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Lawn care service in Chesterfield

Proper Lawn Maintenance and Safety of Your Pets in Chesterfield

Taking care of your lawn is important. Do you need a residential lawn to maintain in the St. Louis, Belleville, or Chesterfield area? Get in touch with Lawn Love to find assistance in finding a solution to your lawn-related problems.

Lawn Love links you to one of the highly-rated lawn care service providers with over ten years of experience.

Keeping your lawn healthy during this winter season will ensure that your landscape looks its best when springs come back.

Maintaining your lawn is especially important if you have pets at home. Take one step at a time. Lawn love encourages the use of pet-safe fertilizer and soil builders that boost the health of your lawn. We help you to pursue the goal of making a perfect lawn and garden. You can make your lawn the most beautiful landscape in the neighborhood. Caring for your lawn is a great feeling, and with Lawn love, you can work out a plan to take care of your lawn during this winter season. Lawn love is one of the most affordable and professional lawn care services in the area.

In your pursuit of making your lawn lush green and thick once again, it's important to take care of certain factors. From fertilizer, managing damage from pets to the weekly routine, you have to choose each step to get the desired results. The core question is how to change your lawn care habits to be pet-safe? Another question is how to identify an area that needs protection from pets? Learn more about how to protect your lawn from extreme climatic conditions and pets.

Give Lawn Love a call today at 314-720-6170 or get our two-minute quote, and find out how we can give you a lawn you'll love, while freeing you up to enjoy life.

Lawn care facts in Chesterfield

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Chesterfield:

How are lawn care prices in Chesterfield?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Chesterfield:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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Should I water my lawn today?

It looks like the expected precipitation in Chesterfield is 0.06 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:58 AM and set at 8:19 PM today in Chesterfield).

Chesterfield lawn care services

Following are some ways to take care of your lawn while allowing your pets to use it:

First and foremost, you can start by choosing pet-friend grass. One of the options is to go with Matilda grass; they are best for Missouri pet owners. The durable grasses like this one have a fibrous root system, and they can last year-round. If you are looking to transition from old grass to the fresh Matilda grass, consider Chesterfield Lawn Care - it's worth a call. By transitioning to a pet friend, grass can gradually lower your maintenance bills and help your pets enjoy the lawn.

One of the ways to protect your lawn from pet damage is training. You can easily potty train and use behavioral conditioning to teach your dog not to urinate on the grass. Additionally, you can train your dog to dig elsewhere and keep your lawn's integrity intact for a long time. Isn't dog urine acting as fertilizer for the lawn? Although dog urine would fertilize your lawn but eventually cause damage. This is because dogs urinate multiple times a day, which can cause problems. Dog urine can dramatically affect the pH level of your lawn. On the other hand, your lawn might start to stink after a while because of urine.

Some dogs receive new training with ease as compared to others. In case your dog hits a rough patch in training and has some trouble adjusting, the chances are that he/she needs a separate space for it. The separate space could be an outdoor area, a stretch of dirt etc. It's essential to have your dog house in an outdoor setting in this case, as well as you can get outdoor toys for reinforcing your dog's sense of having his own space.

Note: Some homeowners in Chesterfield use rock salt to remove ice from their pathways and driveway. This could be dangerous for pets since they can eat it and can suffer from hypernatremia. At Chesterfield Lawn Care, we discourage the use of rock salt as it can also irritate your pet's paws. Moreover, your pets could develop skin rashes as well. There are several other natural alternatives available.

Nitrogen can build up in the soil and can diminish probiotic activities. Accidents happen, sometimes dogs, when establishing their territory marking, can defecate on the lawn. In case you notice your dog taking a poop on your lawn, then clean it up immediately. If the dog urinated on the grass, spray some water over that spot. This would neutralize the excessive nitrogen. Since your lawn already has the necessary fertilizer for its growth, any extra compound can create a problem. The more you wait, more and more time will be required to restore the lawn's normal biological activity.

A lawn dies over the entire area where excess nitrogen builds up. If you have a very green lawn, you can easily see small dead spots with a green ring around them. In some cases, adding nitrogen could be beneficial to the soil. But an overwhelmed soil would eventually show signs of damage.

Dog's urine has a very high pH. In other words, it's acidic. Since dogs are a creature of habits, they might like to pee in the same spot again and again. So, one of the ways is to change the routine. While that might be hard for some dog owners, there is an easier way as well. You can simply modify your pet's diet by adding a small amount of salt to the food. Adding salt to food is a way to make your dog drink more water. When the water intake increases, it dilutes the nitrogen in urine. This way, you can reduce the impact/damage of dog's urine on the lawn.

Don't Forget to Feed Your Grass.

We all need a proper nutrient diet for survival in a harsh environment. Similar to humans and dogs, your lawn grass also needs proper nutrition. While maintaining home and pets, it's easy to overlook the changing demand of your lawn. As climate changes, it becomes essential to feed your grass with proper supplements. For example, Soil builders, fertilizer, etc., are vital for a lush green and vibrant lawn. Based on the area of your lawn, type of soil, and the kind of grass/plants you are growing - you might need to customize your lawn's diet to yield better results. Be careful, though, not to feed too much or too often; else, you might end up causing more damage than good. The key is to establish a feeding schedule and sticking to it throughout the year. This way, you can strengthen your lawn to face any climatic stress.

Several other contributing factors, such as type of soil, fertilization, irrigation, etc., can impact your lawn's overall health! This makes it important for lawn-owners in Chesterfield to know their soil before planting new seeds. Many lawn-owners over-stresses over one factor and leave behind others. At Lawn Love, we can help you to easily find the reason behind imbalance and the cause of many other problems. Lawn-owners with 'tall fescue' can also use aforementioned tips and tricks to keep their lawn beautiful. No matter! Whether you have just begun with a new lawn or have a job to maintain, remember to keep a balance between a pet's activity and lawn activities.

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