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Lawn care service in Middleburg

Middleburg is a great place to live with a lot to offer, but you probably spend more time doing chores and work than relaxing. When you have time away, your first instinct is to kick back, relax and just enjoy yourself. The last thing you should have to worry about is lawn care and maintenance, and that's exactly why Lawn Love is here.

Situated 26 miles southwest of downtown Jacksonville, Middleburg is one of the most popular suburbs of Jacksonville. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with a deer on your lawn often, so it is a calm and peaceful city to live with a family. If you are looking for superior schools, helpful people, and a quiet and friendly environment, turns your head to Middleburg.

At Lawn Love, we understand that it's not easy to keep a beautiful and healthy lawn- that's why our lawn care team ensures your lawn stays healthy and green all season, throughout the year. Our local lawn care professionals have extensive knowledge of the local area, such as climate, local plants and grass, and soil conditions.

We'll diagnose and treat any and all issues your lawn might have. Middleburg homeowners prefer Lawn Love because we have High ratings from homeowners across Florida; local lawn care professionals with more than ten years of experience; a simple online quoting process; and affordable, high-quality services.

Lawn Love is a fully insured and bonded lawn care service. Our team of experienced and professional lawn care technicians wants to use their skills to help you create and maintain a lawn you are proud to come home to. We can take care of all your mowing, trimming, weeding, seeding and clean up, all you have to do is give us a call to get started!

To find out more about Lawn Love and to take advantage of our free, fast and easy two-minute quote, just give us a call at 904-930-4614 today!

Lawn care facts in Middleburg

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Middleburg:

How are lawn care prices in Middleburg?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Middleburg:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

Middleburg lawn care resources

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Should I water my lawn today?

It looks like the expected precipitation in Middleburg is 0.19 inches, which means your lawn got a nice soaking — leave those sprinklers off today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:47 AM and set at 8:19 PM today in Middleburg).

Middleburg lawn care services

The neighborhoods

While there has been quite a bit of new construction and some formal neighborhoods built recently, many of the homes in Middleburg are nestled on multiple acres and not in a uniform subdivision. These homes are perfect for people whose dream it is to own land or to live far away from their closest neighbor. Middleburg stands in stark contrast to today's push to build homes as close together and as uniform as possible. The "neighborhoods" here are diverse in their architecture and not usually overseen by an HOA.

The newer neighborhoods that have been built, on the other hand, offer a sense of community and normalcy for those people who come to Middleburg from other cities. Boxwood and Oakleaf are two of the more recently constructed subdivisions and have beautiful two-story homes on about an acre of land. These neighborhoods combine country and city living for those who want the best of both worlds.

The community

If you take a trip to the grocery store in Middleburg, there is a strong chance that you will run into someone that you know. The same can be said for any errands you may run or restaurant you may visit, and that is the consequence of living in a small community. Some people love it, some people hate it, but either way, you always know you have people you can count on.

About Middleburg lawn care

Having a flourishing lawn makes your home look great, leaves a lasting impression on your visitors, and makes you feel refreshed after an exhausting day. In Middleburg, it helps you stay close to nature and spend a happy time with friends and family. Keeping it healthy and green can be difficult for you if you cannot spare time from your schedule. Lawn Love's Middleburg lawn service provides you professional services to take complete care of your lawn while recommending you the best solutions for treating any damages.

When it comes to preparing a flourishing lawn in the Jacksonville area, you don't have to work hard. Even with little help of human hands, your lawn would bloom pretty nicely. Because of its subtropical atmosphere and plentiful rain, unique native plants thrive. Home gardeners need to have an understanding of native plants that grow in Jacksonville to complement the countryside.

Native plants are easier to maintain than others for a different climate, and gardeners in Middleburg have an abundance of options. Guidance of local lawn care pros having experience in working in the vicinity will be a plus point to get positive results. Also, you can stay worried free, enjoying yourself with your family by hiring experts to plan, create, plant, and maintain a lawn for you at an affordable price.

Whether it is your landscape not letting the grass grow in your lawn or any disease making your grass turns brown, professionals can help you understand each and every aspect of your garden. Regularly watering and mowing your lawn can really make a difference to a thick and green lawn with brown spots and disease. Check this seasonal lawn care guide for Jacksonville will help you get started for a healthy lawn.

Spring to fall lawn maintenance


While some homeowners edge their lawn with each trim, several prefer to border the lawn once a month. Edging eradicates taller grass in uneven places where the mower can't fit. This monthly lawn job also trims weeds that could be attempting to shift into your lawn from limiting landscaped areas. Always wear protecting clothes with long pants as well as an eye shield when edging a lawn. Throw larger weeds and either clear or blow away minor trimmings.

