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Lawn care service in Raleigh

Amphitheatres, museums, historic landmarks, and gently rolling hills are what you can expect to see here in the city of Raleigh, NC. There are plenty of things to love about this city and one of them is the Great Smokey Mountains National Park where it's green everywhere you look. As a Raleighite homeowner you'd really like to have a slice of all this greenery in your own yard which can take a lot of hard work. Hard work is something that we associate ourselves closely with here at Lawn Love and it's the very thing that has made us one of the city's most reliable yard care service providers.

Our business operates on one simple premise: yard care needs to be kept simple. We have a group of independent technicians who are all too familiar with the different seasonal challenges, pests, and plant types in this area. Whatever it is you want them to do in your yard they can get it done, whether it's mowing your lawn, planting your seeds, watering your plants, and even leaf removal.

Our friendly staff, competitive rates, and quick two-minute quotes are all going to help give you the kind of quality that your lawn rightfully deserves. You no longer have to stress yourself out carrying bulky yard care equipment nor will you ever have to worry about getting poor quality service because Lawn Love is all about customer satisfaction.

Give us a call at 919-867-5888 or request a free online quote so you can experience how we do things first hand.

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Yard care facts in Raleigh

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Raleigh:

How are lawn care prices in Raleigh?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Raleigh:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in Raleigh today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 7:00 AM and set at 5:57 PM today in Raleigh).

Raleigh yard care

Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, is steadily becoming a top hub for entrepreneurs, particularly those in the technology industry. This city may be huge, but it has a unique southern charm, giving a combination of a smart and modern destination with many historical sites. No matter where you go, there will always be something brilliant waiting for you to experience it. Some of the top places to visit in the city are:

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum is probably the most popular attraction in the whole state. Its goal is to help visitors discover more about the natural world. Admission is free, and you will see various permanent exhibitions, such as the North Carolina Mountain and Piedmont region habitats.

Pullen Park

This attraction is the first ever public park in the state, and it still stands strong up until today. Pullen Park has thousands of visitors all through the year. It has the Gustav Dentzel Carousel, which is listed as one of the National Register of Historic Places. You will also find amusement rides, such as kiddie water boats, pedal boats, and a miniature train.

JC Raulston Arboretum

A well-renowned garden situated at the North Carolina State University, the JC Raulston Arboretum displays over 6,000 species of plants that come from different parts of the world. Every Sunday, you can visit this site to enjoy a free public tour where you can view the gardens, such as the butterfly and the rose gardens.

PNC Arena

The venue has a total of 19,700 seats, and you can watch various events, including major sports and concerts every year. The arena, on average, welcomes over 1.5 million people and hosts over 150 events annually.

Triangle Rock Club

This fitness and climbing center has facilities for both top and lead rope climbing. It also has a vast bouldering terrain, along with a huge fitness area. The center includes the Morrisville facility, which is the tallest and largest climbing structure among the nearby states. It also has a hundred climbing walls and lanes that span up to 55 feet.

Aside from the attractions above, the city also has dining options, including Bida Manda, which gained recognition as the best restaurant in the whole state. The restaurant is for those who want to try local dishes from Laos.

There are at least 25 local breweries in the city and even enjoy the Raleigh Beer Trail, which is a brewery tour. You will also find other breweries with free tours, which will help you distinguish the different types of beers that are popular here, including doppelbocks and porters.

You may also want to visit adjacent towns, which are just a few minutes away from Raleigh. These places include Knightdale, Rolesville, Apex, Wake Forest, and Wendell. We recommend that you spend at least a day in the city's downtown, especially the historic areas.

Spending a Day at Home in Raleigh

While there are several places to explore and activities to try in the city, there will always be times when you just want to stay home all day. Of course, you cannot truly enjoy if the whole area is a mess. We advise homeowners in Raleigh to begin their home improvement project with their yard. After all, it is one of the first things that neighbors and guests see. "First impressions last" may be a cliché but you cannot deny that it still rings true, especially when it comes to your home.

Creating an appealing lawn that looks healthy is not easy, but it is always well worth your time and effort. You can achieve the appearance you are aiming for with a little planning and consistent maintenance. We know how difficult it can be to tend to your yard, which is why we suggest that you leave the job to professionals.

Lawn Love can provide you with everything your lawn requires to make it look beautiful. From mowing to aerating to fertilizing and all the necessary tasks, we will take care of it for you.

DIY Care for Your Raleigh Yard

You may already know that the grass in your lawn needs mowing and infrequent watering. You may also be aware of how to aerate and fertilize the plants in your yard. Many homeowners in the city think that they can perform those tasks whenever they want. The best way to create a yard that looks healthy is to have the right yard care schedule.

Before you start, you should first understand the weather in the city. Raleigh has similar climate as with the rest of southeastern US. It has a humid subtropical climate, which means the winters are cool yet short. It also rains with an average of 43.34 inches with July being the wettest month in the city. Meanwhile, the summer can be hot and humid but can still be comfortable for people to go around the area.

If you have a warm season lawn in which your grass type thrives well in the dry weather, we recommend that you put rye in your garden. It will help keep it green, which is especially essential from October to November when the grass goes dormant.

You should also overseed using annual rye when October starts or wait for your lawn to go dormant. With the help of rye, you can stop the spring and winter weeds from growing in your yard.

December to January is when you can sow rye, which will germinate in the right conditions. In our experience, the best time is when the temperatures in the day reach 60 degrees for several days. Meanwhile, you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the middle of February. During this month, many crabgrass weeds will start to pop up, and you want to be ready before they overtake your garden.

Fertilizing your yard is best done in April or May, particularly if you have warm season grasses, such as St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia.

Having a fantastic looking yard takes lots of effort. Instead of spending all your time in your garden, Lawn Love will care for your lawn so you can enjoy outdoor activities in Raleigh.

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