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Connecticut: The constitution state

Connecticut was one of the original 13 colonies before America first became a country. It was in Connecticut that what was possibly the first state constitution was drawn up, probably inspiring the Constitution of the United States and earning Connecticut the nickname of 'Constitution State.' It is now a state with one of the highest average wages and almost 50% college education rate. The state has also shown a continuing intent to bring in tourists. What is it that makes Connecticut so attractive that well over 10% of its total income comes from tourists?

One such attraction is the well-known Mystic Aquarium. It contains the only beluga whales in New England, along with a host of other animals that are difficult or in some cases nearly impossible to find elsewhere. They offer kid-friendly activities and shows and even let you host weddings and other social events at the beautiful aquarium! The Mystic Seaport Museum is equally fascinating. It is home to the last surviving wooden whaleship, and it is at the head of the nation for a maritime museum attraction. The museum includes a preserved, working shipyard and various exhibits. It also includes an art gallery, focused on collections of modern marine art and ship models. One of the most amazing and beautiful attractions is Gillette Castle State Park. There are walking trails for those who have a love of nature, and there are also architectural attractions to the castle itself. With the appearance of a fortress going back to the Middle Ages, the castle is still modern in odd ways, such as light switches. After all, who would want to visit a tourist attraction in the dark?

The Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center is tribally owned and has a fantastic array of exhibits. These reveal the information, history, and culture of Native Americans in New England. They have exhibits that explain life on the reservation, and they also have various art exhibits. Another stunningly beautiful attraction is Roseland Cottage, which was built in 1846, before the Civil War. It has gorgeous stained glass indoors and a beautiful garden outdoors.

The real attraction of the cottage may be just that it is among green plants and lovely flowers. Connecticut is a green state in the warmer months, though winter blankets it with snow. In fact, Connecticut is one of the national leaders in efforts at green energy and other ways of going green. One way that citizens of Connecticut help to facilitate these efforts is by merely planting lawns and gardens. The biggest help to the environment is often just such things. However, lawns and gardens can be difficult to upkeep. Let us help you make it easy. Lawn Love offers a free quote online, streamlining your process of hiring professional lawn services. Lawn care can take as long to research and schedule as to do it yourself, but Lawn Love is changing that. Call or find us online for your free quote, and schedule your lawn care services today.


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