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Lawn Care service in Smyrna

Smyrna lawn care is a booming industry, thanks to the increasing awareness of environmental conservation and mental health importance. Lawns have become active advocacy; a small yet significant contribution that every property owner can make is to turn an extra outdoor area into a green space.

But because of the many things we juggle with our time, providing the right Smyrna lawn care can prove to be challenging. Also, with other tasks like fertilization, soil testing, and pest control, it's harder to keep up.

Because of this, Lawn Love exists to help property owners like you take care of your lawn so it will provide you with the maximum benefits. Outsourcing your needed Smyrna lawn service to us means you will receive guaranteed results, as this is our expertise.

Our busy lifestyles nowadays prompt us to outsource some of our tasks to third-party service providers. This may be an additional cost on our end, but it frees up our time to do better income-generating tasks or make time to nurture priceless relationships.

Lawn Love is one of the most highly-rated Nashville lawn care service providers and exists in the whole of America. We also try to keep our costs affordable so that property owners will see the value and importance of professional lawn care and maintenance.

Give Lawn Love a call today at 615-800-8519 or get our two-minute quote, and find out how we can give you a lawn you'll love, while freeing you up to enjoy life.

Happy customers all over Smyrna

Lawn Care service in Smyrna, 30080
Diana W. | Smyrna, TN
Lawn Care service in Smyrna, 30080
Deborah R. | Smyrna, TN
Lawn Care service in Smyrna, 30080
Sherry N. | Smyrna, TN
Lawn Care service in Smyrna, 30080
LeeAnn W. | Smyrna, TN
Lawn Care service in Smyrna, 37167
Wendy M. | Smyrna, TN
Lawn Care service in Smyrna, 30080
Darron M. | Smyrna, TN

Lawn care facts in Smyrna, TN


Average mowing price $62
Average lawn size 9,547 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 21%
Bi-weekly mowing 76%
Monthly mowing 0%
Lawns that get fertilized 0%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Smyrna, TN

Matthew Mosley Logo

Matthew Mosley

Matthew Mosley
217 Boone Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167

Matthew Mosley is a Lawn Love pro with reliable solutions to your lawn care troubles. Matthew can mow, trim, seed, fertilize, control weeds, and aerate. He can also install sod, trim trees, and clean gutters. If your yard is struggling with patchy grass and overgrown weeds, Matthew can fix it. He offers landscaping and lawn care services in Smyrna and the Nashville area.

Fausto Castillo Logo

Fausto Castillo

Fausto Castillo
402 Blaire Dr., Smyrna, TN 37167

Fausto Castillo services Smyrna with yard care services that include mowing, leaf removal, bush and tree trimming, weed control, and fertilization. If you need your gutters cleaned, he can do that, too. And if you need new turf, Fausto can install sod to give your lawn a fresh start.

Josh Neely Logo

Josh Neely

Josh Neely
207 Meadowlark Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167

Josh Neely offers Lawn Love clients in Smyrna professional landscaping and lawn care services. He keeps yards healthy with mowing, trimming, weed control, core aeration, seeding, and fertilization services. Josh will also clean out gutters when they’re clogged and he can assess your yard's problem areas to recoomend the services it needs.

Jeremy Easley Logo

Jeremy Easley

Jeremy Easley
5268 Rooker Road, Smyrna, TN 37167

Jeremy Easley can spare his customers in Smyrna the hassle of yard work. Jeremy can mow, trim, and control weeds. If you’re too busy to spend all day working in your yard, let Jeremy do the job.

Darrell Reed Logo

Darrell Reed

Darrell Reed
307 sarava ln, Smyrna, TN 37167

If you’re looking for a lawn care professional in Smyrna, Darrell Reed is at your service. He specializes in mowing, bush trimming, seeding, fertilizing, core aeration, and sod installation. He also removes weeds and leaves to make yards look neat and green. Other outdoor services include gutter cleaning and sprinkler repair.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I appreciated how he listened and responded to me to do just what I wanted, and offered me excellent recommendations on next steps for lawn care.
Diana W.
Smyrna, TN
Eric took on my new account and dealt with the grass texting me when ready to begin. I thank him
Deborah R.
Smyrna, TN
I really appreciated her text to let me know her name and that she would be servicing.
Sherry N.
Smyrna, TN
Really appreciated your weed whipping the alley. Thanks so much. Yard looks great.
LeeAnn W.
Smyrna, TN
I can walk barefoot on my lawn again. Wonderful work! Highly impressed.
Wendy M.
Smyrna, TN
Service and quality is good. No complaints in that regard!
Darron M.
Smyrna, TN
Jeremy is very thorough with the yard and fast.
Sophie H.
Smyrna, TN
Thank you, William, for the nice work!
Joseph and Ryungza F.
Smyrna, TN
As usual Sarah did an amazing job!!
Maggi O.
Smyrna, TN
Much better! Thank you
Jen B.
Smyrna, TN
Nice Job again.
Marcus B.
Smyrna, TN
Great job.
Kathy N.
Smyrna, TN

Smyrna lawn care services

Nashville is known as a music capital, and many areas in it, including Smyrna, have something to offer in terms of music to its guests. Nonetheless, more than music-related tourism, it has ample open parks that are relaxing to visit. These have also inspired many artists to create more music.

