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If you're looking for the best value in lawn care in Nevada at a reasonable price, there's no reason to look further. Lawn Love provides the solution to all of your professional lawn care needs.

Nevada is called the "Battle Born State" since it joined the United States of America in 1864, during the U.S. Civil War. Las Vegas, the largest city in the state, is, of course, the most famous destination in Nevada. Located in Clark County, the city has it all: neon signs, fast-action casinos on the Strip, hot weather (most of the year), gourmet restaurants, and all of your favorite shows, musicians, and comedians. To look at the grass around Las Vegas, you may be surprised to know that if it weren't for nearby Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, the Las Vegas terrain would all be sagebrush and cactus. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep Las Vegas green. That's where we come in.

Whether in "Sin City," or the nearby communities of Henderson, Summerlin, and Boulder City, or in Carson City, Nevada's state capital and nearby Reno, even considering the heat, there are many types of grass that thrive in the desert, such as scutch grass, Bermuda, perennial ryegrass and Bluegrass varieties. Nevada is located in what's referred to as the Eastern Slopes Great Basin xeric zone. In addition to sagebrush, plants common to the state include Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany, Utah Juniper, Knobcone Pine, Single-leaf Pinyon and the Yucca, also known as the Joshua Tree.

Residents and visitors alike are counting down the days until the Los Angeles Raiders host their first football game in their new Las Vegas home. The new Raiders Stadium is being built now. Officials say that the stadium will have a natural grass field and a "rail system" that can move all the grass from the outside to the inside of the stadium. About 90 percent of the year, the grass will be able to grow outside under natural sunlight.

Lawn Love is making waves in the Nevada lawn care industry because of its use of the latest lawn technologies, coupled with the finest lawn care staff in the state. If you're in the Silver State, you can get an instant quote for lawn care services in your area, including lawn mowing and aeration, gutter cleaning, gardening, watering, weed control, leaf removal, and more. With Lawn Love, you're sure to have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

That's because Lawn Love operates under one principle: green should be simple. Our team exists to make your life easier. We offer regular lawn service, as well as one-time jobs like yard cleanup. When we take care of your grass for you, you can kiss all that expensive lawn equipment goodbye. So relax, enjoy more free time, and let us do the lawn work for you.


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