How to Choose the Right Grass Seed for Your Oklahoma City Lawn

How to Choose the Right Grass Seed for Your Oklahoma City Lawn

Oklahoma is the place to be! And with such a great geographical location choosing the right seed for your Oklahoma City lawn is a cinch, since so many different kinds of grass can thrive in your climate. The trick is to understand what each kind of grass is best for your needs and to understand what each type needs to thrive and grow. For a successful lawn it’s all about the kind of grass you choose, so here’s a breakdown of some of the best grasses to use in and around Oklahoma City.

Warm Season Grass

There are several great varieties of warm season grass you can use on your Oklahoma lawn, but they need to be planted and established by the late spring or early summer in order to flourish. Warm season grasses include:

  • Bermuda Grass – This kind of grass can be grown anywhere in the state, but it will go dormant in the fall and turn brown over the winter.
  • Buffalograss – This type will work best in colder regions of the state, but it grows well in an area that gets 12 to 25 inches of precipitation per year without any additional watering and it has a great drought and heat tolerance.
  • Augustine Grass – This kind of grass will be the most shade tolerant of the warm season grasses but it will require frequent watering.
  • Zoysia Grass – This turf grass does best in the eastern regions of the state and provides a medium-textured turf.

Pro Tip: If you choose Bermuda grass for your lawn you can have a continuous green lawn, even in the winter months, by overseeding with perennial ryegrass during the fall season.

Cool Season Grasses

These grasses will establish best in your lawn if planted between August 25th and October 5th. Be warned, however, that these grasses will not perform well unless they are used in the northern regions of the state or you have an excellent irrigation system to provide water in the heat of summer. Cool season grasses include:

  • Kentucky bluegrass – This one can be tough to manage but if you can do it right it will produce a lovely and dense green lawn. Just make sure you use more than just one variety so that you can encourage genetic diversity.
  • Perennial Rye Grass – As previously mentioned, this cool season grass shines as a great choice for over-seeding your lawn in the fall.
  • Tall Fescue – This type of grass can be used all over the state of Oklahoma because it is the most drought and heat resistant of the cool-season grass types. It does still need frequent watering in the summer months.

Pro Tip: You should never plant Tall Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass together in a blend because they are not compatible.

Other Factors to Consider

Don’t forget that you also need to choose a grass seed that will produce grass that is the best suited for your personal needs. Do you want it to look nice? Do you want it to hold up well to foot traffic? Are you simply looking for a grass to help prevent erosion? When you combine your needs with the environment of your lawn (supplemental water available, shade, soil conditions) then you should find a seed that will produce a beautiful lawn that is perfectly suited to you.

If you need more tips or information on selecting the right grass for your lawn, remember that Lawn Love is always here to help!

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