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Lawn Care service in Willow Grove

Professional Lawn Care Service in Philadelphia

Lawn love Service is one of the highly-rated lawn care service providers that offers affordable and professional lawn care services in Philadelphia. We believe that lawn maintenance should be handled by skilled and highly-experienced professionals. Lawn love links you with lawn care service professionals with an average of ten years of working experience in lawn care.

The online facility we offer is quite remarkable. You can handle appointment booking and even payment from your smart device without any hassle. Start by taking advantage of our free quote, and you're only a few clicks away from getting an expert to care for your lawn just the way you would have done it.

To find out more about our services and to take advantage of our free, fast and easy two-minute quote, just call us today at 215-867-6495!

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  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Andros G. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Elodie K. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Tami G. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Nathan T. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    John O. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Michael B. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Don W. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    John M. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Pierre C. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Helen V. | Willow Grove, PA
  • Lawn Care service in Willow Grove, 19090
    Jeneanne A. | Willow Grove, PA

Lawn care facts in Willow Grove, PA


Average mowing price $47
Average lawn size 3,004 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 6%
Bi-weekly mowing 80%
Monthly mowing 2%
Lawns that get fertilized 9%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Willow Grove, PA

  • Giron Tree Services LLC Logo
    Giron Tree Services LLC
    Serving Willow Grove, PA
    120 jobs completed

    We are a small family-owned company trying to grow our business. Delivering quality and professional work at a reasonable price to satisfy your needs. We do it all from landscaping, hardscaping, and tree services to all your outside work, satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • I Love Grass Logo
    I Love Grass
    Serving Willow Grove, PA
    89 jobs completed

    Se Hable Espanol! I enjoy making properties beautiful while delivering a service that some people dislike doing, or are not capable of completing. Grass will always grow, and I would like to be the person to make it look good for you and your family so you can enjoy it on nice summer days.

  • Star landscaping and tree service Logo
    Star landscaping and tree service
    Serving Willow Grove, PA
    1 jobs completed

    We do all kinds of work from mulching, cutting grass, tree care, and power washing. We can work on any size property, and no property is too small. We are mainly providing mulch services from February to April. We also do hardscaping like patios. We can also cut trees no tree is too big or too small for us.

  • BnD mowing Logo
    BnD mowing
    Serving Willow Grove, PA
    48 jobs completed

    I'm a small potato in a field of big potatoes. More like a spud just growing off the root. I'm in it for the good exercise and the couple of bucks that come along with it. Happy to help the good people of the local neighborhoods. Whether it's one-time cuts or a recurring person.

  • Cancer Fighting Lawn Care Logo
    Cancer Fighting Lawn Care
    Willow Grove PA, 19090

    Do you need a professional company that renders lawn care services to residents in Willow and neighboring cities? Look no further than Cancer Fighting Lawn Care. They engage in various activities like lawn mowing, edging, trimming, weed removal, and fertilization.

  • Eagle's Lair Lawn Service & Gardening Logo
    Eagle's Lair Lawn Service & Gardening
    Willow Grove PA, 19090

    Eagle's Lair Lawn Service & Gardening is a locally owned and operated company that offers reliable lawn care solutions. They serve homeowners in Willow Grove and its surrounding areas. With many years of experience, they offer lawn care services such as lawn mowing and more.

  • Family Values Lawncare And Landscaping Logo
    Family Values Lawncare And Landscaping
    Willow Grove PA, 19090

    Family Values Lawncare And Landscaping is a local lawn care service that specializes in lawn maintenance solutions. Their comprehensive lawn care services include lawn mowing, trimming, weed removal, mulching, cleanups, and more. In addition to lawn care services, they also provide other services like trash removal, snow removal, and other maintenance services.

  • Hely's Lawn Care Logo
    Hely's Lawn Care
    Willow Grove PA, 19090

    Hely's Lawn Care is your friendly neighborhood solution in Willow Grove for a hassle-free lawn. Their services include lawn mowing, trimming, and mulching, delivered with precision and care. Their team adjusts techniques to handle Willow Grove's weather, ensuring your lawn stays lush and healthy year-round. Free estimates are available.

  • Garrett Churchill Logo
    Garrett Churchill
    Willow Grove PA, 19090

    Garrett Churchill is a licensed and insured lawn maintenance serving residential and commercial customers in Willow Grove and surrounding cities. The full-service lawn care company offers lawn mowing, edging, trimming, weed control, mulching, fertilization, clean-ups, and more. Additional services include landscaping, irrigation, shrub care, and tree care services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • My lawn looks awesome! I would like Jeff to be my regular Lawn tech, he did such a great job I was happy with the results!
    Andros G.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Great job, super thorough! I appreciated the call letting me know approx what time Fernando would arrive.
    Elodie K.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Westley made my yard look awesome!! He is Great people skills and we know he will do an awesome job!
    Tami G.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • We would like Luis to come every week. He is clearly at the top of his game.
    Nathan T.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Anna and CO. did it again. Yard looks clean and beautiful! Thanks again.
    John O.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Looks great all around (front back and the edging) - many thanks
    Michael B.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • We want him back to do our lawn's for now on
    Don W.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Great work on a timely basis
    John M.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Great first visit by Robert.
    Pierre C.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • Thanks for a job well done!
    Helen V.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • The lawn looks amazing!!
    Jeneanne A.
    Willow Grove, PA
  • My place looks amazing.
    Jennifer F.
    Willow Grove, PA

Willow Grove lawn care services

Willow Grove Lawn Care

The Best Kinds of Grasses for Your Lawn

It may seem strange that there are specific grasses to plant according to climate and soil. However, there is not very much difference. However, salient details must be followed in selecting suitable grass for your lawn. Although many homeowners go with grasses they love (which is not a bad idea but will require extra care for best results), the landscape's climate may disallow you from getting a beautifully-green lawn for long periods.

