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Lawn Care service in Raytown

Raytown, a beautiful city in Jackson County, is a suburb of Kansas City. Many Raytown homeowners revel in their city's sense of community pride, having fun at its parks, events, and historical places while still enjoying the countryside in Kansas City. So why wouldn't you spend your free time enjoying the area instead of doing lawn care?

A lawn is an important part of your home aesthetics, having a flourishing front yard with colorful flowers makes your home look more beautiful. Lawn Love ensures to maintain that beauty of your lawn by providing necessary Raytown lawn care service whenever your lawn needs it. Our local lawn care experts understand the requirements of your vicinity, therefore, provide the right service based on your soil type and plants suitable for your area.

Our staff have more than ten years experience serving all major cities at an affordable rate. We come highly rated by homeowners across the United States. From lawn mowing to complete weed control and fertilization services, our independent contractors have got your needs covered. Booking our services is quick and easy with our online platform that lets you easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel your service at any time.

So come check us out! You can give us a call at 816-527-9015 or try out our convenient two-minute quote, and let Lawn Love give you the lawn of your dreams for years to come.

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  • Lawn Care service in Raytown, 64133
    Elle M. | Raytown, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Raytown, 64133
    Elle M. | Raytown, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Raytown, 64133
    Betty G. | Raytown, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Raytown, 64133
    Auriel K. | Raytown, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Raytown, 64133
    Beth W. | Raytown, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Raytown, 64133
    Debbie M. | Raytown, MO

Lawn care facts in Raytown, MO


Average mowing price $63
Average lawn size 9,035 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 30%
Bi-weekly mowing 68%
Monthly mowing 0%
Lawns that get fertilized 5%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Raytown, MO

  • Midplains Properties LLC  Logo
    Midplains Properties LLC
    Serving Raytown, MO
    1089 jobs completed

    What made you want to start a lawn care service?
    I enjoy being outdoors, I'm active, I love to stay busy, and I enjoy seeing results. After I finish cutting the grass, it just looks so nice.

    How did you learn to take care of a lawn?
    Back when I was a young child, probably when I was 12 years old, my father made me cut grass. That was one of my first chores, and I come from a family where they've always been really particular about their yards, so I inherited that.

    What do you love most about being a lawn care provider?
    I like the satisfaction of working with such an easy company like Lawn Love. You guys find the work, and it's easy on me. You guys have always been great, it's just such a pleasure to work with you. I wish you guys had more properties in Kansas. The way you guys have kept me so busy, I've expanded this winter and I'm going to get another crew going this year, so I love it.

    What makes you a great lawn care provider?
    My attitude, honesty, dependability, confidence, and the way I'm able to communicate. I'm well-groomed, clean cut, and I have nice vehicles and equipment.

  • Ryan Coots Logo
    Ryan Coots
    Serving Raytown, MO
    414 jobs completed

    Ryan Coots offers all the services anyone with a lawn in Belton would need, from mowing to landscaping and lawn assessments to sod installation. He also cleans gutters, repairs broken sprinklers, trims trees, and removes leaves from your property, keeping it healthy and looking great all year long.

  • John Mackey Logo
    John Mackey
    Serving Raytown, MO

    Lawn Love pro, John Mackey, keeps lawns looking like they belong in a magazine. His works for clients in Kansas City and Liberty and offers to mow the lawn, trim the bushes and trees, install sod, fertilize, and seed to make sure your grass stays green and healthy. Have a broken sprinkler head? John can take care of that for you, too, while he's there.

  • DT Lawn Service LLC Logo
    DT Lawn Service LLC
    Serving Raytown, MO

    DT Lawn Service is a pro on the Lawn Love team in Liberty, although they also serve clients in Kansas City, Gladstone, Independence, Leawood, and Raymore. Their professional lawn maintenance jobs include mowing, edging, bush trimming, and weed control. They also clean gutters, repair broken sprinklers, perform lawn assessments, landscape, and install sod. In the fall and winter, they remove leaves to keep your property healthy and looking great, no matter what season it is.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • It's lovely to see Mr. Knotts is just as skilled now as he was before the winter break. As usual, he was considerate enough to alert me before he came, was quick and efficient, and cares enough about his customers to clean up after
    Elle M.
    Raytown, MO
  • The servicer was very polite and did a great job. My one frustration was the timing: he wasn't there until almost 8 at night.
    Elle M.
    Raytown, MO
  • Service was great this year. Enjoyed it. We won't be needing anymore service. I just needed it until I got our lawn up here.
    Betty G.
    Raytown, MO
  • I forgot today was the mowing day and forgot to clean the yard, thanks for moving all the kid junk
    Auriel K.
    Raytown, MO
  • My dad is very pleased with Orey and that's saying alot. I appreciate everything ya'll do.
    Beth W.
    Raytown, MO
  • Angel is extremely professional and friendly. The yard is looking really great!
    Debbie M.
    Raytown, MO
  • I asked him to clear the driveway. He cleared our walkway and steps, too.!
    Diane Q.
    Raytown, MO
  • Ed was great and I couldn't be happier with the service.
    Karen S.
    Raytown, MO
  • Thanks for being on schedule.
    Celine P.
    Raytown, MO
  • Did an excellent job!
    Chris G.
    Raytown, MO
  • Lawn looks great
    Chris C.
    Raytown, MO
  • Great on lawn
    Alexis H.
    Raytown, MO

