The Secret to a Weed-Free San Antonio Lawn

The Secret to a Weed-Free San Antonio Lawn

The war on weeds in your San Antonio lawn has just begun! With summer now in full swing, you may be finding yourself struggling to keep the weeds in your lawn under control. So, what’s a novice lawn caretaker such as you supposed to do? Well, don’t sweat it too much because Lawn Love is going to share some practical and useful tips to help you win the war on weeds!

A Healthy Lawn is a Weed-Free Lawn

The secret to weed control, surprisingly, doesn’t have to do with the weeds at all but the health of your lawn instead. Lawns that are infested with a particular type of weed are often lawns lacking an important nutrient. If a lawn is well fertilized and has all it needs to grow strong then it will wage most of the weed war for you!

Might you be thinking “Fertilizing? Won’t that take forever?” Actually, fertilizing your lawn can be simple and surprisingly not time-consuming at all. If you create a regular fertilization schedule it is actually incredibly easy. How much you have to fertilize depends on the type of lawn you have. In general:

  • Fertilize four times a year if you have a badly damaged lawn.
  • Fertilize three times a year for a lawn that is just so-so.
  • Fertilize twice a year if your lawn is otherwise healthy, once in spring and once in fall.

So when do you start fertilizing? It’s best to do the first application in February or March, usually after you’ve mowed your lawn for the second time in the season. Just think of it this way: The healthier the lawn, the less time you have to spend controlling weeds because your lawn will do it for you!

Live by the Blade

Another weapon in your war against weeds is your lawnmower. You should start mowing your lawn about the second week of March and then mow weekly the rest of the growing season. Once growing season is over you should still plan on mowing about every 10 days or so. The reason mowing is so important is because it doesn’t allow weeds to seed and sprout, and the sharper your blades the better cut you’ll get and the healthier your lawn will be.

If you find mowing too time-consuming, you can always hire someone else – like Lawn Love – to do it for you!

Is It Too Late?

It’s never too late! If you’ve found yourself surrounded by lawn weeds because you haven’t followed a fertilization schedule or mowed consistently there is something else you can try aside from getting down on your hands and knees and digging up every weed by the root!

On a dry and sunny day with no rain forecasted for a few days, apply a liquid weed killer mixed with a type of spread sticker to your lawn. The weed killer needs to be applied to the leaves of the weed, and a spread sticker helps the weed killer to stick to the leave so it can penetrate it properly. You can also mix your weed killer with dish soap, but it won’t help it to stick as well. Spray the product according to the directions on the bottle and give your lawn a few waterless days to let the weed killer do its job.

Weed invasions are, sadly, just a part of lawn life. But you don’t have to put up with it! You can prevent it, treat it, and come out winning. Simply follow these suggestions and your San Antonio lawn will be weed free in no time!

Sara Butler

Sara Butler has written scores of articles for Lawn Love -- everything from how to revive your dead lawn to how to start to lawn care tools every homeowner should have.