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Lawn Care service in Danbury

To ensure that you have a beautiful green lawn throughout the year at Fairfield County, you need to make sure that you mow your lawn regularly. This will make it easy for sunlight and water to go straight to the root of your grass, thereby promoting healthy growth. Also, cutting the grass in your lawn involves more than keeping the grass short. It ensures that your yard will take everything it requires for healthy growth and staying green throughout the year.

Undertaking all these tasks on your own can be challenging, but here is the good news; Lawn love has made lawn care service very easy. We offer you some of the best Fairfield County lawn care services with affordable and convenient services. You will enjoy the team of Fairfield County lawn care pros that can help you make your grass as green as possible.

Lawn Love will help you with everything in your yard, including mowing, lawn aeration, sprinkler installation, irrigation, and so on. We will make sure that your lawn in Fairfield County looks its best and that it survives every possible climate change. Also, the flexibility of our schedule ensures that you get what you ask for at your convenience.

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Lawn Care service in Danbury, 06810
Barbara H. | Danbury, CT
Lawn Care service in Danbury, 06810
Matthew M. | Danbury, CT
Lawn Care service in Danbury, 06810
Scott B. | Danbury, CT
Lawn Care service in Danbury, 06810
Holly L. | Danbury, CT
Lawn Care service in Danbury, 06810
Daniel A. | Danbury, CT
Lawn Care service in Danbury, 06810
Benji N. | Danbury, CT

Lawn care facts in Danbury, CT


Average mowing price $71
Average lawn size 8,617 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 14%
Bi-weekly mowing 68%
Monthly mowing 8%
Lawns that get fertilized 8%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Danbury, CT

Green lands Logo

Green lands

Gerald Bonilla
Serving Danbury, CT
7 jobs completed

Hello, I'm Gerald. I have been landscaping for about 6 years while learning from my dad. I love transforming lawns. From overgrown to a nice, clean cut, and an edge up just like a haircut. I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you with your lawn.

Lopez Landscaping Logo

Lopez Landscaping

Luis Vega
Serving Danbury, CT
2 jobs completed

Hi, my name is Luis. I started a business to help and build a connection with people in my area. I am willing to help everyone and ready to get the job done the way the customer wants. I can't wait to meet all my new customers and help people for a fair price.

Prestige Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC Logo

Prestige Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC

William Barrett
Serving Danbury, CT
9 jobs completed

I am a very responsible and outgoing self-owned business, serving the entire Fairfield County! You will be satisfied with any work I perform on your property! From lawn mowing to edging, and mulching. We also offer tree removal and more. All you have to do is ask.

SplattaVibes Enterprises Logo

SplattaVibes Enterprises

John Garrison
Serving Danbury, CT
51 jobs completed

Hi everyone, John here. It is nice to meet you, and it will be my pleasure to service your landscaping needs. Landscaping is a relatively new venture for my growing business. We started as a product development company back in 2021. and have been expanding into new markets as opportunities arise. Landscaping is our most recent endeavor, and we're excited to show you what makes us excellent in everything we do.

Juan Cardona Logo

Juan Cardona

Juan Cardona
Serving Danbury, CT
18 jobs completed

If you need lawn mowing in Bridgeport or surrounding communities, Juan Cardona can help. This professional landscaper repairs sprinklers cleans gutters, and trims trees. He keeps lawns thick and healthy with seeding, core aeration, fertilization, and weed control. If you need a new layer of sod, Juan can install it. He also removes leaves to save you the trouble.

P&G Landscaping Logo

P&G Landscaping

126 Triangle St, Ste 31, Danbury, CT 06810

P & G Landscaping is a premier lawn care company that strives to maximize ecological sustainability while minimizing environmental impacts. With over 15 years of experience, they serve residential and commercial properties in Danbury. They will mow, clean, trim, and edge your lawn. Besides lawn care services, they provide various solutions, including landscape maintenance and tree care services.

