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Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County

Are you in need of quality lawn care service in San Bernardino County? Lawn Love is here. We service many homeowners in San Bernardino County and across the nation by blending traditional lawn care with a 21st-century online approach.

Most people wish to have a lawn but do not have one because either they are afraid of doing all the hard work or they are just busy and do not have time to do all the work. But, what if we tell you that Lawn Love provides all the lawn-related services at an affordable price.

Lawn Love is a well-reputed company with high ratings in the Inland Empire. Numerous homeowners have taken services from us. Since then, they have become regular and valuable customers.

We offer highly-rated lawn service from independent providers with an average of ten years of experience in lawn care. Even better, we are one of the most affordable and professional lawn care services in San Bernardino County. If you want to know more about our services, then contact us.

So put away that mower and get out exploring! Call Lawn Love today at 909-453-4315 or try out our easy two-minute quote, and get a great lawn, the easy way!

Happy customers all over San Bernardino County

  • Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County, 92401
    Ben H. | San Bernardino County, CA
  • Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County, 92401
    Eddie C. | San Bernardino County, CA
  • Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County, 92401
    Michelle H. | San Bernardino County, CA
  • Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County, 92401
    Joe W. | San Bernardino County, CA
  • Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County, 92401
    Stephanie P. | San Bernardino County, CA
  • Lawn Care service in San Bernardino County, 92401
    Amery C. | San Bernardino County, CA

Lawn care facts in San Bernardino County, CA


Average mowing price $53
Average lawn size 4,112 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 13%
Bi-weekly mowing 64%
Monthly mowing 10%
Lawns that get fertilized 20%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In San Bernardino County, CA

  • Derran Harrold Logo
    Derran Harrold
    Serving San Bernardino County, CA

    Along with his crew, Derran Harrold provides thorough lawn care for properties around the San Bernardino area. From an initial lawn assessment to core aeration, sprinkler repair, and tree trimming, Derran ensures your yard is in good hands.

  • Bglawncare Logo
    Serving San Bernardino County, CA

    BG Lawn Care is a Lawn Love Gold Pro with a history of receiving great customer satisfaction scores. William Goodreau’s firm works in much of the Moreno Valley, providing professional landscaping and maintenance services. In addition to routine tasks, BG Lawn Care is available for sprinkler repair, tree trimming, and gutter cleaning.

  • Trent Bonilla Logo
    Trent Bonilla
    Serving San Bernardino County, CA

    Trent Bonilla is a Lawn Love pro who can mow, trim, fertilize, and control weeds to make your yard look beautiful. He also removes leaves and installs sod. In addition to lawn care, Trent will clean gutters and fix sprinklers.

  • Abel Urtiz Logo
    Abel Urtiz
    Serving San Bernardino County, CA

    Abel Ortiz is a Lawn Love pro in Corona who offers expert lawn services so you can spend more time with your friends and family instead of working in the yard. Abel can mow, trim bushes, aerate, seed, fertilize, remove leaves, and install sod. He does gutter cleaning and tree trimming, too. Abel can also fix broken sprinklers to ensure your lawn gets the water it needs to stay healthy and green.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Yard looks really good again! I do have one request though, and I'm not upset or anything, but could my yard be cut a level shorter please? I may even go two levels shorter, but I'll try one for now and see how that looks.
    Ben H.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Mike did a great job. I like his attitude and friendly behavior. He was very professional! I thank him for doing a great job!!!!
    Eddie C.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Jason always does an amazing job with my yard. He came late afternoon yesterday and finished up when it was dark.
    Michelle H.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • I very much appreciated Antonio's honest answer to a technical question I had.
    Joe W.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • So appreciate the job. My yard always looks so good after! Thank you!
    Stephanie P.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Another awesone job with our Lawn Pro Josh. Keep up the great work!
    Amery C.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Travis did an awesome job on my lawn. The best one yes
    Taylor L.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Looks good, clean lines, edged and weeded. 5 stars
    Jessica L.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Did a great job, thank you!
    Tess S.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Thank you so much
    Susannah M.
    San Bernardino County, CA
  • Thank you!
    Caitlee G.
    San Bernardino County, CA

San Bernardino County lawn care services

Diseases common to grasses in San Bernardino County

Fungi is the source of the most common grass disease in San Bernardino County lawn care lawns. Here are some fungi-caused turf diseases prominent in yards in this region.

