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Grandview is a historically significant city in Jackson County because it is where former US President Harry S. Truman was born and raised working on his family's farm. Today all of the hard work done by the city's active leaders throughout the years has helped establish Grandview as one of the state's best places to live in.

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Grandview lawn care

With a motto like "Building Tomorrow's Community," you'd be right to guess that Grandview, Missouri, is a lively and progressive city. Grandview is home to nearly 25,000 residents. It was established in the late 1880s when the first post office was built in town. Once, Grandview consisted of just a main street and several stores. Today, it is a vibrant city full of fun events, attractions, and opportunities. If you live in Grandview and want to help build a better community, the best place to start is in your backyard.

Ideal Grasses

Grandview is lucky to have the ability to support a variety of flora. Its temperate climate is conducive to the growth of both warm-season and cool-season grasses. If you're learning about gardening and lawn maintenance, there are some great considerations to keep in mind, especially if you are looking for native species that are easy to maintain.

The Missouri Conservation Department recommends Buffalo grass for a native, durable species that require minimal watering. This type of grass, in fact, only needs to be watered about once each week. Most turf grasses, in contrast, require watering every day or every other day. Buffalo grass only reaches a full height of six inches. This means that if you are forgetful about mowing, or if you prefer a more natural look on your property, this is a great grass to get. The grass starts to grow in late winter or early spring. It turns a vibrant green color by mid-April.

Kentucky bluegrass is a variety that grows in cooler weather. It also prefers more shade than sun. Kentucky bluegrass, as the name suggests, has a distinctive blue color that gives your property a unique appearance. This species grows primarily during the spring and fall seasons. However, even in the winter and summer months, when it is technically dormant, it still retains a lively blue-green color. Kentucky bluegrass, notes the University of California, is a good grass for more experienced homeowners. It requires a medium to high level of maintenance and can tolerate colder temperatures in the winter.

Ryegrass is a tall, statuesque grass that is also native to Missouri. Ryegrass has a long stem and a wispy flowerhead. It is sometimes used in ornamental landscaping designs. Although popular for residential and commercial properties, it is still commonly found growing in the wild. Ryegrass is also a cool season grass. There are several species within the ryegrass family, and all of them can grow throughout Missouri. Along with dressing up your lawn, they are used in meadows and pastures for fodder. Ryegrass typically grows in clusters.

Zoysia is a warm season grass. It prefers sunny areas and can survive with minimal watering. Zoysiagrass produces a thick, dense, green carpet of grass. It is a top choice among novice and experienced homeowners alike for its durability and attractive green color. Zoysia is also used in parks, golf courses, and recreational areas. It can be grown alone or mixed with other species.

Parks and Recreation

Naturally, after spending time getting your property in shape, you'll want to spend time outside enjoying the natural areas around the city. Fortunately, the city has many great parks and recreational areas that cater to outdoor activities.

Meadowmere Park

Quaint walking trails, scenic wooded paths, and tall meadows create an idyllic scene at Meadowmere Park. Shaded benches provide an opportunity to rest and reflect. After spending some time at Meadowmere, you can easily reach the city's other natural places like the community gardens and local skate park.

John Anderson Park

Covering 35 acres of land, John Anderson Park is one of the largest parks in the city. It's also one of the most fun. This park accommodates many outdoor activities with a playground, athletic fields, and tennis courts. There are also shelters available for rest and relaxation or enjoying a picnic. A splash park, which opens in the summer, provides endless hours of fun for young visitors.

As you can see, there's a lot that makes Grandview a special place. One step at a time, it's building a community for the future. It doesn't take much on your part to contribute to that mission. Starting right at home, you can create a beautiful property that makes you and your city proud. Contact Lawn Love, your local lawn care professionals, to help out.

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