R & K Construction & Landscaping Logo

R & K Construction & Landscaping

Danbury, CT 06810

A full-service landscaping company, R & K Construction & Landscaping is the go-to destination for all your lawn care solutions in Danbury. Their trained professionals mow and trim your yard, ensuring it remains well-groomed with scheduled maintenance at regular intervals. The company also performs spring and fall cleanups, flower bed maintenance, tree work, mulching, and concrete work.

Keller Lawn and Landscape Logo

Keller Lawn and Landscape

Danbury, CT 06810

Keller Lawn and Landscape is a lawn care company serving property owners in Danbury. They are experienced to handle any lawn care need or project you have. In addition to lawn care, they offer other services such as landscaping, property maintenance, deck refinishing, fencing, and more.

Lawn Doctor Logo

Lawn Doctor

David C.
Danbury, CT 06810

Lawn Doctor is a locally owned and operated company that provides lawn maintenance services for home and business owners in Danbury and its surrounding areas. They mow, trim, weed, seed, mulch, and aerate lawns. Aside from lawn maintenance, they offer their customers other services, including flea extermination, tree management, mosquito extermination, pest control, and more.

Xplus Tree Service Logo

Xplus Tree Service

Danbury, CT 06810

Let Xplus Tree Service help maintain your outdoor space through their lawn care and maintenance solutions. Whether it is lawn mowing, seeding, yard cleaning, or other lawn care solutions, the company will ensure your yard is well-trimmed and clean. The company also excels in landscaping, gardening, and tree services. Xplus Tree Service serves the residents of Danbury and nearby areas.

Fabian Stonework Logo

Fabian Stonework

Danbury, CT 06810

Fabian Stonework is a lawn care service provider servicing property owners in Danbury and other neighboring areas such as New Milford, Westport, Norwalk, and Shelton. The company is locally owned and has been in the lawn care industry for several years, providing a wide range of lawn care services such as edging, trimming, and lawn mowing. The company also specializes in masonry services and offers free quotes to all customers.

Lawn Dawg Logo

Lawn Dawg

50 Beaver Brook Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

Lawn Dawg, in Danbury, specializes in lawn and garden services. They offer a range of comprehensive lawn care options, including lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, and pest control. With their expertise and dedication, their clients can trust the "top dog" in lawn care for a beautiful yard.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Terrance is both strongman mower and brick-patio artist. He ALWAYS does perfectly detailed trimming and cutting! Thank you Terrance! I made the right call when I called Lawn Love! Barbara Hailstones
Barbara H.
Danbury, CT
I am very disappointed with the job they did only a few weeds died 99% are still alive they need to come out and spray again
Matthew M.
Danbury, CT
they showed up on time and worked quickly but we'd like the grass cut a little shorter
Scott B.
Danbury, CT
Very professional , but doesn't look like the front door was blown off.
Holly L.
Danbury, CT
My yard looks amazing. Ulysses’ hard work is always appreciated.
Daniel A.
Danbury, CT
He worked hard in the heat and actually trimmed my shrubs!!
Benji N.
Danbury, CT
He does a great job, a really neat and clean job
Shirley P.
Danbury, CT
Thank you for taking wonderful care of my lawns.
Linda C.
Danbury, CT
Cameron Bothe did an awesome job! Thanks.
Chuck M.
Danbury, CT
Thank you Anthony. Yard looks great.
Ronald J.
Danbury, CT

Danbury lawn care services

Before choosing which grass to plant on your lawn in Fairfield County, Connecticut, the essential factor to consider is the low temperature here. Warm-season grasses look healthy and beautiful during hot months, while cool-season grasses look the best in cold temperatures. Also, warm-season grasses go dormant as the temperature drops.

This said, choosing the perfect grass for your lawn can be a tough decision to make. Not knowing the difference between grass types or which kind of grass will do well on your lawn is the main reason why you need our services. At Lawn Love, we will help you choose the right grass that will survive every climate change. Below are the best lawn grass you can plant in Fairfield County.

