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Lawn Love connects you with a Crestwood lawn care provider based on the services you need and your location. We provide the benefit of having hundreds of lawn pros on our platform to choose from, each with different skills and experience, and all local to Crestwood. This helps you, the customer, to be matched with the right person for the yard work you need completed based on expertise and availability. Gone are the days of relying with uncertainty on a friend or neighbor to help with your lawn.

Depending on the availability of the lawn pros in Crestwood, we can generally get your job scheduled in as quickly as 2 days. You’ll be notified as soon as a provider picks up your job and it will be added to their schedule, without you needing to do anything else!

The best thing is you don’t need to change your plans to accommodate for your lawn pro’s services. Everything from booking to payment is handled online, so you don’t need to be home when the service is completed. If you have a gate code or special instructions, include that information during or after the quote process and the message will be relayed to the pro.

Occasionally you may experience rescheduled jobs. If your job needs to be rescheduled, it will be opened back up for pros who have the first availability to accept it. You’ll be notified with the new date and time once it’s confirmed.

555 new customers have streamlined their lawn care in Crestwood by using Lawn Love. Give us a try today and see what everyone is raving about!

Did you know? Talented lawn pros using Lawn Love's platform have completed over 5160 jobs in Crestwood over the last year! We think it's safe to say you're in great hands. Why not give it a try today?

Lawn care service in Crestwood

When it comes to outdoor fun, you Crestwood residents don't mess around. Batting cages, go-karting, parks, pools...there really is something for everybody. What isn't for everybody, though, is lawn care. Sure, you want a great-looking lawn (who doesn't?) but it doesn't take long to get sick of all that never-ending mowing, raking, and weeding.

At Lawn Love, we want to help you say farewell to those burdensome lawn care chores, while still getting an amazing-looking lawn. With just the click of a mouse, or a tap on your phone, you can easily book our independent lawn care experts. And the results will dazzle: your lawn, looking thick, green, healthy and gorgeous.

Sounds good? Then why wait? Get in touch with Lawn Love at 314-720-6170, or try our convenient two-minute quote, and make the lawn of your dreams an effortless reality.

Lawn care facts in Crestwood

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in Crestwood:

How are lawn care prices in Crestwood?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Crestwood:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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Should I water my lawn today?

It's way too cold to water your lawn today! Once the temperatures have risen, keep an eye on your grass. If it looks yellow or droopy, it's time to turn on the sprinklers and make it rain.

Crestwood lawn care

So, which are the best places to raise your kids in Missouri? Well, according to Bloomberg Businessweek magazine of 2011, Crestwood, a small suburban neighborhood in St. Louis, is one of them. The suburb is a great place to live in or to visit when traveling with a family.

The suburb is home to Grant's Farm, a park that has become popular for opening its doors to the public during the summer. The park boasts of free-roaming animals and has historical significance because it sits in a property that belonged to President Ulysses S. Grant. Crestwood is also the final resting place of Sgt. John Sappington, a soldier who also became famous for being the personal bodyguard of Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge.

One of the main tourist attraction sites in Crestwood is the Sappington House Museum. Here you will get a glimpse of various historical artifacts. Another one of Crestwood's landmarks, Father Dickson Cemetery, has received constant repair and restoration to preserve it as an important historical site. The cemetery got its name from Revered Moses Dickson after it became his final resting place.

While in Crestwood, you can go camping with friends or just go out for a nature walk thanks to the numerous public parks in Crestwood. For instance, you could visit Crestwood Park and explore the baseball and soccer fields, a playground, as well as tennis courts. You could also visit the Whitecliff Park, which houses the Crestwood Community Center, the Crestwood Aquatic Center, and a public water park. While at Whitecliff Park, you can also visit the Grantwood Village that houses an animal reserve owned by Anheuser-Busch.

Crestwood is one of the limited historic stops found along Grant's Trail, and it forms an efficient biking and walking trail.

The Lindbergh Schools serve the majority of the Crestwood area while a small part of the population relies on the Affton School District. When you settle in the area, therefore, your kids could attend Lindbergh High School or Affton High School for secondary education.

There are three public schools in this neighborhood: Crestwood Elementary School, Long Elementary School, and Truman Middle School. The only private school in this area is Holy Cross Academy.

Some of the nearby senior schools include Cor Jesu Academy, Lutheran High School South, St. John Vianney High School, and Ursuline Academy. The grade schools that are close by are Christ Community Lutheran School, Queen of Holy Rosary School, and St. Justin The Martyr School.

The residents of Crestwood who want their lawns to stay green and fuller during the summer typically plant Zoysia grass. The grass is ideal during the warm seasons because of its ability to withstand a wide range of challenges. Once the spring is over and the fall season sets in, the grass will be tanned. It is likely to turn yellowish or brown.

Another type of grass in Crestwood is the fall fescue, a cool-season grass that stays green in spring and through the winter period. The grass, however, does not do well in warm and humid environments, which means that it does not survive summer.

Most Crestwood residents plant Kentucky bluegrass because of its beauty. The result is a lavish, thick, and long lasting lawn. Although Kentucky bluegrass is most preferred, it requires high maintenance. As a result, residents whose lawns can receive full sunlight opt for Bermuda grass because it is drought tolerant and fast growing. Although it tends to struggle when it becomes cold in Crestwood, the grass does well in the warm season. For this grass to stay attractive, however, you have to conduct frequent maintenance services.

Here at Lawn Love, we prioritize your lawn care needs because the beauty of your landscape matters. To keep your landscape looking great, you need to tend to your lawn all the time. It is imperative to note that the beauty of your lawn will inevitably determine the aesthetic value of your property. As such, you will be better off using the services of professionals such as Lawn Love.

Using Lawn Love, your lawn pro team will approach each project uniquely by taking into account your preferred landscape design principles. Lawn Love helps keep your lawn lush all year round while ensuring that it enhances the beauty of your residential or commercial property. Contact us today for a free quote in under two minutes.

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