together at a lower cost compared to purchasing each service separately.

For example, a basic lawn care package plan may include essential services like aeration, mowing, and fertilization. By opting for a package plan, you can enjoy comprehensive lawn care without the hassle of scheduling individual services or managing multiple invoices.

Let’s explore additional services that can complement your lawn care routine. Whether you’re considering alternatives to natural grass or need assistance in managing pesky lawn invaders, these services offer solutions to enhance the beauty and health of your lawn.

Artificial grass installation

If you’re tired of taking care of your natural grass lawn, you can choose to replace it with artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf can maintain its density and green color without requiring any watering, fertilizing, mowing, aerating, or dethatching. You can have a pristine lawn year-round, regardless of seasonal changes and weather conditions.

Grass removal

Before installing artificial grass or other types of natural lawn alternatives like rock gardens, you need to remove your existing grass first. On average, grass removal costs around $760 to $3,328, but your project may cost as low as $88 to as high as $9,200, depending on your grass type, lawn size, and other factors.

Pest control

From grubs to chinch bugs, various pests can wreak havoc on your lawn. A pest control program can help eliminate these pests or keep them under control. This way, you can prevent them from causing damage to your lawn.

Pro cost vs. DIY cost

Whether you decide to do DIY lawn care or hire a local service provider, both options will have associated costs. But if you’re looking to save money on lawn care costs, you can try going the DIY route. From mulching and weekly mowing to leaf removal and yard cleanup, there are many lawn maintenance tasks you can easily handle yourself.

Remember, though, that if you choose to do the yard work yourself, you’ll need to factor in the cost of equipment, including the following:

Lawn care equipmentTypical cost
Lawn mowerGas push: $145 – $457
Electric push: $115 – $1,021
Zero-turn riding: $2,400 – $13,225
Robot: $630 – $17,021
Reel: $67 – $341
String trimmerGas: $159 – $179
Battery-powered: $48 – $275
Electric: $43 – $59
Leaf blowerGas: $118 – $369
Battery-powered: $156 – $454
Backpack: $249 – $599
Electric: $52 – $308
Aerator rentalSpike: $55 per day
Core: $100 per day
Dethatching machine$145
Fertilizer spreaderHandheld: $11 – $35
Broadcast: $88 – $282
Leaf rake$32

Cost of lawn care by location

For most people, lawn care pricing will be the same regardless of where they live. However, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, you can expect to pay more for lawn services. This is because lawn care service providers (especially pros with several years of experience) in these areas have an hourly rate that’s higher than the average.

Additionally, the local climate can determine what type of grass you can use and what products you need to maintain a healthy lawn. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, you may need to use a different type of fertilizer than someone who lives in a drier climate. This can affect the cost of your lawn care.


Can frequent mowing help thicken my lawn?

Yes, frequent mowing can help thicken your lawn as it encourages lateral growth and promotes denser grass. Mowing regularly helps stimulate the grass to produce more tillers and side shoots, resulting in a thicker lawn over time. However, you must mow at the recommended height for your specific grass type.

When is lawn care season?

Lawn care season usually starts in early spring and continues until late fall. This period coincides with the time of active growth for most grass species. However, specific timing may still differ depending on your grass type and local climate.

What time of day is best for mowing lawns?

The best time to mow lawns is in the early morning or late evening when the sun is not high in the sky. This will help avoid damaging the grass.

Hire a pro for reliable lawn care services

A beautiful lawn can make your home look great, but it comes at a price. Lawn care costs as low as $29 to as much as $4,200, but with a little bit of planning, you can have the lawn of your dreams without breaking the bank.

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to get a quote from a lawn care company in your area. Remember to factor in the price of materials, labor costs, and any other necessary services so you can budget accordingly.

Note: Lawn Love may get a referral fee for matching you with contractors in your area.

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