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Lawn Care service in Bartlett

Bartlett is a well-known suburb on the northeast border of Memphis. From enjoying beautiful sceneries to having fun at parks and recreational centers, you'll never be bored living in this neighborhood. So why spend the weekends stuck at home struggling in your yard? Contact Lawn Love to arrange for a lawn care professional to handle all of your Bartlett lawn care needs.

Lawn Love is a specialized lawn care company offering completely insured lawn care services to help you maintain a beautiful lawn. When you're busy with your other important household chores, we'll take care of all weeding, seeding, gardening, mowing, and clean up needs. Homeowners across the country recommend us for:

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In today's busy life, people often don't find enough time to spend time with family, and lawn maintenance can take a lot of hours each week. Hence, we serve homeowners across the country. Helping them keep their home aesthetics up to the mark to make an impressive statement in the neighborhood.

Whether you need help in periodic mowing, clean up, or special weed control, you don't need to worry about maintaining your lawn anymore. Just schedule a Lawn Love service today.

To get started, call Lawn Love today at 901-410-4492 or get a fast and easy two-minute quote. We can't wait to help you create a lawn you will love.

Happy customers all over Bartlett

  • Lawn Care service in Bartlett, 38134
    Ashley B. | Bartlett, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Bartlett, 38134
    Sophie H. | Bartlett, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Bartlett, 38134
    Jennifer R. | Bartlett, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Bartlett, 38134
    Sylvia S. | Bartlett, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Bartlett, 38134
    Denise P. | Bartlett, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Bartlett, 38134
    Robert G. | Bartlett, TN

Lawn care facts in Bartlett, TN


Average mowing price $66
Average lawn size 7,029 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 8%
Bi-weekly mowing 80%
Monthly mowing 1%
Lawns that get fertilized 14%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Bartlett, TN

  • John'S lawn care Logo
    John'S lawn care
    Serving Bartlett, TN

    John Raiteri of John's Lawn Care works throughout Memphis, Lakeland, Cordova, Bartlett, Germantown, Arlington, and surrounding areas. He is a Lawn Love outdoor service specialist with 4.8 stars out of 5. John provides lawn mowing, weed-eating, and trimming. John and his crew check your lawn's condition and will fertilize, seed, and control weeds. They can also trim your hedges. Before leaving your property, the crews will blow the debris and grass off your walkways and driveway.

  • John Henderson Logo
    John Henderson
    Serving Bartlett, TN
    74 jobs completed

    What do you love most about your job?
    Being outside, meeting new people.

    Have you ever rescued a lawn from certain death? How did you do it?
    Yes, I removed 2 huge bags of dog poop.

    String trimmer, weed whacker, weed eater, or weed whip?
    Weed whacker

    What advice do you think most people need to know about their lawns?
    Length of grass and mow patterns

    What successes have you achieved from working in this industry?
    Being happy

  • William Hopson Logo
    William Hopson
    Serving Bartlett, TN

    William Hopson and his crew offer expert lawn care services to Lawn Love clients in Cordova. Their services include mowing, trimming, sod installation, leaf removal, and weed control.

  • Philip Pigford Logo
    Philip Pigford
    Serving Bartlett, TN

    You can turn to Phillip Pigford for lawn care like mowing, fertilization, and seeding. He also installs sod, cleans gutters, and assesses lawns. He repairs sprinklers, controls weeds, and removes leaves too. This friendly landscaper serves property owners in Millington, Oakland, Cordova, Memphis, Collierville, Munford, and Arlington.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • The two men that came to do my yard were professional, friendly, and really seemed to know what they were doing! They did an absolutely amazing job and definitely went the extra mile. I will certainly use Lawn Love again!
    Ashley B.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Jeremy and Terry are amazing, quick, and precise with the yard. I'm so impressed with these guys! We are so fortunate to have them. Dedicated and loyal to the company! Plus they are reliable and get the job done .
    Sophie H.
    Bartlett, TN
  • He was able to come out and mow my lawn within 24 hours of my call. I was able to get a quote over the phone when other companies wanted to first come out and give me a bid. I highly recommend this lawn service!!
    Jennifer R.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Marcus did well. Will take a little time to catch up on edging since no one did it for so long. But he definitely made a dent in it yesterday, and we’re so grateful. We really appreciated his efforts.
    Sylvia S.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Maryah is truly a great lawn care professional. She's extremely efficient manages her time wisely and gets the job done in record time. We're very impressed with her services.
    Denise P.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Excellent Job. Eric is the best. Wish there was more lawn pro like him. Really care about doing a top rate job on the lawn and finished results show this about him.
    Robert G.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Mowing Fantastic!! Trimming was Great. I think a couple of bushes needed just a little more trimming. It looks much much better than it previously did!!!
    Debbie S.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Was excited to come home to fresh lawn as this was the first time I had seen yard nice since I am just moving in. Nice job on hedges as well.
    Lori D.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Timothy went above and beyond! Our lawn was a mess from recent storms and overgrown! He was very polite and we are very pleased with the work!
    Andrea J.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Our yard was very overgrown and he did great work with a difficult job. We would like to continue to have him provide service for us.
    Bobby P.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Scott did a very nice job mowing my moms lawn! We are very pleased. (and its hard to please mom at times) Thanks for the nice work!
    Larry S.
    Bartlett, TN
  • Appreciated as always. I didnt realize today was the day and i didnt clean all the kids stuff out of the backyard. Sorry abt that!
    Lori D.
    Bartlett, TN

