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Texas, has different climates, depending on where you live. For instance, the northern part is cooler and generally gets more rainfall. The southern and central parts tend to be warmer with less precipitation, and West Texas can be very hot and dry. So what are the best types of grass for lawns and maintenance where you live?

Types of Grass

Buffalo Grass is native to Texas and grows wild. Wild Buffalo used to eat this grass out on the plains. It can survive s drier climate and is excellent for large lawns.

St. Augustine is widely used near the coast as the moist air, and the summer heat helps it to grow. However, it doesn't do well in cold weather.

Bermuda Grass is very versatile and easy to plant. It also can survive in the Texas heat and does well with little rain. It's also used in athletic fields and is green year round.

Carpet Grass is mostly grown on the coast. It needs wet soil, so the rains that come in off the Gulf Coast make this a thriving grass for lawns. It also tends to resist insects because of its denseness.

Bent Grass is commonly found on golf courses. It tends to grow low, so it's more like a carpet. It's both comfortable to walk on and strong.

Centipede Grass also grows low to the ground. It does well in mildly cold temperatures, so this grass is mostly grown in the south and southeast.

Blue Grass is found in the north since it does well in colder weather and uses water more efficiently than other types. This soft grass is commonly used on athletic fields.

Texas has many native plants and according to the region, will grow very well. Several cities boast different annual events about plants, such as Tyler Rose Festival, Nacogdoches Azalea Trail, Blanco Lavender Festival, and the Dogwood Festival in Palestine.

Tyler Rose Festival, held each year for three days during the third weekend of October. Included is a parade, arts and crafts fair, displays and a plant sale.

Nacogdoches Azalea Trail has the most extensive garden of azaleas in the state. It's held in the gardens at Stephen F. Austin State University each spring. Tour these beautiful and colorful flowers during the middle of March.

Blanco Lavender Festival is held the beginning of June during the peak season of fragrant lavenders. It's held near the historic Blanco County Courthouse. There are always plenty of vendors, artists, and food at this family event.

Dogwood Festival is held the last two weekends of March and the first weekend of April in Davey Dogwood Park. There is a parade with live music, including a free Kidzone, games, beer, food, and vendors for your entertainment. For an added treat, ride the Texas State Railroad for a special brunch during the dogwood season. The train travels from Rusk to Palestine.


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