Perhaps the most notable open park in Smyrna is the Stones River National Battlefield. If you are looking for some history 101 on the Civil War while traversing a scenic trail, this one's for you.

For some family time or adventure, head to Lee Victory Recreation Park. It offers different activities for everyone, including younger kids. Its facilities are geared more toward athletics, so make sure you're equipped with some durable shoes and lots of hydration!

Meanwhile, you can also visit the other parks in the area there are 10 parks in Smyrna like Gregory Mill Park, Sharp Springs Park, and the Jones Mill Mountain Bike. You can also test your swimming skills in an Olympic-sized swimming pool located in the town center.

The balance between work and recreation in Smyrna is engaging to residents and visitors alike. And what a way to make your guests feel more welcome in your Smyrna home through your lush lawn!

Lawns offer tremendous benefits in terms of improving the aesthetic appeal of your home and the quality of life of those living around it. It's a timeless and enduring piece of art for some, while others take advantage of its health and overall well-being benefits.

However, Smyrna lawn care can prove to be challenging for some. A person could certainly find it beautiful at the beginning, but eventually, its glory dwindles and problems start to sprout as seasons go by.

And no matter how diligent you are in mowing and watering your lawn, you probably can't bring it back to its former state.

There are many reasons your lawn can't thrive all year round. It could be the climate, pest infestation, etc. Among these possibilities, the source of your problem could be the soil itself.

Indeed, your lawn's soil type is critical to the overall potential of your lawn. Having a lawn and maintaining it may be useless if you're not using the appropriate grass type for your soil. It's the same when you haven't had a soil test and you are dealing with soil that's too acidic. These are just some of the problems that you need to deal with first before you can achieve a lush lawn that's envy-worthy in your neighborhood.

Providing the right Smyrna lawn care service for your soil is best left to professionals. This will guarantee results and efficient treatment application. It not only saves you time in doing the job itself but also money from failing in your lawn investment.

Common soil problems in Smyrna lawns

Unbalanced pH level in the soil

Your soil's pH level is a strong determinant of its health.

Acidic soil is not conducive for sustainable lawns. This is because it lacks the right nutrients a lawn requires to stay healthy all year round. Too much of some nutrients, on the other hand, is toxic to lawns. Soil acidity also affects the microbial activity that is important to soil health.

There are many causes for acidity in your lawn's soil. Mostly, they are natural reasons that are influenced by your location (how much rainfall you receive in a year), your environment (the orientation of your lawn; if it receives direct sunlight), and the plants that grow in your lawn at the same time as your grass.

Tackling soil acidity is a whole other topic itself, but overall, the best approach before starting on your lawn is to test the soil first.

However, if your lawn is already in place, you can still have your soil tested and then assessed for proper Smyrna lawn care service.

Infertile soil

Aside from acidity levels, it's important to check your soil's fertility. This is its ability to provide the right nutrients continuously. As in our bodies, the nutrients in the soil can also deplete. You must sustain it with fertilizers applied during the corresponding season.

Lawn Love offers fertilizing as part of its Smyrna lawn care services. A professional can assess your soil's fertility level to determine the nutrients that are missing. From this, they can also recommend natural fertilizers.

Compacted soil

Foot traffic can cause your lawn soil to compact. This is a problem because compacted soil prevents the proper absorption of nutrients and air circulation.

Aeration helps the soil achieve nutrient absorption again. A professional creates holes and brings out the soil on the surface to encourage air circulation. This loosens the soil, so it will once again properly absorb the nutrients from sunlight and water.

Lack of thriving microorganisms in the soil

There should be microorganism activity in your soil. Otherwise, it won't be able to digest the nutrients it receives. Assessment through a soil test can reveal a lot about your soil's health, including this.

If it lacks microorganisms, a professional can help with aeration and fertilization. Lawn Love offers this kind of Smyrna lawn care service, too.

Unable to properly absorb water

The soil's inability to properly absorb water is due to two things it is situated low, or it receives direct sunlight most of the time. It affects the way it thrives because water is a natural source of nutrients for your grass. Being unable to properly absorb and use water will cause drought and weed growth.

Getting your soil assessed and treated by professionals can help you maximize your lawn investment. Lawn Love offers different Smyrna lawn care and maintenance services that will help your soil thrive in different situations. Contact us today to find out more.

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