What is Lawn Spray Painting?

What is Lawn Spray Painting?

Have you ever seen a lawn that was uncharacteristically green compared to its brown neighboring lawns? Well, there’s a good chance that the grass was spray painted green. Yes, you read that correctly, there is a technique for livening grass’ look that involves painting a lawn green. So, what is lawn spray painting?

“Well, what about when it rains? What will happen to my lawn then? One of the neatest aspects of lawn paint, it doesn’t run or bleed when it gets wet. Nor will it stain your clothes! Have no fear, painting your lawn is safe and worth it.”

Lawn spray painting is the process by which one uses grass coloring, a paint-like substance, to effectively paint a lawn that has faced drought or other trying circumstances preventing healthy lawn growth. While relatively new on the residential front, professional landscapers apply the spray painting technique to keep athletic fields and golf courses looking up to par. This guide will provide you with insight into the transformative world of lawn spray painting.

Where did this technique come from? Lawn painting has long been a part of a landscaper’s secret arsenal. For athletic fields and golf courses, it is the grounds team’s secret to a pristine field aesthetic. This specific use of lawn paint was the only application of the technique for some time.

However, the technique is now widely used on residential lawns. With the world climate set to continue heating up, the practice may be on the brink of a boom. So who uses the technique and how can it be effectively used residentially?

You may be thinking that painting a lawn green is a bit unnecessary, or even ridiculous. However, the technique works wonders for places facing droughts and water-use restrictions. Dry, hot climates are tough places for grass to sustain moisture and good health. In turn, lawns appear dry, crippled and unhealthy.

The safest way to get that bright, emerald-like green color back may be grass coloring via spray painting. The paint is made from a biodegradable and non-toxic formula. Some may wonder about the toxicity of their lawn following a lawn spray painting treatment. Fortunately, the paint will not harm you, your grass, or any pets or animals that come into contact with it.

As soon as it has dried, the kids can still play ball and wrestle around the grass while Sparky takes care of his business, worry-free! Being biodegradable and non-toxic is the key to the potential widespread use of lawn spray painting. So, what is the biodegradable formula comprised of?

Lawn paint is water-based, utilizing natural pigments, coloring dyes, and binders to keep it all together. Depending on the specific brand used, lawn paints have different water to dye ratios. Some are entirely natural while others are partly artificial. Despite being made out of artificial ingredients, the non-natural dyes are not harmful. Most of the natural formulas contain plant pigments. Although most lawn paints won’t harm your lawn, it is essential to remain vigilant and read all labels and fine print as there is currently no regulation on lawn paints.

Lawn spray painting is, in most cases not harmful to your lawn. However in some cases, if one over-saturates a spot, the grass may not be able to absorb UV rays, restricting its growth. This issue can be mitigated by the use of professional services or great attention and care when spray painting a lawn. Depending on your location, services may be rather easy to find.

For some the idea of spray painting a lawn can seem strange and out of the ordinary. For others, like populations dealing with drought and harsh weather conditions, the idea may be old news. The popularity of grass coloring is dependent upon geographic location. For instance, the west coast of the United States, mainly California, has seen a significant uptick in companies providing lawn painting service.

Other areas of the United States, such as the south and southeast have also grown accustomed to this practice. The midwest even dabbles in the practice. The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast areas are more unfamiliar with the practice than most, as droughts there are few and far between. Other warm areas of the globe such as Australia are also familiar with lawn spray painting. If the climate of an area is dry and hot, there is a high chance that lawn spray painting services exist there.

The correlation of a region’s climate and the availability of a lawn painting service hinges on water use. For example, when drought hits California, water use becomes restricted, and there is generally less water available. This creates a cycle where your grass begins to die and fade in color caused by a lack of water.

A lawn is said to need one inch of water per week (baseline), and even more in hotter conditions. We can safely say that most lawns, if not all, start to die in a drought. However, no one really wants to receive a $1,000 fine for excessive water use during drought times, which leaves only two options for your lawn: 1. Let it die and go brown. Or 2. Spray paint the lawn green. Many people are buying into and applying the latter option. With many resorting to lawn paint, the cost must be relatively reasonable.

The cost greatly depends on whether or not you paint the lawn yourself or hire a professional. A professional service will tackle the task at a cost of $0.15 to $0.20 per square foot. Your average lawn painting job costs about $150 to $200 from a professional.

