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Lawn Care service in Germantown

Germantown is a small city and a suburb in Memphis. It is a historical place and encapsulates old America. There are plenty of activities to do in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a home away from home.

Every year, visitors come here to do outdoor activities, get retail therapy, or get some laughs. But what attracts them the most is the eye-catching landscapes and the beautiful lawns owned by the residential and corporate house owners.

Tourists can dive into nature by going trekking at Wolf River or admire the beauty of the tall, lush, and green lawns in your backyard if you are too lazy. Germantown has become a location for endangered plants and creatures conservation sites. Anybody can join these programs to help protect nature from serious threats.

However, the question that makes everyone wonder is 'How do all these programs for preserving nature and lawn maintenance work throughout the year'?

The answer is very simple! By choosing the right lawn care service at Germantown. But it's easier said than done as it requires a leap of faith in the staff and the company. All companies can't match the level of service that Lawn Love provides.

Our priority at Lawn Love is understanding the requirements of our customers to give them satisfaction. So, if you are searching for Memphis lawn care service, then our Lawn Love professionals are there to assist you.

Reach out to Lawn Love today by phone at 901-410-4492, or if you'd prefer an online approach, try our two-minute quote, and see how we can help you get the beautiful lawn you've always dreamed of.

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  • Lawn Care service in Germantown, 20036
    Bonnie M. | Germantown, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Germantown, 20036
    Claire S. | Germantown, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Germantown, 20036
    Sterling O. | Germantown, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Germantown, 20036
    Kisha D. | Germantown, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Germantown, 20036
    Brittany R. | Germantown, TN
  • Lawn Care service in Germantown, 20036
    Trent S. | Germantown, TN

Lawn care facts in Germantown, TN


Average mowing price $58
Average lawn size 6,283 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 18%
Bi-weekly mowing 61%
Monthly mowing 2%
Lawns that get fertilized 16%
Lawns that get aerated 1%
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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Germantown, TN

  • Gary Baines Logo
    Gary Baines
    Serving Germantown, TN

    Gary Baines provides professional lawn care services to clients in the greater Cordova area. His services include routine mowing, edging, and trimming, as well as one-time services, like tree trimming, sod installation, and gutter cleaning. Is your lawn struggling or being overtaken by weeds? He can fertilize and apply weed control treatments, too. He'll also landscape your property, giving your yard a colorful boost.

  • Tommy Keeten Logo
    Tommy Keeten
    Serving Germantown, TN
    908 jobs completed

    Lawn Love's Tommy Keeten is a friendly outdoor service business owner in Memphis. He and his expert lawn care crew rate a 4.6 out of 5 with his customers for professionalism and expertise. The team has plenty of equipment to get your outdoor chores done; and done right. They offer mowing, edging, weed-eating, and trimming. Tommy and crew work to keep your grass green and healthy with fertilizing, aeration, and weed control. They even do gutters. The crew carries ladders for the tall jobs, and safety is always job #1. Before they leave your property, they'll clean the grass and debris off your sidewalks and drive.

  • Greg Miller Logo
    Greg Miller
    Serving Germantown, TN

    If you need landscaping or lawn care services in Arlington or Memphis, Greg Miller is available to do the job. Greg can mow, trim bushes and trees, install sod, and seed. He also cleans gutters and removes leaves to get your yard in top shape.

  • Brandon Reed Logo
    Brandon Reed
    Serving Germantown, TN

    Lawn Love professional Brandon Reed provides quality landscaping and lawn care services to customers in Arlington and the surrounding Memphis area. Brandon can mow, trim, seed, fertilize, install sod, control weeds, and remove leaves to give his customers the yard they’ve always wanted. Brandon can also do outdoor services like gutter cleaning.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • They put alot of care and thought into mowing and edging our yard. They were working for around two hours. Very pleased. Thank you ~!
    Bonnie M.
    Germantown, TN
  • Mark and Connie are amazing, they work so hard and always do a great job. They've really gotten my yard under control
    Claire S.
    Germantown, TN
  • Our lawn looked just perfect. We would really prefer it if you could be our lawn pro every time.
    Sterling O.
    Germantown, TN
  • Dillon is always thoughtful and detail oriented. I love working with him!
    Kisha D.
    Germantown, TN
  • Very pleased. The yard and edging looks great!
    Brittany R.
    Germantown, TN
  • Lawn looks great. Did a very good job.
    Trent S.
    Germantown, TN
    Robert H.
    Germantown, TN
  • He did the best job I have seen
    Bruce P.
    Germantown, TN
  • Simply the best hands down!!
    Lorne P.
    Germantown, TN
  • Great job!!
    Robert & Louise C.
    Germantown, TN
  • Grrrreat!
    Robert P.
    Germantown, TN
  • Good job
    Harrry W.
    Germantown, TN

Germantown lawn care services

We would like to share some lawn and garden care tips to give you a better overview of our plans.

