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Lawn care service in Columbus

One of America's best kept secrets is the city of Columbus, OH. Even though you might not hear about it that much, it is an amazing place to live and work in. The word "boredom" doesn't seem to exist here in Columbus because there are so many things for you to do and places to visit. You can head to the Topiary Garden or Whetstone Park to de-stress and admire nature upclose or fill up your stomach by going on a Columbus Food Tour.

Whatever you fancy you can bet that Columbus has something just for you, so it would really be a drag if you had to clean up the leaves from your yard during the weekend instead of enjoying your awesome city. Not to worry though because Lawn Love can help save your weekend thanks to our reliable leaf removal service.

We know how annoying it can be to have to rake and sweep all of those leaves from your lawn whenever the fall season ends. Don't be fooled by the picturesque background they provide because they can suffocate your grass and cause damage to your yard. With our leaf removal service your yard will become leaf-free in no time at all.

Our friendly operators are standing by, so give us a call at 614-629-8754 to learn more. You can also ask for a free online quote to see our prices.

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Leaf removal facts in Columbus

When should I get leaf removal?

Here are the most common times for leaf removal in Columbus:

How are leaf removal prices in Columbus?

Prices vary depending on both the size of the lawn and how deep the leaves are. Here are some average prices for homes in Columbus:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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Should I water my lawn today?

Clear leaves before watering your lawn. Rotting leaves prevent the sun from reaching your grass.

It's way too cold to water your lawn today! Once the temperatures have risen, keep an eye on your grass. If it looks yellow or droopy, it's time to turn on the sprinklers and make it rain.

Columbus leaf removal services

In Ohio, where residents refer to themselves as Buckeyes, trees are understandably an essential part of the landscape. Columbus is the capital city of the Buckeye State, and it is situated in the heart of the state. The climate in this location has four distinct seasons that are ideal for many types of trees to thrive. Each spring and summer, trees throughout the area and beyond thrive and grow. In the fall, these trees shed their leaves, needles and other debris. This leads to the critical need for leaf removal on properties throughout the Columbus area.

Buckeye trees are only one of the numerous types of trees that are found on public grounds, in parks, in undeveloped areas and on commercial and residential properties. If your Columbus-area home is like many others, you may have several large trees from different species that drop tons of leaves each year. A few of the many tree species that grow well in Columbus include maple, oak, alder, pine, beech, buckeye and dozens of others. Some of these trees drop nuts or cones in addition to leaves and pine needles, which adds to the size of the cleanup project that you are responsible for.

Most of the debris that falls from trees will land on your lawn. This is debris from your own trees, and some of it may have blown onto your lawn from your neighbors' trees. Typically, the debris will drop off over several weeks or even a couple of months. The leaves cannot remain on your lawn for an extended period. This is because it can damage your lawn by blocking out air, sun, and water. In some cases, it can lead to grass disease.

You can see that leaf removal in Columbus may be needed every couple of weeks until all of the trees in the area are barren. Raking and bagging your leaves is not an easy feat. You must rake every inch of your yard to pull the leaves and other items into a huge pile. If you have a large yard, raking the front and rear of your home could be time-consuming. Some people try to take a shortcut by using a leaf blower rather than a rake, but this often backfires. It is challenging to get all of the leaves into a large pile when the leaf blower is swirling the leaves haphazardly into the area. This is particularly true if you are raking on a windy day when crosswinds may carry the leaves a few feet away before they settle to the ground. Some people get frustrated after wasting time with a leaf blower and still must take and bag the leaves.

Once the leaves are on a large pile, you must move onto the next step. Bagging the leaves seems like a simple enough project. However, keep in mind that many Columbus residents may fill a dozen bags or more from a single raking session. This can be a labor-intensive project that eats into your valuable free time. More than that, it often must be repeated several times over a few weeks. Because the health of your lawn is at stake and because you typically must select a nice weather day when the leaves are dry for the best results, you may not have the flexibility to pick the ideal time to complete this project.

Columbus is a lively, active town that always has something going on for residents to enjoy. The fall months are particularly exciting with numerous annual events. These events may only be held on one specific day or across a few days each year, so you understandably do not want to miss out on enjoying the festivities because of a need to remove leaves from your yard. Some of the popular seasonal events in Columbus include the Jazz and Ribs Festival, the Columbus Arts Festival, Rock on the Range, ComFest, HighBall Halloween and the Ohio State Fair.

During the fall months, many sports fans in Columbus are glued to their TVs or are attending home games for several professional and college sports teams in the local area. Local teams include the Columbus Clippers, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Columbus Crew SC and the Ohio State Buckeyes. No sports enthusiast wants to miss a big game because of essential home maintenance chores.

In addition to these special cultural and sporting events in the Columbus area throughout the fall months, several other attractions and venues may catch your attention. For example, you could spend a fun day with your friends or loved ones when you tour the Ohio State University Athletics Hall of Fame, the Jack Nicklaus Museum, the Columbus Museum of Art or several other cultural centers. If you enjoy live performances, you could get tickets to a show at the Nationwide Theater, the Ohio Theater, the Jerome Schottenstein Center, the Southern Theatre and several other performing arts venues throughout the area. If you prefer to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful fall weather, you may want to picnic, cycle, fish or hike at one of the many city or state parks in the area.

Between these and other options, it is easy to find something that you would rather be doing on a beautiful fall day in Columbus that raking your leaves. Nonetheless, the work must be done for the care of your lawn. Rather than devote hours of your precious time to this chore every few weeks throughout the fall, hire a professional for leaf removal service. This is a convenient way to tackle an essential fall chore.

We understand the need to schedule leaf removal service with a trusted professional who you can count on to provide reliable, quality service, and we can connect you with several contractors for you to compare and select from. With the health of your lawn at stake, you cannot delay locating a leaf removal professional and scheduling service soon for your property.

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