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Lawn Care service in North Brunswick

Lawn Love is a highly-rated lawn care service. We have serviced many homeowners in North Brunswick and 1000+ neighborhoods across the whole country. So, if you're looking for one of the best lawn care services in North Brunswick, with some of the most affordable rates, you're in the right place.

At Lawn Love, we strongly believe in experience and skill. Even better, we bring lawn care to you in the quickest, easiest, most convenient, and comfortable way possible. Simply start with our two-minute quote, and let's bring your dream lawn into reality.

So don't hesitate. Contact Lawn Love at 732-585-1693 or try our easy two-minute quote. Our lawn care pros will keep your lawn lush and green for years to come.

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  • Lawn Care service in North Brunswick, 08902
    Martha C. | North Brunswick, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in North Brunswick, 08902
    Don L. | North Brunswick, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in North Brunswick, 08902
    Erin F. | North Brunswick, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in North Brunswick, 08902
    Kitty C. | North Brunswick, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in North Brunswick, 08902
    Debbie G. | North Brunswick, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in North Brunswick, 08902
    Aminie E. | North Brunswick, NJ

Lawn care facts in North Brunswick, NJ


Average mowing price $61
Average lawn size 5,039 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 17%
Bi-weekly mowing 79%
Monthly mowing 0%
Lawns that get fertilized 3%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In North Brunswick, NJ

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    Decades of experience have made Plastino & Son Landscape Contractors a go-to for lawn care and landscaping services for residents in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. The company uses its expertise in lawn installation, mowing, irrigation, cleanups, flowerbed installation, landscape design, creation, and maintenance, paver installs, power washing, holiday lighting, snow removal, and other yard care or maintenance services to ensure the properties of its residential and commercial clients remain beautiful at an affordable price. Additionally, the licensed, bonded, and insured company offers free estimates to inquiring clients.

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    Elite Lawn Care
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    Elite Lawn Care is the go-to company in New York for pristine lawns and impeccable landscapes. From lawn mowing to other essential maintenance services, this company provides a series of services that are tailored to meet your lawn needs. Elite Lawn Care handles the maintenance of both residential and commercial lawns.

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    Based in New York, Simply Chores is an Asian-owned and -operated firm that provides lawn maintenance services. They specialize in lawn mowing, lawn seeding, shrub and bush trimming, seasonal cleanups, and gutter cleaning. Their team ensures that every aspect of your outdoor space is well-maintained.

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    WOW Landscape And Design is a Bronx-based solution for residential and commercial lawn care needs. Years of service have made the company well-versed in lawn mowing, edging, trimming, cleanups, weed eating, shrub care, pruning, plant and flower installations, indoor planting, landscape design, winter plant protections, and other yard maintenance services. They also provide an estimate service for prospecting clients.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Very thorough — careful edging, cleaned up and around beds nicely, and even tended to the sidewalk strip and growth along the outside of the fence. Really appreciated the attention to detail. Yard looks great.
    Martha C.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • We've been noticing that a lot of our grass is laid over and not mowed. I think you need to sharpen blades or something. It's not getting evenly cut. (Aside from where location flags are placed)
    Don L.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • There were clumps of grass all over the driveway and walkway. Please use blower on these areas and the back deck next time.
    Erin F.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Yard is looking so good since you started caring for it. Thanks so much
    Kitty C.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Edward was very nice and let me know in advance he was coming.
    Debbie G.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • The work done was excellent from start to cleanup!
    Aminie E.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Trevin is consistent and a hard worker!
    Victor C.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Thanks for helping. Lawn looks super.
    Jay G.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • very great and awesome!!!
    Ralph I.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Great job as always!
    Revian J.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Yard looks great
    Frank T.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • Thank you
    Delisa H.
    North Brunswick, NJ

North Brunswick lawn care services

Kill budding weeds: Some of the most common winter weeds in North Brunswick include chickweed, wild violets, and dandelion. These grasses seed during the fall and can remain unnoticed until winter when they start to bud. The best time to get rid of these obnoxious plants is while they are young, in the winter.

