How to stop your cat or dog from eating your grass

How to stop your cat or dog from eating your grass

Sometimes, dogs and cats can get into the habit of eating grass. This may seem strange to you, and you might wonder to yourself, “is it normal that my dog eats grass?” It happens more often that you would expect. However, you could run into problems if your dog eats grass too often.

This article will explain why dogs and cats eat grass, potential problems it poses and what you can do to stop it.

Why do dogs eat grass?

If you’re wondering why dogs eat grass, you might be surprised to know that it could be for multiple reasons. Many dogs will eat grass because they feel bored. If your dog tends to get bored, then he or she may try and eat grass as a way to find something to do.

If you notice your dog eating grass on a regular basis, then he or she might lack certain nutrients, such as fiber. When this happens, dogs and cats will seek to gain nutrients from other sources, such as grass. They see it as a way for them to get that fiber or nutrients missing from their meals.

Is it okay for dogs to eat grass?

In most circumstances, it shouldn’t be an issue. If a dog eats grass, then it shouldn’t cause any serious problems for your dog, but you do need to pay attention when he or she does. People spray their lawns with chemicals and pesticide, which could cause your pet to become injured or sick.

On top of this, if your dog gets in the habit of eating grass, then he or she might start eating other objects in the grass. As pets eat grass, they may notice other non-edibles that they may try and eat. This could then cause blockage in their stomachs or other digestion based issues.

In short, if you’re asking yourself “is it ok for dogs to eat grass”, then you shouldn’t worry if it happens every once in a while. Despite this, make sure that you pay attention to your dog.

How to stop your pets from eating grass

Your pet eating grass can pose some problems, so you may want to prevent him or her from doing so in the first place. For example, if you think to yourself, “my dog eats grass, but I don’t want him or her to potentially eat pesticide”, then you should teach your dog to not eat grass. 

Here are a few approaches you can take.

Proper training

First, make sure that you try to train your dog to stay away from grass. You can do this by teaching your dog different commands such as leave it, stay or no. Dogs can learn hundreds of words, so you can teach them commands that will help you to control your dog and prevent the behavior.

On top of this, make sure to reward your pet during the training process. Carry some treats with you during walks and give your dog a reward whenever he or she listens to your commands. Reward your dog for not eating grass as well. You can teach your dog to not eat grass as you take the time to train him or her.

Use a leash

If you have an inside dog, then he or she may not see grass aside from when you go on walks. If this is the case, then make sure to bring a leash with you. You can make sure that your dog doesn’t get too close to grass. Alternatively, you can pull him or her away if your dog starts eating any grass.

However, if you have an outside dog, then you shouldn’t rely on a leash. You don’t want to limit your dog’s exercise and mobility, so you should look for different options to train you dog. Make sure to keep your dog’s environment in mind when deciding if a leash can prevent him or her from eating grass.

Change their diet

Many dogs start eating grass because they don’t get enough fiber in their diets. If you think that your brand of dog food doesn’t provide the right nutrients for your pet, then do some research to find a better option. After all, you need to make sure that you feed your dog the best food for him or her.

You should also look into different vegetables and beans to add to your dog’s diet. Many of these foods will provide your dog with extra nutrients that he or she needs. However, you should also double check which vegetables and beans dogs can eat before you try and feed your furry buddy any of them.

Talk with a vet

If you try these different options and your dog continues to eat grass, then you may want to check with your veterinarian. Set up an appointment and explain the situation to your vet so that he or she can help your dog. From here, the vet can give you advice and suggestions to stop the grass eating habit.

Remember that vets spend years studying and learning about animals, so they work as a great source to get help for your pet. Make sure to look up different vets in your area to find one that you think will work well for your dog or cat. This way, you can take care of your pet as you stop him or her from eating grass.


Some dogs and cats may want to eat grass, and while the grass itself shouldn’t harm them, you may want to stop the behavior. As you work with your pet, you can help him or her overcome grass eating habits. Make sure that you continue to take care of your pet and provide for his or her needs.            

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