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Lawn Care service in Roseville

Minnesota, the land of the thousand lakes, is the 12th largest and 22nd most populous state of the United States. Roseville, one of the best cities in Minnesota, is home to hundreds of parks, a beautiful nature center, and a magnificent golf course.

Roseville is one of the beautiful cities in Minnesota. To add more to the beauty of the city, the people of Roseville have maintained beautiful big lawns in front of their house. Lawns are something that not only changes the appearance of the house but also beautifies the neighborhood. However, maintenance of the lawn is not an easy task.

Lawn Love provides services ranging from basic services like mowing to special services like gutter cleaning. We get you in touch with high-skilled experts. The main aim of these professionals is to provide you with a beautiful and green lawn. We know that lawn care is not an easy job at all; it takes years of practice and dedication to become good in lawn care. These professionals have experience of around ten years in lawn care.

So let's chat! Contact Lawn Love today at 612-930-4227 or try out our convenient two-minute quote, and find out how you can get a beautiful lawn, easily.

Happy customers all over Roseville

Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Catrina J. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Laura M. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Judy F. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Shannon M. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Jeffrey H. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Jeannie W. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Monique S. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Harlan S. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Dianna C. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Steve L. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
Catherine H. | Roseville, MN
Lawn Care service in Roseville, 55113
David S. | Roseville, MN

Lawn care facts in Roseville, MN


Average mowing price $63
Average lawn size 5,125 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 14%
Bi-weekly mowing 70%
Monthly mowing 3%
Lawns that get fertilized 10%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Roseville, MN

Lawncare tech Logo

Lawncare tech

Alan Bjerke
Serving Roseville, MN
107 jobs completed

We are a locally owned lawn care company with over 15 years of experience. We can handle any size of the job. We have equipment that can handle residential and commercial properties. You can rest assured of a beautiful lawn after our service.

Perfected Logistics LLC Logo

Perfected Logistics LLC

Alexis Campbell
Serving Roseville, MN
16 jobs completed

Greetings from Perfected Landscaping. "Where No Lawn Is the Same, and Every Client Is Different." At Perfected Landscaping, we don't just mow lawns; we create personalized outdoor havens that reflect the individuality of each client. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail set us apart in the Twin Cities area. Be it on weekly, bi-weekly, or on-call mowing services, we've got you. Your perfect lawn awaits. Use Lawnlove to contact Perfected Landscaping today and experience the difference. Your lawn isn't just grass-it's an expression of your style and personality. Let us make it truly exceptional.

Sickofitwelltakecareofit Logo


Kelly Kirchner
Serving Roseville, MN
6 jobs completed

I am a hard worker, a fast learner, always on time, dependable, and have good references. I will be happy with my work and I can do a little bit of everything. When you are sick of it book us. we'll take care of it. Our services include lawn care snow removal, tree trimming in bushes, gutter cleaning, landscaping, and plenty of other things.

Turnkey Home Solutions LLC Logo

Turnkey Home Solutions LLC

Jermaine Simmons
Serving Roseville, MN
14 jobs completed

I started my business in 2021 in an attempt to maximize my industry knowledge and provide a la carte handyman services to fit the needs of residents. We started as just a maintenance company and grew to offer full-service interior and exterior property maintenance.

frelix lawn services Logo

frelix lawn services

King Frelix
Serving Roseville, MN
1 jobs completed

I am a jack of all trades trying to find something to do with my time in the winter, so what better thing to do than to help others by removing snow and getting paid to do so? I enjoy nothing more than helping others. I believe that's what my purpose is. God bless!

Green Planet Love Logo

Green Planet Love

Lindsey Pearson
Serving Roseville, MN
2 jobs completed

Hello there, my name is Lindsey, and I would like to help make your life a little bit easier! Not everyone enjoys mowing the grass or raking leaves, especially on a nice day when everyone else is heading to the lake to do some fishing or simply planning to relax. Either way, you'd probably rather be out there than at home doing strenuous, hot, sweaty, dusty, and dirty chores. That is where I am hoping I can help you out! I am a responsible, punctual, simple and kind-hearted person who only hopes to bring a little bit of ease and sunshine into the lives of others.

Midwest Yard Pros Logo

Midwest Yard Pros

Tim L.
Roseville, MN 55113

Established in 2014, Midwest Yard Pros is a lawn care company that offers eco-friendly lawn care services to residential and commercial properties in Roseville and its surrounding areas. In business for many years, the company has specialized in Mowing, edging, aeration, mulching, and more.

Hook & Ladder Lawn Services Logo

Hook & Ladder Lawn Services

Serving Roseville, MN

Hook & Ladder Lawn Services is ready to tackle your lawn care needs with precision and efficiency. They can expertly mow, trim, and edge your lawn. Need those pesky weeds removed? Let them handle it for you as well. They serve communities in and around Brooklyn.

CORE lawn services Logo

CORE lawn services

Serving Roseville, MN

Core Lawn Services offers aeration, weed control, and lawn treatment services. The company is locally owned and operated and serves both residential and commercial property owners. Their experts take pride in transforming your lawn from dull and withered to vibrant and healthy. Their service area covers Minneapolis and its environs such as Golden Valley, Columbia Heights, and Robbinsdale.

