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Lawn Care service in Powell

Lawn Love appreciates the beautiful scenery and landscapes of the Highbanks Metro Park, Village Green Park, Library Park, and other natural spots in Powell. However, we most admire the homeowners of Powell, trying their very best to maintain a lush lawn! It's not easy, we understand.

We want to help you avoid the stress of lawn maintenance by providing you with professional lawn care services at some of the most affordable rates in the city.

Your lawn care provider will be an expert. We've serviced many homeowners in Powell and are aware of the terrain as well as the tweaks and techniques needed to give you that captivating lawn you've always wanted.

To find out more, just call us today at 614-629-8754 to get a two-minute quote and find out how Lawn Love can make your dreams of free time come true!

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  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Michelle C. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Cynthia S. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Christos S. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Meghan L. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Pj M. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Tony L. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Olga C. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Walter K. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Charly V. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Jennifer F. | Powell, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Powell, 43065
    Tia B. | Powell, OH

Lawn care facts in Powell, OH


Average mowing price $60
Average lawn size 8,609 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 58%
Bi-weekly mowing 35%
Monthly mowing 0%
Lawns that get fertilized 8%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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-9.21% this month
Annual Lawn Care demand in Powell, OH
Demand for lawn care in May is down 9.21% from last month. It may be a great time to get a great price!

Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Powell, OH

  • Smith's Logo
    Serving Powell, OH
    58 jobs completed

    I'm a 43 year old Father of three great kids, that I'm trying to provide a better life for, with an honest living and the love of the good lord himself. I've worked for myself for the past 10 years and have a great eye for attention to detail and punctuation.

  • Hinkle Lawn Care Solutions Logo
    Hinkle Lawn Care Solutions
    Serving Powell, OH
    58 jobs completed

    I have newly formed a start up. But I have been working in lawn care for 10 plus years. Please don't let us being a start up deter you in any way. We are fully capable of handling any of your lawn care needs, whether residential or commercial. We are looking forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

  • All American Lawns & Logo
    All American Lawns &
    Serving Powell, OH
    4 jobs completed

    We are a family-run business that cares about our clients.

  • Cooper Affordable Lawn & Construction Logo
    Cooper Affordable Lawn & Construction
    Serving Powell, OH
    72 jobs completed

    Our Business legally started in December 2020. Our motivation derives from our love and passion for outdoor care. Together with our previous work experience, as well as knowledge, we are absolutely confident that you will be more than happy and satisfied with our service.

  • Lav's Lawn Care Logo
    Lav's Lawn Care
    Serving Powell, OH
    10 jobs completed

    I am a one man crew that has been servicing lawns for 3 years now. I enjoy working outside all year round and I particularly like doing lawn care because it's a good workout, mentally, and physically. I also like using different outdoor equipment and seeing the work when completed. I appreciate all feedback, good or bad, so I can continue to provide great lawn care service.

  • Steve Gresock Logo
    Steve Gresock
    Powell OH, 43065

    If you're searching for a lawn care professional in Powell, Steve Gresock is at your service. He specializes in mowing, bush trimming, fertilizing, and core aeration. Steve will remove weeds and leaves to make yards look neat and green. He will also clean gutters when they're full of debris.

  • Limitless Lawn Care  Logo
    Limitless Lawn Care
    Powell OH, 43065

    Homeowners in Powell can depend on James Battigaglia with Limitless Lawn Care to keep their properties beautiful. To keep your lawn tidy, he’ll mow, trim and blow away leaves. James also removes weeds, aerates, fertilizes, and seeds to get your grass looking its best. He’ll clean out gutters if they’re clogged.

  • Labor Plus Services  Logo
    Labor Plus Services
    Powell OH, 43065

    Richard Hyatt with Labor Plus Services joined the Lawn Love pros in the Columbus area because he loves transforming properties with his hard work and imagination. He mows, trims, seeds, and fertilizes to give a green boost to yards that need the extra help. He also tackles complex landscaping projects and guides customers along the way with thorough lawn assessments. If you need other services throughout the year, Richard cleans gutters.

  • Accelerated Turn Logo
    Accelerated Turn
    Serving Powell, OH

    Accelerated Turn is your one-stop solution in Canal Winchester for exceptional lawn care and home maintenance services. With a passion for outdoor beauty, they specialize in professional lawn care to keep your yard pristine and inviting. From mowing to landscaping, they ensure your outdoor space reflects your style and enhances your home's curb appeal. Accelerated Turn also offers deep cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning, maid services, and regular home cleaning to keep your interior spaces fresh and welcoming.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Great job! The yard looks great. Next time could you take the grass or you can use my dumpster. It's just too heavy for me to dispose of. Overall another great job. I'm very happy with the service.
    Michelle C.
    Powell, OH
  • Tim did another excellent job. The work is done on time, the lawn looks great, and everything is cleaned up, gates closed, and drain spouts back in place. Awesome!
    Cynthia S.
    Powell, OH
  • Juan as ALWAYS did an incredible job!! Also he took the time to listen to my elderly moms concerns, who doesn't speak English very well.
    Christos S.
    Powell, OH
  • Wesley was very nice about coming back for the missed weeds. He took care of it no problem. Really appreciate that.
    Meghan L.
    Powell, OH
  • Doug knows his stuff and does a great job!
    Pj M.
    Powell, OH
  • Looked great! Thank you Nathaniel!!
    Tony L.
    Powell, OH
  • Noah always does an awesome job!
    Olga C.
    Powell, OH
  • Great job as always.
    Walter K.
    Powell, OH
  • Fast and thourough
    Charly V.
    Powell, OH
  • Wonderful job
    Jennifer F.
    Powell, OH
  • Excellent!
    Tia B.
    Powell, OH

