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Find Joy in Landscaping Your Outdoor Space in New Mexico

Did you know that there are 3,000 plant species in New Mexico? Most of these are native species, including a variety of wildflowers, herbs, shrubs, bushes, and trees.

If you live in New Mexico and would like to make some landscaping changes to your front lawn or backyard, you are in good company. Whether you have a pre-existing garden or have no real experience with landscaping, you might want to consider getting expert assistance in this area. A lawn care team with the right expertise can provide you with the exterior living space you’ve always dreamed of and may not have thought possible.

Native Plant Species to New Mexico

A great place to start is to learn about the plants that are native to New Mexico. If you want to uphold cultural significance and support the local biome, you will do well to include some of this flora.

There are five floristic zones within New Mexico, and in each of these zones there exists some or all of these structural types:


What grows in specific regions and how it grows depends on a variety of factors, including elevation, temperature, and precipitation. In New Mexico, probably the most important influence is precipitation, with temperature coming in at a close second. They combine to form the pattern of vegetation.

Anyone who conducts landscaping should have a solid knowledge of how these factors impact the region. An expert will have studied the climate at length and have an understanding of what it takes to put together the right plants in your lawn or garden bed. They may conduct tests of the soil and have to do some serious work to raise the soil beds or put in adequate water drainage devices.

It is in your best interest to give input towards the final result, although it may need some tweaking based on the particulars of your exterior space. Any quality landscaper will explain what is going on and get your word of approval every step of the way. After all, don’t you want a lawn that is customized to your vision?

Get Some Inspiration for Your Yard

Pay a visit to the ABQ Bio Garden when you want to see some genuinely wonderful plant life. You can explore the 1.5 miles of paths that feature flowering plants and a wide array of insects that you likely won’t see all together in one place. Attend a workshop or several in the Botanic Garden series, which will provide you with a wealth of information to satisfy your curiosity and help you know what you want for your yard.

Learn about soil, the seasons of New Mexico, honey bees, how to start seeds, and much more at these workshop sessions.

Seek Out the Experts at Lawn Love

When you want lawn care, whether it’s maintenance or beautifying your outdoor space, look to Lawn Love. We have partnered with several lawn care companies and will provide you with quick recommendations to make it a more straightforward process. Contact Lawn Love today, and we will put you on the right track for your landscaping services in New Mexico.


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