There are mainly two types of grasses: cold-season and warm-season grasses. As the name implies, cold-season grasses do best under predominant cold conditions like spring, fall, even winter in Willow Grove. On the other hand, warm-season grasses will bud better in spring through summer. However, warm-season grasses wouldn't be very suitable for Willow Grove because of its dominant colder days. Even warm-season grasses will do well in this terrain with proper care and the correct species. Here are the two best kinds of grass Willow Grove lawn owners should consider:

● Tall Fescue

If you're looking for one top-quality grass for your Willow Grove lawn, one of your first considerations should be Tall Fescue. This cool-season grass will blossom with reasonably fast speed during cool spring. It will tolerate summer heat and heavy foot traffic as well - thanks to its deep root system that allows it to find water in deep soil profiles. Hence, it renders more of a year-round performance. Tall Fescue loves the sun and grows best in full sunlight but will flourish under moderate shade. This grass will spread through its below-ground stems producing high-dense covering with good growing conditions. However, alongside its excellent drought-resistant abilities, the grass only needs low to moderate watering, mowing height between two and three inches, and overall light maintenance.

● Zoysia

If you want your lawn to shine during the summer when almost every lawn in the neighborhood is latent, you should opt for warm-season grass. Among many grass breeds in this category, Zoysia has the most cold-resistance. So, it will bud quite well during spring/fall and will also blossom during summer, thereby staying green and beautiful almost all-year-round. Like with tall Fescue, this grass loves the sun but will thrive under partial shade. Although it takes quite some time to grow, it will withstand heavy foot traffic. Zoysia requires moderate watering and mowing of 1 to 1.25 inches.

For more information regarding grass and lawn care, you can contact us anytime to get the best Willow Grove lawn care services!

Steps to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

● Mow grasses appropriately

Like watering, mowing practices determine how well grasses will grow and look. According to their recommended height, Trimming turfs allow them to bud well, fight diseases, weed, and pests. Even more, properly mowed grasses spread better and with higher density. The blade mower's sharpness and other practices like mowing time also account for several possibilities. For example, trimming a wet turf will lead to shabby results accompanied by increased susceptibility to weed and diseases. Generally, it is best to trim dry grasses and never take more than one-third of the blade at any time. Still, you should hire mowing professionals through Lawn love to trim your turf for the best results.

● Aerate

Your soil's productivity and your turf's overall health depend on the soil's available nutrients. Aeration reduces compaction, allowing plant roots to take in the oxygen they need to survive, along with other essential nutrients. It is advised that you aerate your lawn once a year for the best result. Your lawn care service provider offers highly-rated aeration services that save you the cost of buying and maintaining an aerator yourself. So, it would be best if you went for it.

● Water turf in preparation for hot summers

Getting the right watering depth and good lawn maintenance practices are essential for a beautiful lawn. While watering depth differs by grass type, it is recommended to water between one to six inches of depth for the best effects. Adequate watering ensures that your turf gets the right nutrients to grow well. Watering your lawn more than necessary spell suffocation, as water covers soil aeration pores. However, there is a good side to under-watering flowers, and the result will be dependent on the season it's done. Experts at Lawn love believe that if you give less water to your turf during the spring, its roots start to go deeper into the soil seeking moisture. It would therefore help prepare your plant for the summer drought.

● Always clear out debris and dry leaves

The leaves from trees in your yard might fall on your lawn during the fall. It is easy to overlook this. The stack of brown and yellow leaves may sometimes be quite beautiful. But they can destroy your lawn. Grasses need sunlight to manufacture their foods; they also use pores in the soil to get oxygen and other gases. If the leaves cover them, they suffocate and get malnourished. Hence, it is imperative always to clear out leaves and debris from your lawn. Yard clean-up from a good Willow Grove lawn service provider is your best option. You could also opt for gutter cleaning services to keep your environment free from pests.

● Proper Fertilization

There are intricacies to the use of fertilizer that many lawn owners do not observe. First, it is recommendable to fertilize soils once a year to replenish their nutrient requirements. Nitrogen and phosphorous deficiency are the most prominent indications of fertilization. If your lawn lacks these nutrients, it exposes grasses to weed and pest attacks. However, even with a soil testing kit, you may still be unable to prescribe the right amount of chemicals your soil needs. Worse yet, when seasons change, the standard amount of fertilizer also changes. So, fertilize your lawn in the fall but allow a Lawn love specialist team to handle it for you.

Reasons to Choose Professional Lawn Care Service in Willow Grove and Philadelphia

Are you sure that you can do all the tips we mentioned above yourself? Even if you have the right skill set, do you have equipment like aerators, powerful blowers, and robust, heavy-duty mowers? Time management is another major issue. Do you have all the time required to maintain your lawn? Don't stress over it; Lawn love takes care of your lawn. You will be provided with an experienced service that is quite affordable. So, even if you're on a budget, you can still hire one of the highly-rated professional lawn services!

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