Weed Inspection

Weeds will find naked spots in your lawn and grow in. Take a walk in your yard and look for weeds once a month. You can drag some before they actually have a possibility to take over. Once you identify what weeds are trying to make their way into the grass, you can conclude the best method to eliminate them once and for all.

Bare spots

One of the key areas where weeds will produce comprises any bare or thin spots in the lawn. Ensure checking for areas lacking grass to proactively battle these areas. Bare spots not only disturb the appearance of your lawn, but they can also spoil the curb appeal of your home. If you locate empty spots, make sure to scrape out the area and place new grass seeds in an even layer. Combine the grass seeds with the edging grass for a smooth conversion. Water these areas every day until the grass buds and develops in the yard.

Ensuring optimal growth

Use natural fertilizers

The city of Jacksonville has customary fertilizer restrictions and guidelines to save the St. Johns River, which has endured fertilizer runoff harm. It describes no limits on the rate of fertilization but does support the utilization of slow-discharging fertilizers and prohibits wasteful use, mainly near waterways. To lessen the requirement for chemical fertilizers, consider other types of natural fertilizer that can facilitate grass growth. For example, instead of packing lawn extracts after a mow, let it be on the soil to improve the nitrogen levels. Mulching the fallen leaves will also provide natural nutrients to the grass.

Follow watering limits

Drinking water for Jacksonville and Duval County is withdrawn from the St. Johns River. It is a limited supply, so the 18 counties under the St John's Water Management District follow lawn watering restrictions.

No lawn watering is permissible between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to decrease the quantity of water lost to evaporation. Out of those hours, watering is allowable twice in a week during daylight saving time and once in a week in Standard Time.

Overgrown plants

Overgrown shrubs and trees can influence the expansion of a healthy lawn beneath. Ensure to test the adjacent landscaping to witness if it's causing any problems with the grass. Shortening the trees and overgrown bushes will not only produce a better appearance for the yard but also keep those plants fit.

De-thatching and aeration in fall

The ending period of autumn is to set up your lawn for the lower temperatures of winter. Clean up the thatch that has collected from fallen leaves and make sure to take out those leaves. Letting them stay on your lawn and moisture in the winter will suffocate your lawn and encourage fungus and disease. Aeration helps in breaking up packed down soil and lets the nutrients reach the roots, and your lawn will stay healthier in the spring.

Easy Jacksonville lawn care and maintenance

This seasonal lawn care guide for the Jacksonville area will help you get a healthy lawn easily through the year. With Lawn Love, Jacksonville Lawn Care experts will not only help you create a wonderful garden in your front or back yard but also sets you free to enjoy your spare time with loved ones. We'll plan a planting strategy based on your requirements and conduct timely inspections for any kind of weeds and diseases on your lawn. Be it a mowing service, weed control, plantation, or clean up, Lawn Love's professional services will keep your lawn healthy and green. Get your lawn service scheduled online today!

Top Middleburg, FL Lawn Service Providers of August, 2021

  1. #1 - Michael Davis

    Middleburg, FL

    4 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Seeding, Sprinkler repair, Landscaping, Leaf removal

  2. #2 - James France

    Middleburg, FL

    5 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Seeding, Tree trimming, Weed control, Fertilization

  3. #3 - Shawn Sampsel

    Middleburg, FL

    4 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Fertilization, Sprinkler repair, Tree trimming, Landscaping

  4. #4 - Frederick Worthy

    Middleburg, FL

    4 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Sod installation, Tree trimming, Gutter cleaning, Weed control

  5. #5 - Jonathan Hammons

    Middleburg, FL

    4 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Sod installation, Weed control, Fertilization

  6. #6 - John Goodall

    Middleburg, FL

    2 reviews

    Core aeration, Seeding, Gutter cleaning, Weed control, Fertilization

  7. #7 - Taylor Hatcher

    Middleburg, FL

    2 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Seeding, Sod installation, Tree trimming, Gutter cleaning

  8. #8 - Joseph Carroll

    Middleburg, FL

    2 reviews

    Core aeration, Seeding, Sod installation, Gutter cleaning, Landscaping

  9. #9 - Timothy Voll

    Middleburg, FL

    1 reviews

  10. #10 - Timothy Hulion

    Middleburg, FL

    1 reviews

    Mowing / trimming, Leaf removal, Fertilization, Landscaping

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