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Building a Better Lawn in Maine

Visitors from away may know Maine for its coastal attractions like Acadia National Park, but the residents know it as a wilderness. Maine is the most forested state in the union with about 90 percent of its acreage covered in woods. Maybe it is the rarity of wide-open spaces that make homeowners so protective of their lawns. The desire to create a lush green lawn takes extra effort due to the short summers and long, cold winters.

Choices of Grass

Maine does have a short growing season compared to other states, but there are still a variety of grass species that thrive in the cool, but humid climate. Kentucky Bluegrass continues to be one of the most commonly used grasses in the northern U.S. Since it is a durable grass it is perfect for yards that experience a lot of foot traffic. Many ballparks, like those at Hadlock Field – the home of the Portland Seadogs, use Kentucky Bluegrass to keep maintenance costs low and the home field looking its best.

Perennial ryegrass is another choice that looks great and can withstand use, but it is a little finicky about severe winters. Coastal and southern regions of Maine are suitable for this grass due to their more moderate temperatures in the winter. Fescue grasses and mixes of fescues, bluegrass and others typically round out the remaining types found in the state.

Preparation of Lawns

The first step to improving or building a lawn is to be confident the soil is ready. Homeowners that ignore the risks of soil erosion could end up with a backyard that looks like Freeport’s Desert of Maine. Tests of soil pH levels, drainage improvements and the aeration of any existing grass will help to produce a more favorable environment for new grass growth.

Rocky ledge-covered cliffs may be what makes Ogunquit Beach and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse so scenic, but the rock is not as appealing to homeowners that want better lawns. Most Maine lawns have a lot of stones. Regular raking to remove rocks, the addition of some topsoil and creative landscape designs are used to combat this problem. Yard ledges include succulents, rock gardens, and ornamental grasses instead of the full lushness seen at Samoset Resort Golf Club.

Protection All Year

The biggest challenge for lawncare in Maine is the unpredictability of the weather from year to year or even from morning to afternoon. Homeowners fare best when they keep pests like groundhogs and skunks under control, fertilize the soil, and protect all greenery from the spring salt runoff from the roads and driveways.

Lawn maintenance in Maine can become a time-consuming endeavor. No one wants to miss their camping trips in Baxter State Park or a show at Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor because they are in the middle of yard work. A healthy landscape is easiest to maintain when homeowners have guidance from a professional lawn service. A Maine lawn care service can solve one-time concerns, provide seasonal maintenance or take over all weekly care.


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