Leafley Lawn Care Logo

Leafley Lawn Care

Ryan L.
Serving Roseville, MN

If you struggle to keep your yard in tip-top shape, let Leafley Lawn Care handle it for you. They'll cut your grass, tidy up your bushes, define the borders where the mower can't go, and clear away autumn leaves. Their expertise extends to tree care services. Their services are available to both residential and commercial clients throughout Savage.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Richard did very thorough work, and the lawn looks great. He even paid attention to the little things, like weed whipping and blowing the sidewalks clean, which is always appreciated! We would definitely recommend him and his services. Keep up the good work!
Catrina J.
Roseville, MN
He did great. He called 20 minutes ahead,got done in a timely fashion,and left the yard looking great.
Laura M.
Roseville, MN
Charles was absolutely awesome!!! Thank you so much. I have never had my yard look so good.
Judy F.
Roseville, MN
He went the extra mile and trimmed up the hedges too, and very sweet as well
Shannon M.
Roseville, MN
Really excellent job. Thorough; did a great job. Pleasant people.
Jeffrey H.
Roseville, MN
Lawn & edging done beautifully. Very happy.
Jeannie W.
Roseville, MN
I love how he makes my yard looks amazing
Monique S.
Roseville, MN
thanks for trimming bush near driveway
Harlan S.
Roseville, MN
Very happy with today's job
Dianna C.
Roseville, MN
Always do a great job
Steve L.
Roseville, MN
Aurian is the best!!!
Catherine H.
Roseville, MN
Lawn looks great!
David S.
Roseville, MN

Roseville lawn care services

Roseville has so many beautiful places where people can go and spend their time. We know how bad it feels when you have to cancel your plans because your lawn needs maintenance, especially, in a city like Roseville, where you can go and play golf or visit the world-class nature center.

Lawn Love connects you with Roseville lawn care and takes full responsibility for taking care of your lawn. We provide high-quality services at an affordable price. The lawn care professionals of Roseville will take good care of your lawn.

A big dream of most people is to live a beautiful life. Lawn Love helps people fulfill this dream by providing them with a beautiful and healthy lawn. A beautiful lawn comes with a lot of good benefits for you as well as for the environment.

Benefits of having a beautiful and healthy lawn:

Like any other plant, turfgrass takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. Turfgrass plays an important role in improving the quality of the air. In addition, plants absorb most of the harmful pollutants in the air by breaking them. Turfgrass traps most of the dust and dirt present in the atmosphere. Lawns make it easy for us to breathe as they help to clean the surrounding air. Therefore, the level of intoxication in the area is minimal if you are close to a well-cared lawn. A healthy lawn will not only help you but also the houses near you.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to live in a place with a warm or hot temperature. People spend a big amount of their money trying to reduce the temperature. Lawns help people reduce their AC bills by reducing the temperature of the air.

Turfgrass decreases the temperature and cools the climate. This helps you not only by cooling the air but also by saving your money. Grass absorbs all the solar radiation to start the process of photosynthesis. Then, it cools the air with the help of the evapotranspiration process. Having a lawn reduces 50 percent of the heat as the lawn absorbs it. The level of temperature of a concrete surface will be 10 to 12 degrees more than a healthy lawn surface.

Noise pollution is one of the dangerous things that damage our environment. It is harmful to both humans and animals. A lot of animals depend on sound in order to perform many tasks like hunting. It is one of the vital things for their survival.

Having a healthy lawn reduces noise pollution by absorbing some noise. When sound tries to bounce on the grass surface, some sounds are absorbed by the lawn, reducing the noise. That is why the urban areas are noisier than the areas with lush green grasses.

Soil Erosion is one big environmental concern. It is the process in which the upper layer of the soil is displaced naturally for some reason. Snow, air, ice, humans, animals, and water are some agents that can cause soil erosion.

Turfgrass helps to prevent soil erosion through the roots. Grassroots go deep into the soil and stop the fertilized soil from running off. Turfgrass is one of the most economical ways of controlling soil erosion. Many scientists suggest turfgrass to prevent soil erosion.

Having clean water is important for all living beings to survive. The whole world is facing a big problem of water shortage. Turfgrass helps to purify the water by absorbing all the dust and dirt from it, and slowdowns the process of water runoff. The water that runs off from a thick green lawn is ten times less acidic than the water that runs off from hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

These are some of the benefits that you will get only if you have a thick, healthy green lawn. Maintaining a healthy lawn is one of the hardest jobs. Roseville Love Lawn will help you get all these benefits at an affordable price.

These are all the services that we provide as a company: mowing, aeration, fertilizing, yard clean up, weed control, seeding, snow removal, gutter cleaning. Each service will be scheduled properly according to your needs.

Roseville Lawn Care will do all the hard work for you and will provide you a lush green lawn. We will provide all the services required by your lawn properly. Each professional of Roseville Lawn Care has specific special skills. The professionals will come with their own tools and will do all the work without disturbing you.

Why Lawn Love?

Lawn Love provides lawn care services to a lot of people in the United States. Our reviews from happy and satisfied customers can be seen on the official website of Lawn Love. We offer you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This means that, if by any chance you are not satisfied with the service provided by the professional, you can easily contact us, and we will provide you with the specific service again.

Lawn Love wants to provide highly rated services to all the lawn owners so that they too can have a good lawn. Booking a service is very easy and a proper schedule will be made with all the services that will be provided. You will not have to worry about anything at all.

So what are you waiting for now? If you are living in Roseville and are looking to transform your basic lawn into a green, thick and healthy lawn, contact Lawn Love today. Get high-quality service for an economical price and fulfill your dream of having a beautiful lawn.

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