Raytown lawn care

Every homeowner wants to have a nice looking lawn, but not everyone wants to put in the hours it takes to upkeep a flourishing lawn. When it comes to making your lawn perfect, most homeowners in Raytown, Kansas City, opt for the DIY approach or they hire a professional. If you choose the DIY method, there are a lot of different duties, comprising bushes trimming, lawn mowing, insects and weeds treatment, etc. Each task is time-consuming, and it may be possible to buy the wrong tools or make a mistake due to a lack of experience that can damage your lawn.


Hiring a professional Raytown lawn service ensures that you're obtaining the right care possible while adding more hours in your leisure time. But being a homeowner, you need to know what's good for your lawn and what is not.


The correct seeding process for a Kansas City lawn


When it comes to lawn seeding, good seed to soil contact is really important. It might not look important, but mow your lawn slightly lower than normal before seeding to make sure the seeds will reach up to the soil.


Water before seeding


Water your lawn daily for a few days prior to planting, but not at the time of planting. The additional moisture will make it easier for you to work when aerating or vertically cutting and will also create a superior environment for new seeds.


Seed selection


Lawn experts suggest a 50/50 combination of fescue and Bluegrass for Kansas City lawns. If you have already established the lawn, you only require overseeding it with fescue as Bluegrass spreads more rapidly and is generally well established. Or if you are creating a new lawn, a 50/50 mix is recommended, which is, in fact, a 90/10 mix (90% Bluegrass and 10% fescue) by weight, as Bluegrass seeds are a lot smaller and lighter than fescue seeds. This mixture seems to hold up the finest year in and year out.




Do not allow your new seeds to dry out; otherwise, it will die. Ensure sufficient watering to keep the soil constantly moist. A small amount of watering frequently is best. Follow this watering schedule for the best results:


  • For the first 3 weeks, water 3 times every day at 8, 12, and 4 o'clock, with light sprinklings to make the seedbed constantly damp.
  • For the next 2 weeks, water once a day, about twice of each watering during the initial three weeks.
  • After that, water deeply once a week for the rest of the year. Watering should be done for a while, so it collects about half an inch of water when measured in a small can or rain gauge.


Fertilizing new grass


A new seed needs a different fertilizer than already existing lawns. Seedlings that are growing necessitate phosphorus and potassium to make healthy and strong roots. Nitrogen is utilized in the foliage section of the plant. A higher quantity of nitrogen can always be added afterward, but phosphorus and potassium have to be in the soil from the starting.




When the grass attains a height of 4 inches, mow it to a height of 3 inches. Then mow after every 5-7 days or once a week. Take away any bunches of grass or dead leaves. Lawn care professionals recommend a push mower, not a riding mower because it is light-weighted and won't compress the grass with big, heavy tires.


For suitable seed-to-soil contact, if you are overseeding a fit and healthy lawn only, aeration is recommended in the lawn. Aerating draws little plugs of dirt and thatch out of the ground, providing the existing grass a space to grow and letting rain and nutrients soak into the soil so they can make up for the roots.

The soil in Kansas City is clayey that tends to get compacted faster, so experts suggest aeration once a year to keep your lawn in good condition.




When the grass in your lawn is thin or has bare patches, then you should try verticutting. It is a bit more forceful than aeration but plows the soil superiorly to deliver good seed-to-soil contact and improved germination. Also, you can aerate and verticut both, but several times one or the other method will be sufficient.


Seeding in Spring


It is better to seed at the time of fall due to cooler temperatures, but if your lawn consists of bare spots or is very thin, it may be significant to seed it during the spring. Moreover, you also have to plan seeding again in the fall.




  • Shady areas have a higher possibility of success in the spring.
  • No leaves are falling to impact the seeding process.
  • Areas that didn't endure the cool weather would be filled.




  • You will have to re-seed the lawn again in the fall.
  • The roots of the grass will not be capable of completely establishing until the soil attains 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is exactly what seeds would need to germinate.
  • Application of pre-emergent would have to be delayed around three weeks to prevent damage of the seed.


Dormant seeding


Dormant seeding is the spreading of grass seeds in the fall and winter months when the soil is very cold to encourage the germination of grass. In spring, the seeds spread previously will warm in the ground and develop that will repair and condense turf grass. Dormant seeding in Kansas City is preferred in the fall to give the seeds enough time to sink into the soil. It also follows a natural cycle of germination, with seeds existing stay undamaged during the winter and ready to sprout in the spring for a more powerful and better able to survive the summer heat.


Lawn care in Kansas City can be an overwhelming task. Working with Lawn Love makes it easier to maintain your lawn and make your vision come true. Contact us today!

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