Bartlett lawn care services

How to take care of a lawn in Bartlett

For the people who have recently established a new lawn or those handling lawn care responsibilities for the first time, maintaining your lawn may feel like a daunting task. To help such people who have no idea where to start in their lawn care practice, Lawn Love's Bartlett lawn care will have your yard looking just right! Interested in Barlett specific lawn care? Here's some tips from our team.

Know the type of your grass

The first practice you should do when starting lawn maintenance for the first time is to find out what type of grass and soil your lawn has. Having knowledge about these two will help in problem-solving, and maintaining your new lawn will go much smoother.

There are a variety of different climates across America, and it is best to know what type of grass will be most flourishing in your particular climate area. Grasses suitable for their native regions create outstanding lawns and need less water, assets, and maintenance time.

If you've done everything correctly, but your grass still doesn't look good, the reason may be that you have chosen the wrong type of grass for your area. For example, cool-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue normally grow in northern regions and attain maximum growth in colder days of the fall and spring season. Warm-season grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede, etc., do extremely well in areas with warmer weather and during the hot summer.

Water your lawn correctly

Watering your lawn may look easy but, in fact, is one of the most complex parts of lawn care. You should not water your yard just when it begins to look dry, instead, you need to ensure your grass never gets too thirsty or too waterlogged.

The ongoing season and your location will decide how much and how frequently you should water your lawn; the local lawn care experts of your area can help you know how much water your grass requires to keep it hydrated!

In general, water your grass:

  • In the early morning, sooner than the temperature rises with the sun and evaporates the water, i.e., between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m.
  • All through the heat of the season, supply an inch to inch in half of the water weekly to your lawn
  • For sufficient time to damp the soil more than a few inches down, about 15-30 minutes in each zone
  • Always remember that over-watering your lawn can be as harmful as not watering it adequately, so you should take ten minutes off from your watering session during rainy springtime. Avoid watering during the night hours because extended moisture can promote lawn diseases.

Fertilize your lawn

Fertilizers provide your grass and plants with a dose of nutrients to help your lawn stay healthy throughout the year. Confirm the pH value of your soil with a pH testing facility available at your local gardening store. If the soil is extremely basic, acidic fertilizers can help to stabilize it, but if the soil is acidic, lime treatment is most suitable. Lawn care professionals can plan a special treatment program to provide your yard the accurate fertilization it requires at the right time.

Learn how to mow

Mowing your lawn may appear simple enough, but there are a few things you should know to ensure you are mowing your lawn properly

Cut to one-third height only

Trimming your grass too short will put stress on the grass and can harmfully affect the health of your yard. To avoid this, adjust your mower blades so that whenever you mow, it cuts off one-third of your grass's length each time. For instance, if your grass is three inches tall, trim one inch for best health.

Mow according to grass growth, not the schedule of the week

Mowing only on the weekend can be more convenient, but you should mow only when it is required. Heights of mowing also differ depending on the grass type and the season. Several panes of grass, such as Bermudagrass, look best when kept short, while other types require more height. The frequency of mowing should always be based on the right height while only trimming one-third at a time.

Mowing should be done on dry grass

Wet grass edges are heavy and weigh down, whereas dry grass is straight and all set to be cut.

Maintain the mower

Clear the undercarriage after each time you mow and keep the blades sharp. Blunt blades will not cut the grass; it will tear it, which looks rough and also unhealthy. Sharp mower blades to make sure you get an even cut always.

Understand the need for aeration

The most suitable times for aeration are spring and fall to get your lawn ready and recuperate from harsh summer and winter strain. Without appropriate lawn aeration, cruel seasons can make your soil to stiffen and compacted, which restrains root growth. Lawns need to be aerated when the grass is aggressively growing and the soil is damp. If soil is dry and solid, aerators cannot penetrate into the soil deeply.

Learn how to overseed

If your cool-season lawn is suffering from brown or thin spots, you can opt for overseeding on Fescue. Overseeding fills up those empty patches by placing new grass seeds over the grass that is already growing there. It helps your lawn to look dense and healthy while also strengthening the ability of your grass to resist future damage.

Contact our professional Memphis lawn care service!

Lawn Love has years of experience in providing lawn pros across the Memphis city to help people keep their lawn healthy and looking its best. So you can just sit back and relax while our Memphis lawn care specialists keep your yard maintained throughout the year. Contact us today and let our professionals exceed your lawn care expectations!

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