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Lawn care service in East Brunswick

East Brunswick has plenty of things to see and do. You can spend your free time in the summer canoeing or kayaking, playing golf, or enjoying time with family. With so much to see and do in the area, why would you want to spend all your free time caring for your lawn?

Just like keeping a clean home, maintaining a green and healthy lawn is an important part of curb appeal. Maybe your work schedule or busy weekend plans are stopping you from getting on top of your lawns. Don't worry, our East Brunswick lawn care services are here to help.

At Lawn Love, we work with thousands of lawn care professionals across the United States. So whenever you need the help of experts, you can simply book a service online through your smartphone or computer. Our online platform allows you to easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel the booking anytime.

Lawn Love providers have an average of ten years of experience working in the area, and they know the specific lawn care techniques that work for the local conditions. You can pick anyone from your locality to provide the required service at your place. We'll get everything done for you while you enjoy your free time with family and friends.

Don't wait another minute. Touch base with Lawn Love today at 732-585-1693 or try our easy two-minute quote, and be on your way to a lawn your neighbors will envy.

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Lawn care facts in East Brunswick

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in East Brunswick:

How are lawn care prices in East Brunswick?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in East Brunswick:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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Should I water my lawn today?

It's way too cold to water your lawn today! Once the temperatures have risen, keep an eye on your grass. If it looks yellow or droopy, it's time to turn on the sprinklers and make it rain.

East brunswick lawn care services

Many people will judge your home by the appearance of its front lawn. So it's important to invest the time and resources to keep your lawn flourishing and healthy. With the right amount of care, everyone will love your lawn.

If you aren't fully sure of what you're doing, knowing when to fertilize, aerate, mow, or let your lawn grow can be a nightmare. You'll need the help of an East Brunswick lawn service expert. In winter, it is likely that your lawn grass and plants may suffer from damage because of weeds, pests, and cool temperatures.

Most homeowners get their fall or winter seasonal treatment done on time, but still, some fail to feel the need for necessary treatment. But what exactly should be included in autumn/winter treatment for your lawn?

With the passing years, your lawn experiences different types of wear and tear. Nature also plays a part in lawn disease and pests, as well as the frightening buildup of moss. Implementing a winter treatment plan will help your lawn survive during the winter season and support in controlling moss.

To ensure your lawn is flourishing to its full potential, you'll need the help of professional lawn care specialists to carry out beneficial machine work, such as core plug aeration.


Moss flourishes in moist conditions. So you need to take away the moss-attracting atmosphere to reduce the moss in your lawn. Lawn raking will eradicate a little amount of the moss, but unless you treat what's producing it, you won't get rid of the moss for long. Therefore, lawn experts recommend doing aeration and fertilization services at this time of year, and again in the spring also.


Thatch is produced from living and dead organic matter. Having a little amount of thatch is normal, but when the thatch layer is thick and available in excess, it can be a reason to create lawn problems. It prevents necessary air, nutrients, and water from reaching the grassroots that harmfully impact soil performance, and allows moss to grow and spread.

How to eliminate these problems?

Winter treatment has been particularly planned to maintain the lawn throughout the winter season and manage the development of moss. However, machine work is necessary for your lawn to attain its full potential and boost growth.


The process of Aeration eases compacted soil and forms open pores in the soil. Deep canals are created so that water, light, air, and nutrients can enter the root zone.

Lawn care professionals will test out your lawn by taking several core samples from different places over the lawn. It helps them identify all the levels of sub-surface thatch and state of the soil. Then, they can find out the intensity of soil compaction by evaluating the conditions of the roots and binding of the soil deeply.

Hollow-tine Aeration

Hollow-tine Aeration is an efficient method to trim-out sub-surface thatch in a lawn. In this method, thousands of cores are removed mechanically from the lawn, which lets the water, air, and other nutrients reach the root zone.

Fracture-tine Aeration

Fracture-tine Aeration is another mechanical process, which includes engraving small slits into the lawn. With the twist of the sharp edge, the tines work as a small space, cracking the soil and providing air. There is not any removal of the soil during this process, so no pores are left on the surface.


Scarification is an accurate method and is performed through the thorough mechanical operation, which makes use of blades to cut surface thatch that has formed over the year.

In the Autumn and Winter, if your lawn suffers from moss or spongy underfoot, it is possible that it requires scarification. This process includes captivating core samples from your lawn and evaluating the depth of thatch underneath and over the soil line. Excessive thatch on top of the soil line specifies the need for Scarification.

All the treatments and lawn care activities throughout the year will add greatly to an enduring, beautiful lawn, even during Winter. Therefore, you must continue your hard work to ensure you get a healthy lawn season after season and year after year.

As the winter sets in across Middlesex County, your lawn goes into a resting state. But what you do with your lawn at that time decides how healthy they'll be in the upcoming year. People tend to forget their yards once the winter arrives, but it's beneficial to still do some gardening chores to ensure your lawn is lush the next season.

To get the best results, you must do the necessary Fall or Winter treatments to maintain the health of your lawn. These treatments can include providing a micro-nutrient feed and a moss control component, intended to maintain your lawn over the winter phase. It will continue giving your lawn a long-lasting green color and help to strengthen the grass plant for sustaining the situations coming towards it.

With Lawn Love, you can take the help of your lawn care professionals to guide you take the necessary actions for keeping your lawn flourishing or hire them to get this all done. Performing treatments on your own can be hectic for you due to a lack of knowledge and experience, so it is better you consider booking the experts in advance to prepare your lawn for winter.

Whether you need help in weekly mowing, snow or leaf removal, seasonal maintenance, and treatment, or periodic cleanup, our Middlesex County lawn care specialists can help you with all the necessary services as quickly as two days after you book them. Request a quote in our quote form to schedule your service today.

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