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Residents of Jennings are the very embodiment of community spirit. From its charming neighborhoods to its beautifully kept parks, golf course, recreation facilities and community gardens, the people of Jennings know how to take care of what they have.

But...sometimes you need a little bit of help, especially with those never-ending lawn care chores. Now you can put your mind at ease and your mower back in your garage or shed, because Lawn Love is here. It's easy to book our team of independent lawn care professionals, either over the phone or through your computer or mobile device. And the results? Postcard-perfect. Now you can get the kind of plush, thick, green, weed-free lawn that enhances your home and makes your entire property look great.

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Lawn care facts in Jennings

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Jennings:

How are lawn care prices in Jennings?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Jennings:

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Should I water my lawn today?

There won't be any rain in St. Louis today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:44 AM and set at 8:28 PM today in St. Louis).

Jennings lawn care

Life, no matter where you live, is definitely what you make it. And for the residents of Jennings, the same goes for them. Living in Jennings, Missouri, this suburban neighborhood can be very laid back at times. However, being located in the heart of St. Louis County, residents of Jennings can surely find lots to do.

For those who love history and culture, many cultural events and activities are only a few miles away from Jennings.

The City Museum is a great place to go on the weekend and experience some culture and history. However, this is a different kind of cultural experience as it is more in your face. The exhibits are vast and nothing short of amazing. Walking around this museum is more like walking around a theme park because you will have so much fun. There are caves, slides, and just so much to do and explore. This is such an immersive experience and nothing at all like you've seen before. You can make an entire day of this and make it a group outing for even more fun. They also have a slumber party type of event where you spend the night in the museum. Talk about immersive. If you have children, by the end of the day you won't know who had more fun, them or you.

On the other hand, for some fun in the sun that is not as exerting, a trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden is an excellent outing. Of course, you can view the various gardens and learn about horticulture, but they also have lots of events here as well. There are lectures, special exhibitions, and family-centered activities.

After viewing some of the attractions such as the Japanese Gardens or taking a ride on the Tram Tour, you could stop in one of the onsite eateries and grab a bite to eat. The atmosphere is gorgeous at the Botanical Garden, and so are the exhibits. Victorian District Tower Grove House is probably one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen.

The St. Louis Zoo knows all about beauty as it is home to some of the most beautiful animals ever did see. The animals are gorgeous and well maintained as is the park itself. This zoo is huge, and there is no shortage of things to do that will keep you and your children entertained for hours.

The zoo is divided up into zones which are home to specific animals. If you are into lions, then you can go straight to that zone, or you can walk around and make a day of it exploring. You will be in awe at all of the beautiful animals such as tigers, jaguars, pumas, stingray, and so much more. There are even special attractions such as the children's zoo, Sea Lion Show, safari tours, and the Zooline Railroad. The Zooline Railroad is a great way to cover a lot of ground in a short time while learning about the different animals.

Once you've all worked up an appetite, you can stop into Cafe Kudu for a couple of slices of pizza, or Tiki Fruiti for a tasty fruit smoothie.

The World Aquarium, which is only a few miles away from Jennings as well, is also an entertaining Jennings attraction. This aquarium has beautiful decor and heavily themed atmosphere. During the interactive tours, you are able to touch some of the creatures, feed a shark, even pet a baby shark, kiss a lizard, feed a crocodile, and much more.

If your kids are more of the adventurous and fearless type, they will love this experience. Getting up close and personal with an animal is such a different experience from watching it through a fence or a glass. Being able to touch and fully interact with the animals will be an experience that will last your children a lifetime.

Life is all about a culmination of experiences. Add one more awesome experience to your life by booking Lawn Love to handle your lawn care needs. Make your appointment today.

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