How to Start and Grow an Eco-Friendly Lawn Business

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The motivation to go green has become part of many company’s social responsibilities. There are more and more environmental concerns that can only be addressed through green initiative business practices.

Not only is it conscientious, but it’s also in high demand today. There are entire cities that vow to be more green with their lifestyle and habits. Many areas of the country would benefit from and be very interested in the presence of an eco-friendly lawn care business. Besides just appealing to customers, there are many benefits in starting an eco-friendly lawn business.

Oh, and California’s new green lawn care law also fosters the switch to zero-emission electric or battery-powered lawn mowers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers.

Benefits of an eco-friendly lawn business

People want to live more conscientiously when it comes to caring for the planet. This includes seeking the services of a company that helps them achieve their goal of being more green. That’s where eco-friendly lawn care companies come in.

Pros can service a growing “niche” of customers that want all natural or eco-friendly lawn care. These alternatives are not yet easy to find for customers in this industry, and it will help secure the business and trust of these clients.

Pesticides and herbicides, gas-powered engines, and high water use are all things that can be detrimental to the environment. Making changes in regard to these aspects can help a company become more green-oriented.

Costs of operation can be far less taxing on your wallet when you elect to use natural weed killers and lawn care practices. It may take more time to complete a yard, but it’s far more economical and sustainable. Alternative options make room for creative and inexpensive solutions that keep operational costs lower and profit margins higher.

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Eco-friendly business ideas

Lawn Love uses mapping algorithms to create dense routes. Using “smart” routing, pros can make the most out of every trip and usage of a gas-powered engine. You can hit multiple properties within a small area, and you won’t be driving all over town to service customers.

You can look for sponsorship or partnership deals with local green companies (like solar, pool services, recycling, and green-vehicle dealerships) and see if you can be compensated to help advertise their services to your customers by adding support decals on your truck.

Ways to advertise your eco-friendly lawn business

Advertising an eco-friendly lawn care business can be challenging. You don’t want to produce unnecessary waste by printing postcards, flyers, and brochures. There are many alternative ways to advertise without using printed materials.

Even if you plan on using paper materials, you can choose recycled papers or even be willing to invest in biodegradable or seeded papers that are plantable. It’s a clever and memorable way to attract attention from the public.

If you choose to go green with marketing materials, you should include that information in your marketing information as a way to entice customers. Explaining that you do things green or digitally because you care about customer convenience and the environment is an appealing aspect of your lawn care business.

The world is full of internet users, with the vast majority of them being mobile phone users. Although business owners cannot dictate how green a person lives daily, you can do things that make it easier for customers to be environmentally-conscious.

One way is to rely heavily on digital communications. This works because people are already online. There is no waste created with an online ad campaign because no paper is used, mailed out, then discarded. When the advertisement is no longer relevant, deleting it takes only seconds and makes way for a new promotion or event.

By creating a digital footprint that encourages ethical practices, green lawn care, and water conservation tips, you can conscientiously advertise your business throughout your community and neighboring cities without being wasteful or harmful to the planet.

Another great way to be green is to start a referral program. This gives happy clients a reason to tell their families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the business that helped get their yard looking great.

Offering a small discount in exchange for referrals is enticing enough for many people to follow through on their promise. The company receives more business without needing to do anything more than provide excellent customer service year-round.

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Want to be active in your community? Volunteering to clean up parks, rivers, streams, and beaches are among some of the best ways to do this while still attracting new clients to your lawn mowing business.

Sponsoring a local sports team or helping with an adoption event at a local animal shelter are other options that put a business front and center where people can see it and learn about its value. Coming up with ideas that benefit the community regularly provides continuous exposure to your lawn care company that offers eco-friendly services year-round.

Knowing how to advertise a business helps owners who specialize in eco-friendly lawn care stand out in the communities where they provide services. It allows you to make a name for yourself through consistent branding online and in person. It also lets you tell your story so people remember your name and call on you when they need assistance with their lawns and landscaping.

An eco-friendly lawn care business has its benefits. In addition to providing a service that many people need, it’s better for the environment and a business owner’s bank account.

Many lawn care services utilize ways to conserve energy and preserve natural resources. There are cost-effective ideas that don’t harm the planet by creating carbon emissions or use harsh chemical fertilizers to help the grass grow.

There is currently a huge market for these types of green lawn care businesses. As people look for better ways to live their lives, such as care for and treat their lawn, the demand for green lawn care companies continues to increase. If you want to explore this niche, you will find valuable resources within reach as long as you’re willing to do some research.

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