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Lawn Care service in Overland

Lawn Care Service in Overland

Winter is one of those times when your lawn needs a little extra love. If you want to keep your grass looking green and healthy, then pre-planning your lawn maintenance steps is a good idea. In case you don't have a plan start today! Take some time out and make a list of things to do to protect your lawn from cold.

One way to take care of your lawn is to go with DIY (do it yourself) options. Which means you would perform all lawn care tasks on your own. Otherwise, in case you don't know how to take care of a lawn properly, chances are you would need some assistance.

During winters, it's easy for us to go inside and snuggle up. But your lawn, however, does not have the luxury. Don't worry! If you are a lawn-owner in St. Louis, Overland, Belleville, and Centerville, and nearby areas - you can leverage our lawn care service. Lawn Love is one of the highly-rated lawn care services. Our packages include preparing your lawn for winters, helping you choose the appropriate grass for your area, and much more!

Note: Many lawn-owners ignore the fact that choosing lawn grass type is essential to yielding satisfactory results.

Get in touch with Lawn Love today at 314-720-6170, or try our fast and simple two-minute quote and let us build your custom lawn care that will be sure to delight.

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  • Lawn Care service in Overland, 63114
    Julie O. | Overland, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Overland, 63114
    Luanne Z. | Overland, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Overland, 63114
    Zack H. | Overland, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Overland, 63114
    Amy W. | Overland, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Overland, 63114
    Beth R. | Overland, MO
  • Lawn Care service in Overland, 63114
    Maria R. | Overland, MO

Lawn care facts in Overland, MO


Average mowing price $51
Average lawn size 5,061 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 18%
Bi-weekly mowing 69%
Monthly mowing 5%
Lawns that get fertilized 12%
Lawns that get aerated 1%
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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Overland, MO

  • Jakes trash and hauling services Logo
    Jakes trash and hauling services
    Serving Overland, MO

    Established in 2018, Jakes Trash and Hauling Services is a locally owned and operated company that offers lawn care services to residential property owners in St. Louis and neighboring areas. Apart from lawn care, other services they render include junk removal & hauling and tree services.

  • Backer Lawn Care Logo
    Backer Lawn Care
    Serving Overland, MO

    Established in 2001, Backer Lawn Care is a family-owned and -operated business that takes pride in its work. Their expertise encompasses lawn mowing, edging, aeration, de-thatching, leaf removal, and seasonal cleanups. Their team only uses eco-friendly electric equipment. Several discounts are available for military personnel.

  • Archway Lawn Care Logo
    Archway Lawn Care
    Serving Overland, MO

    Archway Lawn Care offers residential and commercial lawn care services. Catering to St. Peters and neighboring areas, they can expertly mow your overgrown yard to keep it green and immaculate. Beyond mowing, they offer landscaping, concrete curbing, and snow removal services, ensuring your property maintains its beauty year-round.

  • Kick Grass Lawn Care Logo
    Kick Grass Lawn Care
    Serving Overland, MO

    Kick Grass Lawn Care is a professional company that offers lawn care services to the residents of Saint Louis and the surrounding areas. The company was founded in 2019 and has quickly grown a fierce reputation in the industry by mowing, trimming, edging, aeration, weed removal, fertilization, shrub trimming, yard cleanups, and other yard maintenance services. They also offer landscape design and construction, tree and shrub removal, irrigation system services, and much more. They provide all of the above services following a no-cost job estimate.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • They tried some branches in a bush that I have in the back and my lawn looks awesome and everything looks even. Even though my dogs dig holes everything looks great and cut great.
    Julie O.
    Overland, MO
  • Our Lawn Pro did an awesome job( and we are very picky on how things are done!) We are very pleased with our lawn service. So much that I recommended the service to my brother!
    Luanne Z.
    Overland, MO
  • Troy did a great job at turning my parents neglected yard around. They really took the extra mile and making sure everything looks great.
    Zack H.
    Overland, MO
  • After the frustration with my first lawn pro I was apprehensive about using this service at all.
    Amy W.
    Overland, MO
  • He really knows what he's doing! Very efficient. Would not change anything.
    Beth R.
    Overland, MO
  • Great job I am very impressed finally feel
    Maria R.
    Overland, MO
  • Looks great! Thanks much
    Danny M.
    Overland, MO
  • Keith does an amazing job!
    Mary W.
    Overland, MO
  • Great job! Very pleased
    Mario G.
    Overland, MO
  • Thank you!!!
    Linette C.
    Overland, MO
  • Great job !!
    Joy L.
    Overland, MO
  • Good job
    Harrry W.
    Overland, MO

Overland lawn care services

For Lawns In Overland, MO


Overland is located at the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis. The climate here shifts from hot and humid during summer to cold in winters, making it quite challenging for lawn-owners to find the right type of grass to plan that can survive throughout the year.