Lawn tips

  • Watering deeply is better than frequent watering.
  • Every week, the lawn needs at least one inch of water and applies water every three days during summer.
  • To grow a deep and healthy root system, water 4-6 inches deep below the ground. This allows the soil to hold the moisture for a longer time.
  • You can use an empty can of cat food to measure the amount of water in the lawn. Stop watering the turf once the can is full.

Get to know your soil

Each type of soil has different needs. You don't need to be an expert at knowing this, as we at Lawn Love have people who have already done these practices.

  • Use a garden fork to loosen the soil. This would help the plants and grasses absorb water and other nutrients properly.
  • Mulching is also a good option if you apply a 1-2 inch protective mulch layer on the surface of the soil and around the root area. This would help to minimize soil erosion and evaporation.
  • If your soil contains clay, then add some organic material like peat moss or compost. Keep mulching the soil to loosen it. Water as fast as you can to make the soil absorb moisture as clayey soil doesn't hold water for long.
  • If your soil contains sand, then add organic material to it. Else the water would hold for long for the plants and grasses to absorb as the soil would absorb all the moisture.
  • Loamy soil is considered to be the best type of soil because it contains both sand and clay. It stores water just about the right amount and can hold moisture for plants and grasses to use.

Right time for watering

  • The best time to water the plants is during the evening or early in the morning. This keeps the water to stay longer as there is no sunlight at this time to evaporate and gives enough time to your turf to get the required amount of water and nutrients.
  • Generally, there is no wind at this time, so you can control the flow of water all across the garden.

Use of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are nutrient-rich substances like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus that provide nutrients to the plants. They help in the overall growth of the turf and keep it healthy and green.

  • Nitrogen is used to maintain the greenness of the lawn and regulates other nutrients.
  • Phosphorus is used to have a proper root system and seeds and fight harmful diseases.
  • Potassium is also used as disease resistant and maintains a proper root system.

After applying properly, the nutrients present in these fertilizers get absorbed by the grasses and plants by the surface water resources.

But before the application of fertilizers, you must always choose the right one as every lawn requires different products, which depends on:

  • Getting your soil tested to figure out what nutrients suit the environment and weather. You can contact our Lawn Love department of Cooperative State Research to get more information about soil quality. You can ask for help from the local dealers too.
  • Getting the soil tested would also help to determine the type of soil that your plant needs.
  • Follow the directions given on the label of the products
  • At least ¼th of nitrogen should be present in the fertilizer and apply it slowly like the Sulfur coated urea.

Mowing Lawn Regularly

Don't remove the grass clippings from the lawn, rather allow them to stay as it is because it acts as a rich source of nutrients to the plants. Allow them to decompose into the lawn, which will save fertilizers too. You can also set the mower height to 2 inches that would reduce the water consumption during summer.

One of the most important aspects and tedious tasks of lawn maintenance is mowing. But there are some steps that you must follow before mowing your yard.

You must know when and how to mow the lawn.

  • Don't mow the yard when the grass is wet because you can slip and get injured, apart from creating many harmful diseases. So, the best time to mow the lawn is when there is moisture or dew in the lawn early in the morning.

  • Don't mow the lawn during summer as it puts too much stress on the grass. So wait until the sun goes down when there is no heat. But don't cut when it gets dark as wrong mowing due to inability to see can cause a mishap.

Pesticides and Chemical alternative

Pesticides and Chemicals are very harmful as they pollute water if used incorrectly. You might even end up killing beneficial insects during this process. Usage of both these methods helps to prevent these events and also saves money.

Thus, using organic chemicals and pesticides like garlic, insecticidal soaps, forceful stream, and one tablespoon of liquid soap in one gallon of water is always a better option.

You can also grow plants that repel the insects naturally. These plants, when planted within flowers and vegetables, release some type of odor that acts as a defense system. They keep the unwanted insects away.

Most of the important aspects of lawn maintenance have been covered by us at lawn Love. We have already made you aware of how to make the first impression of your lawn look great and evergreen. Contact us now!

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