Fine Fescue

Fine fescue grasses, including creeping red fescue, have a softer texture, narrower, deeper-green blades. Fine fescues also establish quickly from seed and grow best in colder regions like Fairfield and the Northeastern United States. Fescue grasses are drought and shade-tolerant, but it is not tolerant of heavy foot traffic.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most popular cool-season grasses and grows well in Fairfield's climate because it tolerates freezing. This grass is best for lawns with low to medium foot traffic as it has a fine texture and creates a dense, lush lawn.

Kentucky bluegrass seeds are usually blended with other grass seeds, such as perennial ryegrass and annual ryegrass because bluegrasses have a slightly delayed green-up time in the spring. Although Kentucky bluegrass thrives once established, the seeds can take up to two months to germinate and fully establish. Kentucky bluegrass also requires more maintenance routine (reseeding, mowing, fertilizing, and watering) than other types of cool-season grasses.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass grows best in cooler climates, making it a right choice for Fairfield County lawns. Perennial ryegrass is fast-growing and has an earlier green-up time in the spring. This grass is also extremely adaptable to many soil types, and the seeds germinate quickly. Perennial ryegrass is low-maintenance, fine-textured, and resistant to diseases and insects. Perennial ryegrass can withstand heavy traffic, and it requires little or no soil preparation to establish it.

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue does well in cold climates, making it an appropriate grass choice for Fairfield County lawns. Tall fescue is fast-growing and drought-tolerant, but it may require some watering or irrigation during the dry season to stay green. This grass is also shade-tolerant and remains green throughout the year. Tall fescue is low-maintenance; it creates a dense, coarse-textured lawn and germinates quickly and easily from seed.

Fairfield County lawn care tips

If you want your lawn to stay green and beautiful throughout every season, follow these simple tips from Fairfield County lawn care.

Do some cleaning

While preparing your lawn, the first thing is to clean up the leaves, twigs, and other debris gathered on the lawn. You can use rakes, but air blowers are more comfortable to use. Debris can get stuck in your lawnmower, and it will block fertilizers and other nutrients from being properly absorbed by the lawn.

Mow early and often

One of the big mistakes homeowners make is only mowing once in a while. If you let the grass grow too high and then cut it, it stunts the roots, so they can't reproduce correctly. Mow frequently, depending on the weather, to ensure a thicker and fuller lawn.

Trim the trees

If you have trees in your yard, get to the top of it once in a while to check out if there are dead branches. If dead branches are left without cutting them out, they can fall, causing damage and potential injury. Do a safety trim once every three years, ideally before the leaves come out when it's easier to see the branches' condition.

Pick a good mulch

Once your lawn is cared for, trim back dead branches on shrubs and change the mulch.

Don't seed until fall

It's tempting to fill brown patches with grass seed, but the seeds won't germinate if you are also applying pre-emergent. Instead, fertilize the lawn, and in a few weeks, shoots will grow and fill in the brown spots.

Fairfield has a unique set of lawn pests and problems that homeowners may encounter. These include insects, diseases, and environmental conditions. Below are the common ones;

Brown Patch

It causes grass to go brown and die. Hot weather and excess moisture create the conditions for this dangerous disease.

As well as many others, these diseases can plague your lawn and do substantial damage if left untreated. Choose Lawn love of Fairfield County to help you with effective lawn disease control, stamp out your lawn disease problem, and set your lawn up for long-term health.

Red Thread

Red thread develops in the summer and maybe more likely in stress, drought, or low soil nutrients. As the diseases spread, it weakens and eventually kills patches of lawn. Treatment options include fungicide and proper fertilization based on soil type.

White Grubs

A white grub mostly presents itself as dead patches in the lawn, which gradually grow worse and eventually encompass large lawn areas. If you notice extra attention from birds and moles digging in the yard, it may be a sign of a white grub because these animals feed on white grubs. Reliable treatment options are available, but the timing when to treat this disease and the product to use depends solely on how severe the damage this disease has caused to your lawn. 

Snow molds

These diseases attack the grass during the winter, either under snow cover or during cold winter rains. These diseases are often more common when the snow starts falling, and the injury usually appears in the spring as circular to irregular spots of dead, matted grass.

The effects of these diseases can be minimized by raking the affected patches to remove matted grass and plant debris in the spring.

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