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Do you ever sit on your back porch enjoying St. Louis style ribs and thinking "I really need to do some lawn work?" Lawn care and maintenance can be a thorny issue for many homeowners since it can be difficult to strike a balance between work and play. Quite often, lawn care goes to the bottom of your list of things to do and this is exactly Lawn Love is the right choice for you.

Lawn Love provides a full spectrum of lawn care and maintenance for you. Our fully bonded and insured lawn care technicians can do all the weeding, seeding, mowing and clean up your lawn requires, freeing up your time for the more important things in life, like going for a round of golf or enjoying a day Eckert's Farm or Braeutigam Orchards, or just sitting on your back porch and enjoying some take out ribs!

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It looks like the expected precipitation in St. Louis is 0.02 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:47 AM and set at 8:26 PM today in St. Louis).

Belleville lawn care

Located on the hillsides forming the eastern rim of a floodplain along the great Mississippi River, Belleville was found and given the French named "Beautiful City" by George Blair. Belleville is the most populated city in Springfield south of Chicago state.

With a diverse economy of coal mining, manufacturing, and agriculture, I believe Belleville is one of the best places to live in St. Clair County. Owing to its proximity to the Scott Air Force Base, the population is mainly made up of military and federal civilian personnel, military retirees, and the defense contractors.

Belleville city is home to several schools and institutions of higher learning. The higher education centers include the Saint Louis University, Lindenwood University, Belleville, and Southwestern Illinois College. Belleville High School-East and Belleville High School-West are some public high schools that serve the city teenager. Elementary schools and junior high schools are some of the other educational centers in the city.

All these institutions have well-structured pavements with excellent lawns. Ironheart Bermuda grass has proved to be the dominant grass on these lawns and playing fields. This is because Bermuda grass is winter-tolerant. Moreover, its consistency and perfect density make it a fine surface for soccer, baseball, and field hockey, sports where the rolling of the ball is essential.

If you are a soccer enthusiast, you could visit Lindenwood University soccer field to see the kind of field they have there. Most of the people who do can't help but marvel at the excellent texture and density of the Bermuda grass in the soccer field. The same is replicated in the playing fields of local high schools.

Ironheart Bermuda does well when mowed at low heights and recovers quickly from heavy traffic. That is why it is the primary type of grass grown not only in learning institutions, playing fields, and golf courses but also in different lawns in the city streets as individual lawns and gardens in residential areas.

Belleville is also home to great parks for both kids and adults. Belleville provides a wonderful atmosphere for people who want to spend time in a park. If you're going to jog, run, walk, or just relax, O'Fallon Family Sports Park is the place to be. Another beautiful place to visit, especially when out with your kids, is Woodland Park. It is excellent if you want to go fishing, take part in sports, and take your kids to play. The Citygarden is pretty cool for those who don't want to get out of town.

Belleville City Hall is one of the readily identifiable landmarks in Belleville. Built in 1873, the City Hall forms an integral part of the city's public, commercial, and skyline that can be seen from a distance. It sits strategically at the center of churches and major public and commercial buildings. Other landmarks include Glanmore National Historic Site and Billa Flint House, both of which were built in the 19th century.

Are you looking for events to attend in Belleville? Whether you're a visitor or a local, there are many great events to visit when in Belleville. Belleville hosts many celebrations throughout the year. Whenever you're in town, therefore, you cannot miss an event to wind-up your weekend. Ale Fest, for instance, is coming up this April and you won't want to miss it. If you love jazz music, you can wine and dine while listening to your favorite music during the Wine Dine and Jazz event this June. There are events at least every month, which means that you won't get bored if you visit or live in Belleville.

Now that you have the calendar of events, all you need to do is explore what Belleville has to offer to tourists. If you are a history lover, a trip to the Glanmore National Historic Site will give you a glimpse of the past. The architecture and design are stunning. You will also acquire impeccable knowledge about the history of Belleville from the friendly staff members. A gothic-style stone church of St. Michael the Archangel is also another place you can't afford to miss when in Belleville.

It is no doubt that Belleville, IL is among the places that could be perfect for a family. If you want your lawn looking while in Belleville, contact Lawn Love. Our services will relieve you the pain of maintaining your lawn and allow you to enjoy what Belleville has to offer.

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