Powell lawn care services

Pests/Mold control: The underground lawn pests common to Powell like armyworm and grubs love leaf piles to live in. Even worse, Powell gets up to 23 inches of snow in winter and an average of 39 inches of rainfall. These weather conditions not only support pests but make your lawn a breeding ground for fungus.

Molds bring their fair share of trouble. When large leaves are left to decay on your turf during winter or fall, there is a high probability that snow molds and brown patches will develop. Both of these diseases cause adverse effects like poor growth and, ultimately, grass death.

More food for your turf: Grasses manufacture their food using sunlight. If a layer of leaves prevents your grasses from getting direct sunlight, they will struggle to feed. Even more, specific cool-season grasses that suit Powell lawns like Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass aren't particularly shade resistant and can't cope with being covered.

Furthermore, your turf needs water from precipitation alongside regular watering to survive. If there are leaves on your grasses, this will prevent rain and dew from getting to the roots. This will lead to dehydration and lower nutrient supply and storage.

Improved growth: Don't misunderstand us, leaf removal doesn't foster fast turf growth like fertilization. If you want your grasses to develop quickly, you should hire fertilization experts through Powell lawn care for the right selection and application of these chemicals. Think of it this way, leaf removal allows your grasses to consume adequate nutrients essential for their growth.

Control fungus: Most lawn diseases common to Powell are caused by fungi. Diseases need three conditions (the disease triangle) to attack your turf. First, there must be a disease pathogen in the form of fungi, viruses, and more. Next, your turf must be susceptible to this pathogen. Thirdly, the right environmental conditions must be in place.

Not removing leaves from your lawn ticks the first and third factors. However, other factors like bad mowing techniques and excessive fertilization can further aggravate the third determinant. You should consider Powell lawn service for professional craftsmanship.

Put another way, fungus thrives when your lawn is wet and there are leaves on it. This is what exposes your grass to disease.

What to do with leaves collected from your lawn?

You absolutely must collect leaves from your yard. But you may not be sure what to do with them. Drop them at a local waste collection site? No, those fallen leaves could be a treasure! Let's see how.

Compost Pile: If you don't already have a compost bin in your home, you should get one. Composting does a whole lot of good to your lawn. Firstly, it enriches the soil, helping it to retain moisture and suppress diseases. It also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Finally, not all fungi and bacteria are harmful to your turf; composting encourages the production of harmless microorganisms that break down organic matter in the soil, creating more rich and nutrient-filled soil.

Add those fallen leaves to your compost bin. You will want to make sure that they're dry and you're willing to mix them with green materials like fresh grass clippings for quick decomposition.

Mulch: You could use those collected leaves to mulch your lawn. Mulching means covering your soil surface with a layer of material to conserve moisture, improve fertility, and increase overall health. It may sound ridiculous to rake weeds only to put them back, but the overall importance is quite impressive.

The leaves' sizes and the thickness of the layer are significant determinants in the results of mulching or just leaving grasses on your turf. Mulching requires small leaves, forming a thin layer that acts as a soil conditioner. In contrast, untouched leaves will only be a thick, large blockage to soil nutrients.

Garden bed use: Another good use of collected leaves will be on your garden beds. There are two techniques to this approach: either chop the leaves, spread them over the soil, or dig your topsoil by a few inches and bury the leaves. Either way, the leaves will foster a quick recovery of nutrients.

If you don't particularly enjoy lawn maintenance, you could give the leaves to Powell lawn service when your provider has finished with seeding.

Leaf removal tips for Powell Lawns

Mow the leaves. There are three stress-free options for leaf removal. The first is to get Powel lawn care for an affordable yard cleanup service. You could also consider using a leaf blower rather than a rake, but that'll add to the cost of maintaining your lawn. Otherwise, increase your mower's blade to the highest setting, and run over the fallen leaves, shredding them into very tiny pieces suitable for mulching soils.

Only rake dry leaves. It's harder and inefficient to remove wet leaves. This is because wet leaves are heavier and will stick to the ground, clumping together. The best practice is to allow the leaves to dry, even if you want to mow over them.

Get help from the kids. You could have many exciting adventures with your kids, and an unpopular but potentially fun one is raking. Kids have a lot of energy and do sometimes enjoy helping out.

Clear gutters. Don't forget to take out those leaves that might clog your gutters. In fact, sometimes, your best bet would be to flush the entire gutter system. The easiest approach? Get help from Lawn Love's Powell lawn care service.

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