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The great state of Kansas is known for its stunning plains, with grass rippling in the breeze, and with kind and proud people. In the Northeastern part of the state, the large and well-known Missouri River provides a picturesque border that is the perfect touch to the rolling plains.

Kansas has some beautiful endemic flora that can stop visitors in their tracks and can even make natives smile in awe. You can find the strange and unique lizard tail herb family, the Rubus Mancunians, too, which is a rare North American plant that is only located in Kansas or Missouri. You can also encounter fields of sagebrush violets, releasing their aroma as well as bringing spots of color to the prairies. Another plant to look out for is the Eastern Red Cedar, which is native to the state. This tree species is not only beautiful, but it can live to be as old as half-a-century.

Kansas is home to some of the most beautiful national parks, including the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, which is the only one of its kind in the entire country. For those who love historic trails, the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail passes through parts of the state, allowing you to join in and learn more about the history behind it. You can also visit Kansas largest tract of public land, which is called Cimarron National Grassland and is located in Morton County. Castle Rock is another point of interest for people who love nature. This formation is made of chalk, providing a unique shape and making it a focal point in any picture.

At Kansas' capital, Topeka, you can visit the Heartland Park Topeka, a drag racing and dog racing course that is located at the Southern point of the city. The Combat Air Museum is another fascinating location to visit, offering information on the conservation of air crafts of all kinds. Cedar Crest, the governor's mansion, overlooks a gorgeous state park: MacLennan Park. Here you can find trails to walk and flora to admire while enjoying the fresh air.

Kansas also boasts the whimsical OZ museum for people who are film buffs. Dorothy's house has been recreated, and other locations from The Wizard of OZ have been brought to Technicolor life. History lovers can also visit Dwight D. Eisenhower's childhood home, his grave, and his presidential library. And do not forget the largest ball of twine in the United States! Created in 1953, it stands unbeaten, in Cawker City.

Living in a state that offers such natural beauty and such an opportunity to enjoy nature, keeping your lawn looking spectacular can be a satisfaction that many homeowners strive for. If that is something you are looking for, Lawn Love is dedicated to helping you grow and maintain a lawn you are proud to show off. At Lawn Love, we can help you manage your lawn efficiently so that you can go out and enjoy all of the natural beauty Kansas has to offer.


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