At Lawn love, we understand that each grass type has its pros and cons. That is why we help our customers through the decision-making process so that you get a beautiful lawn that won't demand a lot of maintenance.


Types Of Common Grass


Ready to revamp your lawn sometime soon? It is crucial to choose the right grass type it can either make or break your lawn appeal. Different kinds of grasses have different maintenance needs. We will cover every type of grass one by one.


Kentucky bluegrass


Top of the list is an all-time favorite for many home-owners in St. Louis, Overland, and Belleville area. Among the bluegrass species, Kentucky bluegrass is known for its density, colorfulness, and ability to do well in cool seasons. It is an excellent grass for winters. However, it can sometimes struggle during the peak summer season.


Kentucky bluegrass grows easily in the Overland, St. Louis areas. Similar to any other grass type, it has pros and cons. So before investing in grass seed or sod, ensure that you know what would work best for your lawn.


Pros: Kentucky bluegrass is soft and beautiful. It's a kind of grass with excellent colors and good texture. The blades of grass are thin and have rounded tips. Another positive attribute about this grass type is that it spreads easily. In other words, the grass multiplies quickly.


Cons: A downside of Kentucky bluegrass is the lack of depth. As compared to other grass types, it has a shallow root system. This grass type requires a lot of water.


Tall Fescue


For a long time, tall fescue was the first choice for the home-owner in St. Louis, Overland, Belleville, and other cooler regions. It's an all-rounder and famous for its durability as well as the ability to resist disease. If you are deciding to go with tall fescue grass type for your lawn, there are a few pros and cons that you should know.


Pros: Tall fescue is a low maintenance grass type. Growing it doesn't require a lot of water. It's because tall fescue is grown in a less hot climate; they are prone to regular rain. In short! They can happily survive cold weather. The root, in particular, runs deep, often down to 6+ feet. On top of everything, it has a high drought tolerance.


Tall fescue is easily recognizable by the hardiness. Moreover, it is quick to germinate grass type. This means the new blade will generally start appearing in less than two weeks after sowing.


Cons: A weak spot in tall fescue is that it's susceptible to pests and disease. Another downside is that it is a purely cosmetic one. The grass blades have a bristly feel to them. It might not be the ideal lawn made for kids.




It's an excellent choice for those Overland, St. Louis home-owners with a lawn that gets full Sun. Bermudagrass is known for its greater tolerance to both heat and heavy foot traffic. It can be incredibly tough and can withstand a variety of natural elements. It thrives in summer but struggles during cold winters.


Pros: Bermuda grass is from India, not from Bermuda. It's naturally biased towards hot climates and warm seasons. It's highly resilient, making it an all-rounder in various settings, such as an exgolf course or an athletic field. The grass type can take damage and doesn't tear up easily. It's easy to grow. Moreover, it doesn't require as much fertilization as the other grass types.


Cons: This grass type loves heat but doesn't perform well in colder seasons. During cold winters, this grass type loses its color. Many home-owners in Overland, St. Louis, overseed before and during winter to maintain grass color. Also, this may not be the grass for you if your lawn has several lofty trees.




It's a great choice. The grass type does great in humid Overland, St. Louis summers. Zoysia can take heavy foot traffic and thrives during the summer. However, as per Overland Lawn Care, this grass type needs extra care during this winter season. It can take longer to establish than other grass types. But once it takes hold, it creates a dense lawn structure. Zoysia requires 50% less water in comparison to Kentucky bluegrass.


Pros: One reason behind Zoysia's popularity is its low maintenance. The grass type isn't picky; it makes for a durable lawn. It is highly resistant to weeds and insects. That being said, Zoysia doesn't require much fertilization. The grass type is self-sufficient and very appealing. Its soft and fine texture makes it one of the best grass types for a healthy-looking lawn.


Cons: One of the drawbacks of Zoysia is that it loses color during mid-autumn. The lawn stays brown till the spring, which can be a real deal-breaker for some home-owners in Overland, St. Louis. In case you want year-round greenery, then think twice before choosing Zoysia.


Selecting the correct type of grass that suits your needs is essential. Since keeping a lawn doesn't come cheap and requires a lot of effort. That said, when it comes to making a decision, you must know about your soil, grass, and area. If you know about the area's year-round climatic condition, it will help you make a better decision. Now you know about a variety of grass types as well as their pros and cons. Using this information, you can easily prepare a plan for keeping your lawn green and healthy through various seasonal changes.


Get in touch with us today - to know more about different kinds of grasses. Lawn Love is one of the most affordable and professional lawn care services in the area. We connect you to experienced professionals prepared to assist the home-owner in Overland, St. Louis, Belleville, Centreville, and the nearby regions.

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