If you don't, they'll begin a large-scale attack in February and flower in March for an even greater spread. Sometimes, you can't see the magnitude of the spread. So, get a North Brunswick lawn care weed-control specialist for spot treatment of aggressive weeds to curb their growth and spread.

Seed muddy areas: Cold-season grasses are best for North Brunswick lawns, thanks to the area's cold days. Still, some local homeowners prefer warm-season grasses, and with the right care, their turfs will do just fine. The only problem could be that, during winter, warm-season grasses get thin, thus leaving areas in your lawn muddy. North Brunswick lawn care offers affordable seeding services for spot-treating bare areas.

Clear leaves and debris: We know the feeling of staying indoors in winter. Even more, we know how easy it is to procrastinate on clearing away those dry leaves and tree branches on your lawn. This debris isn't good for your turf. Cold temperatures are already unhealthy for your grass; leaves just make everything worse. Leaves and debris stop moisture from getting to the grasses' roots, encourage disease (mostly fungi-caused) spread and stimulate worm activity. Braving the cold with a rake to clean up your lawn should be part of your routine. But if that isn't your scene, you can save time, stress, and energy and get snow removal and yard cleanup through the North Brunswick lawn service.

Aerate: You can break through the soil to provide extra air for your roots in the warmer months, but doing this in winter prevents snow mold formation (a fungal infection). You could use a spade or garden fork to make holes if your lawn is small. You will have to hire an aerator for larger yards. Alternatively, North Brunswick lawn care offers professional aeration services to save your time.

Dethatch: Dethatching grass is a healthy practice all lawn owners in North Brunswick should encourage. You can dethatch your turf at any time, and it'll be just fine. It's best done in early spring if you have cold-season grasses. For warm-season grasses, dethatch in late spring.

Mow early: As soon as the ground becomes dry and your grasses get long enough, you should start mowing. It is vital to follow specific habits to do everything right. First, you should only cut your grasses to their standard height. If you don't know the recommended height, mowing no more than one-third of the grass's height is a good start. Cutting more will expose your turf to stress, fungi attacks, and weed attacks because of its less dense coverage. You can get professional lawn mowing from North Brunswick lawn service to increase your lawn's aesthetics, density, and disease-resistance.

Fertilize: Fall is the best time to fertilize your turf, but applying it in the right amount by spring isn't so bad either. However, a few factors must be considered before fertilizing your lawn in spring. To start with, only use fertilizers with low nitrogen or slow-release nitrogen for your North Brunswick lawn in springtime.

It would be best if you also fertilized before the spring rain to get the best results. Apply these chemicals roughly three weeks after the grass starts greening; otherwise, you'll feed weeds and create run-off. Lastly, excessive application will lead to fast blade growth but with low root formation.

With all these intricacies associated with fertilizer selection and application, you should allow experts connected through North Brunswick lawn service to take care of your lawn in spring.

Seeding: North Brunswick lawns are best seeded between late summer and mid-autumn. If you notice thin areas in your yard, maybe from winter damage, you should spot-seed those spaces. Weeds will quickly fill them if you don't. To spot-treat, rake the areas in April, then seed. Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer five weeks later.

A seeding expert will have the right information on the grasses you should sow and can deal with the whole process from start to finish.

Weed control: If you want an attractive lawn all-year-round, you will have to constantly look out for weeds. Although winter is the best season to tackle them, you will still need to take them down in spring after a weed battle in winter. The positive is that they will be a lot easier to spot in spring.

Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a time for lawn service and a season where neglect is fine. If you want an ever-green lawn or at least a blossoming turf, you need professional lawn service at all times.

These lawn services may differ but, overall, you'll need more care for your North Brunswick lawn in the spring than at any other time. Fall is the best time for fertilizing and testing. Spring is best for overseeding, clearing debris, aeration, dethatching, and weed removal. Finally, summer is for taking down pests like grubs.

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