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The community of Old Hickory is a beautiful blend of history and nature, and the results are just splendid. Whether marveling at the historic homes in the Village of Old Hickory, teeing off on the golf course, strolling through the park, or just gazing at the river, there's always something to do or see.

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Old Hickory lawn care services

Tennessee is home to many unique places, including Old Hickory. Old Hickory gets its name from former president Andrew Jackson, whose nickname was "Old Hickory." Although Old Hickory has historical significance, it also has plenty of modern appeal. The city is known across the state as a business-friendly and essential industrial area. It is also home to a former DuPont plant. Today, the city is a great place to live and visit with all of its exciting events and attractions. With all there is to see and do here, you naturally don't want to spend all your time on lawn care in Old Hickory. Luckily, you can consult the experts at Lawn Love, your local lawn care resource, for the best grasses to plant that give your yard a healthy look and are also easy to maintain.

Optimal Grasses

Along with making your yard look nice, the University of Tennessee suggests many good reasons why you should plant native grasses on your property. Native grasses have adapted to the local environment, which means they can withstand changes in the seasons and temperatures. Native grasses are also a good source of food and nutrients for wildlife. They also provide shelter for some animals, too. Many native grasses require minimal water and fertilizer too, making them cost-effective options for your property.

If you envision having a lawn with a beautiful blue-green color, Kentucky bluegrass is a great choice. Kentucky bluegrass requires some knowledge of lawn care in Old Hickory to get started, however, as it can be tricky to care for when young. With adequate watering, however, it establishes quickly and produces a healthy, lush groundcover.

Zoysia is another popular lawn grass. It is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance, which makes it a fine choice for inexperienced homeowners. Zoysia has a bright green color that makes it an aesthetically appealing choice for residential properties and commercial areas. It is a warm-season grass that originated in Southeast Asia. It has been in the US since the early 1900s, however, and has proven well-suited to Tennessee's environment.

Tall fescue is a grass that grows during the cooler seasons. It is a prairie grass with low-maintenance requirements and a durable character. Tall fescue can reach several feet in height without regular mowing. Because of its ability to withstand heavy use, it is a popular grass for playgrounds, athletic fields, and other recreational areas.

Broomsedge is a grass that grows throughout the South. It reaches two to four feet, depending on the climate. Broomsedge is closely related to bluestem, which is another grass you can plant in TN. Broomsedge differs in appearance from its bluestem relatives, however, because it is mostly tan in color. This grass requires minimal amounts of fertilizer and provides shelter for birds.

Indian grass can grow to heights of seven feet without mowing. It has flat, narrow leaves and seed heads that are yellow or bronze. This grass has deep roots and is revered for its drought tolerance. In the wild, it is a good shelter for birds and other wildlife.

Switchgrass starts growing in spring. By June it produces lovely flowers. Switchgrass is also a versatile and adaptable grass that does well in many soil conditions. It tolerates drought well but also survives with wetter conditions.

Old Hickory's Attractions

There are many things to see and do in Old Hickory, which makes leaving lawn care in Old Hickory up to Lawn Love even more logical.

Frist Art Museum

Fans of classical art should pay a visit to this grand art museum, which has a combination of permanent and rotating exhibits. There are also educational programs at the museum, which means there's something for people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate.

Capitol Mall State Park

This park, which covers 19 acres, provides a unique location for giving visitors a taste of TN history. Here, visitors can learn about the state's past while strolling across its beautiful, immaculately maintained property. Tours are available as well.

Old Hickory, TN shows that there's a lot to a name. But the city has even more in the way of exciting attractions and unique places, too. If you're ready to get out and see all that it offers, contact Lawn Love for all your lawn care needs.

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