Gray Leaf Spot

Moderately high temperatures with high precipitation like the warm, humid weather from spring to fall in San Bernardino County sets the stage for the Gray Leaf Spot attack. This disease is characterized by small, irregular patches on leaf blades with sheath and stem lesions that turn light-grey when wet. Like the brown patch, it proliferates with overfeeding and poor air circulation in shaded lawns.

Brown Patch

Brown patch is the most common lawn disease in San Bernardino County lawn care. This disease affects all grass types, including tough, tolerant species like the Bermudagrass, ryegrass, and tall fescue. Brown patch is favored by warm to hot weather conditions with cool nighttime temperatures.

You can identify this disease when you see circles of dead sunken grass of different sizes in your yard. It spreads even further when you overfeed your grasses (watering and fertilization) or when the humidity gets high.


This disease does not cause damages for a long time and thrives best in shaded lawns. A relatively mild to moderate temperature is the right setting for it. Fortunately, this happens in a short time in San Bernardino County - from early summer to the fall.

Rust is known for thinning turfs, leaving yellow specks of irregular patches, somewhat of a rust color. Underfeeding, high humidity, excessive shading increase the risk of this disease and aggravates its damage.

Mold Disease

Turfs affected with this snow mold get small, circular, pinkish spots with water-soaked blades turning red-brown then brown. Poor drainage, excessive use of fertilizers with high nitrogen during fall, and much shade sets the tone for an attack and escalates its damage.

Unwanted Growth

The most important as well as a prominent feature of a good lawn is uniformity. The grass should be cut to an even height, and there must be no bald spots on the turf.

An inexperienced homeowner might get flustered by how tricky it can be to have uniform coverage on your lawn, especially under the shade of woody plants and on slopes.


Rusts are pathogenic club fungi that destroy plants. They form yellow-orange spots on leaves depriving your lawn of much of its green color. Reproducing by making spores resistant to a variety of adverse conditions, rusts are very hard to do away with.

Not only for the people who have just bought a house but also for those who have been taking care of their lawns for a long time, maintaining a lush green lawn is no easy feat. It demands regularity and devotion.

The professionals working with Lawn Love are ready to take this responsibility off your shoulders and take it upon themselves to give you the lawn your home deserves. The following passages can help you get an idea about how a pro goes about doing lawn care in San Bernardino County.

Mowing and Hedge Trimming

Keeping a neat and tidy lawn is the basic objective of lawn maintenance. The first step in this process is cutting grass and trimming the branches of bigger plants. This helps you organize your lawn and create some orderliness.

Overseeding and Reseeding

As we have already mentioned earlier, getting thick and even grass coverage on your lawn is an involved process. If you have a lawn with thin coverage, you should consider overseeding (the planting of grass seeds in between existing grass blades). Bald spots can only be filled slowly but reseeding will definitely help with this problem.


Even the most fertile of soils can eventually lose some of their quality. Plants are badly affected by even mild nutrient stress which can at least stunt their growth if not kill them. For example, the deficiency of magnesium, a component of chlorophyll, can cause yellowing (chlorosis) of leaves.


Weeds are a nuisance and must be removed as soon as possible. Both broadleaf and grassy weeds take up minerals and water from the soil and leave little for the grass to grow on. Weeds must be rooted out or killed with herbicides. You should use only those herbicides that are environment-friendly.

The professionals working with Lawn Love have been dealing with such problems for years. They know the most efficient and simple methods to eliminate these threats, and you will benefit from their assistance.

We know how you, homeowners in San Bernardino County, like to keep things simple. So do we. Lawn Love has emphasized the need for efficient ways of providing lawn care time and again. You no longer need to make calls to multiple lawn care services and decide between them. You just have to log in to your Lawn Love profile on our website where you can schedule your lawn care appointments.

All the services are provided at an affordable price, making it economical and available for all people. The satisfaction of its customers is the top priority of Love Lawn. Professionals of lawn care work with us to fulfill your dream of living a beautiful life by giving you a fresh green, healthy lawn.

Budget-Friendly Services. We have various budget-friendly Inland empire lawn care plans as per your needs. We don't charge anything extra. All the services you will get from Lawn love will be worth every penny you have spent.

We are happy and proud to say that Lawn Love has a long list of happy customers adding more to our reliability and reputation. Reviews of our happy customers can be seen on our site. Lawn maintenance is time-consuming and requires a lot of hard work. If you have queries about Lawn Love's San Bernardino County lawn service, please contact us. We would be happy to answer all your questions.

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