Fastest growing grass types

Fastest growing grass types

If you are a homeowner who has experienced sluggish lawn growth, you understand how frustrating it can be. Some types of lawn grass take so long to grow. In fact, a homeowner who wants to establish a lawn will find it frustrating to watch the grass take months before he enjoys the fruits of his work.

Gardens can be a natural source of beauty for your property. For new homeowners, it is always a priority to get everything moving. When you choose a grass variety that takes time to grow, you are likely to be disappointed by the rate the grass takes to mature hence the need to find what type of grass grows the fastest in your area.

Once you are in the market, you will realize that there are different types of the fastest-growing grass types that you can grow on your turf. Some of the top 6 are discussed below.

What type of grass grows fastest?

Perennial Ryegrass

If you are wondering what type of grass grows fastest, you could start with Perennial Ryegrass. This is because the grass is one of the fastest growing grass varieties that you could consider for your lawn. It takes about ten days or less for its seeds to sprout. 

So, what type of environment does grass grow fastest? This variety does well in coastal regions that experience moderate temperatures all year round. Perennial Ryegrass grows in bunches and has a vibrant green color with a fine-texture.

This type of grass is often used for overseeding winter-dormant lawns. For instance, the grass is sometimes mixed with turf grass seeds to suppress weeds.

Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass, just like the Perennial Ryegrass, takes less than ten days to sprout. It has an upright and coarse texture with its leaves exhibiting a shiny lime-green color. It has shallow roots hence requiring constant irrigation to keep them green throughout the year. This type of grass does well in temperate regions and has a low drought tolerance. 

The Annual Ryegrass is not suitable as a permanent turf solution because it only tolerates moderate wear. As a result, it is mostly used for overseeding other warm-season grasses. The annual Ryegrass should be used for overseeding during winter, fall, and early spring because it dies out in late spring at the onset of summer.

Fine-leaf Fescues

This type of grass is known for its ethereal quality, and many people prefer using it on their lawns. As the name suggests, this type of grass has delicate leaves and feels soft to walk on even with your barefoot. This variety’s growth rate is commendable. Its seeds, for instance, germinate within ten days, thus making it one of the fastest-growing varieties in the list. 

Maintaining the fine-leaf Fescues is easy as compared to other lawn grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass. It is imperative to note, however, that when growing this type of grass, you have to ensure your lawn’s soil is well aerated and with moderate soil moisture for even growing.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most commonly grown grass varieties across the country because it grows very quickly during winter, fall, and spring. Its seeds, however, take some time to germinate as compared to other varieties.

It takes between 14 days to 28 days for its seeds to sprout. Due to its more extended germination period, this type of grass is mixed with varieties that germinate within ten days, such as perennial Ryegrass, to prevent the growth of weeds. 

The Kentucky Bluegrass is suitable for areas that experience cold temperatures hence not recommended for areas that record extended warmly to hot temperatures in the summer. Intense heat can suppress this grass and lead to dormant growth. Hot climates also make it vulnerable to diseases.


Bentgrasses are considered cool-season grass types, although many people do not regard them as primary turf grass types. They are characterized by their fine-textured bright green leaves with shallow roots.

Some of their maintenance routine involves constant irrigation, mowing, aerating, and dethatching. As a result, maintaining this type of grass is quite expensive, something that makes it unsuitable for residential lawns. There are different varieties of this grass with the creeping and colonial bentgrasses seeds taking 10 to 14 days to germinate. Creeping bentgrasses are standard for seeding tennis and golf course greens lawns.


When it comes to what type of grass grows the fastest, there is a need to consider the time it takes for its seeds to sprout and other factors that are involved in maintaining the lawn. Some varieties only germinate fast in specific environments.

As such, you must determine what type of environment grass grows fastest to find the varieties that will do well in your local area. Some of the fastest-growing grass types include Perennial Ryegrass, Annual Ryegrass, Fine-leaf Fescues, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Bentgrasses.

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