Depending on the climate and specifics of a particular lawn, the paint job typically lasts anywhere from three to six months. If the paint fades quickly around the three-month mark, you are looking at a $600 to $800 annual bill for lawn paint upkeep. If your grass retains the new, lively green for six months, then you are looking at spending about $300 to $400 annually on lawn paint upkeep.

If you decide to paint your lawn yourself, you can likely save a decent amount of money. What you do not pay to have your lawn serviced, you pay in time completing the job yourself. The cost of the paint itself varies. A quarter gallon of a leading lawn paint brand, LawnStar, costs around $29.99. This is enough to cover around 500-1000 square feet of lawn. This particular brand’s paint is said to last up to 100 days, or around the three-month mark.

Assuming you re-paint the lawn when it fades every three months, the annual cost of lawn painting would amount to around $120 plus the time to complete the jobs. If you have a large lawn, that figure can easily double to about $240 annually for lawn paint, plus time for job completion.

There are also brands that offer gallon options for lawn paint. Purchasing the paint in bulk drops the cost of painting your lawn by around 25% or more. Based on the fact that there are a plethora of grass paint products in today’s marketplace, the DIY cost can vary a decent amount, as they sell lawn paint in higher and lower quantities.

Also, unless you are purchasing a grass painting starter kit, you will likely succumb to spending another $30 for a spraying apparatus. I am sure that as the prices float around your head, you’re beginning to wonder again about the practicality of painting your lawn throughout the year to prevent brown appearance.

As mentioned earlier, lawn paint is entirely safe. Neither you nor your children or pets will suffer any harm from the practice of lawn painting. “Well, what about when it rains? What will happen to my lawn then?” One of the neatest aspects of lawn paint, it doesn’t run or bleed when it gets wet. Nor will it stain your clothes! Have no fear, painting your lawn is safe and worth it.

Now that we have mapped out pricing and paint, you are ready to give lawn painting a try for yourself. These are the suggested conditions for applying grass paint.

First of all, you want to ensure that you have cut your lawn and raked out as much dead grass as you possibly can. This is an essential step because you do not want to have to cut the grass too soon after application, being that cutting the grass is one of the few ways you can expedite fading.

Also, raking the dead grass out is a must because you want to ensure you are getting as complete of a spray as possible on the rooted, living grass. Second, you want to be sure that you are applying grass paint on a dry, sunny, and windless day. If it is wet outside the paint is likely to misapply itself, and it will take much longer to dry.

It’s important to paint your lawn on a sunny day so that shading and other factors of the eye’s perception are non-existent when applying the paint. Thirdly, a windy day makes the task twice as difficult, with the wind making it harder to land the spray paint directly on the grass.

Your best bet for an even paint job is to go back and forth with the spray nozzle. If certain areas seem to need a better coating, follow up the initial back and forth spray with an up and down spray. Following these techniques will ensure your grass gets a full, proper coat of lawn paint.

You are also going to want to cover anything that you wish to keep paint free. This could include your driveway, sidewalk, bricks against the house, garden decorations, mulch beds, fences, etc.

The best practice is to apply plastic wrap onto anything you wish to keep free of paint and use tape to adhere the plastic tightly to edges. If you do not have plastic, feel free to try a heavy sheet or drop-cloth. It is not the end of the world if you accidentally hit something with paint that is not supposed to get it.

Just obtain an ammonia-based window spray or cleaning spray before and a wire brush before beginning the job. Spray the accidentally painted area immediately and rub in a circular motion with the wire brush to remove unwanted paint spots. Repeat until gone. By the end of your dedicated and careful work, you will have a pristinely green lawn that is sure to restore your satisfaction in your yard.

So, I ask again, “What is lawn spray painting?” Well, it is your smart solution to keeping that beautiful green lawn year-round, regardless of your region’s climate. Do not allow restricted water use and drought stop you from having the lawn you have always dreamed about. Lawn painting is a whole new world for some people and a well-known trick to others. Either way, it is undoubtedly the answer to green grass for those who want it.

Hot and arid conditions no longer equates to brown and dry grass. For a relatively low price, green grass can be yours. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about lawn paint is its human and environmental safety. Lawn paints are safe for you and safe for the grass. Grass paint allows your grass to thrive longer in harsher conditions, protecting it from destructive UV rays when it is too dry. However, it is up to you to do your part and provide a short douse of water once in a while. So what are you waiting for? Buy that paint and get to work on your dream lawn!

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