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Living in Forest Hill provides you with the best of both worlds. Just minutes from Fort Worth you can choose to take advantage of all the big city has to offer, but chances are you don't get a lot of free time as you commute back and forth from work every day. When you have time to do what you want outside of the demands of your workday, the last thing you want to do is work on your lawn, which is why Lawn Love is here to help.

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Forest Hill lawn care

Forest Hill is part of the greater Fort Worth region. Although centrally located in one of the busiest metropolitan areas in Texas, its population size of less than 20,000 is relatively small. The city also has many open spaces remaining, and it takes pride in preserving its natural beauty with community initiatives and events. Industry and drilling have been the primary commercial drivers in Forest Hill since its inception. Today, however, it has a much more residential atmosphere.

Forest Hill's History

Unlike many towns in Dallas-Fort Worth, Forest Hill got a comparatively late start. This city began in the late 1940s after starting as a village in the mid-1940s. By 1950, Forest Hill's population size grew from just a dozen residents to almost 100 people. When its population size reached 500, the village petitioned to be designated as a city instead of a village. Its wish was granted, marking the start of modern-day Forest Hill. Shortly after it became a city, a personal court, corporate court, and volunteer fire department were established. By the mid-1950s, the city's population size reached more than 1,500 people. Its population growth continued into the 1960s when it gained nearly three times as many residents. A home rule charter was adopted in the 1970s. Meanwhile, the city's population size continued to grow through the 1980s and 1990s, due mainly to its proximity to the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Events and Places to Visit

Regardless of whether you live in the city or you are visiting, there's always an experience awaiting in Forest Hill.

Yard of the Month

Forest Hill is a beautiful city that takes pride in its appearance. It also has a number of natural areas, parks, and scenic trails that enhance its image. To encourage residents to help make the city aesthetically appealing, Forest Hill has a special event called 'Yard of the Month.' This event is essentially a citywide contest that encourages homeowners to make their yard the most attractive in the city. Properties can be either professionally or personally maintained to be eligible for the competition. The winner receives a sign in his or her yard and a write-up in the local newspaper. The winner is chosen by nominations submitted by city residents.

Independence Day Celebration

Each year, the city hosts a number of events and festivals. One popular event, along with the lawn beautification challenge, is an Independence Day celebration. This event starts with a parade that winds through the downtown area and other parts of the city. Numerous festivities follow, including vendors selling food and drinks. There is also live music at the event. A picnic follows the parade, highlighted by favorite summertime foods like apple pie, watermelon, hamburgers, and more.

Forest Hill Memorial Park

While some of Forest Hill's open spaces are dedicated to recreational activities, others are devoted to history. Such is the case with the Forest Hill Memorial Park, which is a park that honors the contributions of local, state, and national veterans. The park is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In addition to veterans, it includes a list of names of citizens from Forest Hill who are actively serving in the military. Along with a list of names honoring those who have served in the past and present, the park has monuments and plaques designed to educate the community about significant wars and the role of the military over the years. Today, the park is so popular that it draws visitors from outside the community, too.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History features many exhibits designed to educate and entertain museum visitors of all ages. Some of its top collections are a 9/11 memorial and a sizeable 10,000-foot exhibition that is dedicated to honoring the role of the cattle industry in the city's history. A children's museum, designed for children age eight and younger, has interactive exhibits to bring history alive for the youngest museum visitors.

Despite its small size, there is plenty to see and do in Forest Hill. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it is a community-oriented residential city with plenty of character. This year, you might decide to join the 'Yard of the Month' challenge and hope that your property is selected as the best. To get it looking like prize-winning property, contact Lawn Love for professional, comprehensive lawn care services.

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