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Lawn Care service in Watauga

Getting yourself a lawn will give you a host of benefits. It cleanses the air, cools your surroundings, and improves your mood. It also adds a timeless design to your home and boosts its value.

However, as they say, great things come with great responsibility. True enough, maintaining a lawn requires attention and effort on your end. Aside from routine tasks like weeding, mowing, and watering, you will also encounter unsightly dry patches and lingering grubs in your lawn that feed off your grass and plants.

Is it possible that lawn ownership can become a rewarding experience? Yes, it can be, by partnering with a reliable and professional Watauga lawn care service provider like us here at Lawn Love.

Lawn Love offers a complete lineup of Fort Worth lawn care services that address every kind of concern you might have. We take pride in our affordable yet high-quality Watauga lawn service tailored specifically to lawns situated in the area.

For a free, fast and easy two-minute quote just call Lawn Love at 817-345-6362 today!

Happy customers all over Watauga

Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Duke D. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Kelly L. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Sean C. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Douglas W. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Elaine S. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Sean C. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
David K. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Kayla F. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Emily N. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
William C. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Vivian P. | Watauga, TX
Lawn Care service in Watauga, 76148
Shawn F. | Watauga, TX

Lawn care facts in Watauga, TX


Average mowing price $49
Average lawn size 3,650 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 13%
Bi-weekly mowing 64%
Monthly mowing 7%
Lawns that get fertilized 16%
Lawns that get aerated 1%
Time saved Priceless

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Annual Lawn Care demand in Watauga, TX
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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Watauga, TX

Lawn Mow Bros Logo

Lawn Mow Bros

Marlain Jones
Serving Watauga, TX
277 jobs completed

Three brothers began the business in 2021. Now it's growing and often includes 2-3 friends helping each week. Boys are young, but you get the assurance of mom or dad riding along and often going back over the weed eating for them to make sure all the grass and trimming is complete.

Bruce Sapp Logo

Bruce Sapp

Bruce Sapp
Serving Watauga, TX
52 jobs completed

Thank you for your business. My name is Bruce Sapp, I have over three years experience in landscape and landscape maintenance. I am committed to delivering high-quality work to my customers and providing excellent customer service. I am wager to get my own business started. Thanks again, Bruce.

528hz design Logo

528hz design

Rob K
Serving Watauga, TX
2 jobs completed

I started my company in 2018 in North Richland Hills, TX. Our company provides lawn services such as lawn mowing, tree trimming, tree removal, mulching, weed prevention, and all other landscaping work. Anything you need, we can help you get it done. Nothing is too small or too big!

Murphy Walls lawn and fertilization Logo

Murphy Walls lawn and fertilization

Murphy Walls
Serving Watauga, TX
2 jobs completed

Murphy Walls Lawn Company will bring extremely green lawns to the Corpus DFW area and hope to grow throughout Texas. We will start by measuring the nitrogen levels in your yard and testing the soil composition, bringing you an extremely green lawn.

Grand scapes Logo

Grand scapes

Murphy Walls
Serving Watauga, TX
3 jobs completed

Green scapes is the business. Your yard will look like a golf course when I'm done with it. Offering lawn fertilization treatments as well as weed control services. Looking forward to scheduling your first appointment with green scapes.

Brett's lawn service Logo

Brett's lawn service

Brett Knapp
Serving Watauga, TX
10 jobs completed

I have been doing lawn work for a long time now. I take a lot of pride in the workmanship I provide. It gives me a strong sense of satisfaction to see a job well done when I am leaving all my jobs. I believe in going that extra mile whether it's the first service or the 10th. l look forward to meeting you.

Eric Martinez Logo

Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez
7504 Maple Hill Road, Watauga, TX 76148
59 jobs completed

What do you love most about your job?
The opportunity to interact with customers.

What's your favorite grass variety?
My favorite would be the type that needs to be worked on!

String trimmer, weed whacker, weed eater, or weed whip?

Where is the nicest lawn in the world?
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

What's your biggest lawn care pet peeve?
An overgrown lawn that has not been tended to for months during the growing season.

The Lawn Andy Logo

The Lawn Andy

Watauga, TX 76137

The Lawn Andy will make your yard look lush, green, and healthy year-round. From lawn mowing, trimming, and edging to providing other lawn care solutions, they will ensure your outdoor space is clean and well-trimmed. The Lawn Andy serves the residents of Watauga and nearby areas.

J Bell Services Logo

J Bell Services

Serving Watauga, TX

J Bell Services illuminates your landscape year-round, serving both residential and commercial clients since 2008. They ensure your lawns and gardens stay hydrated with sprinkler installation and repair services. They also help light up your outdoor space with beautiful landscape lighting. And, during the holiday season, they bring twinkling cheer with holiday lighting installations.

Venegas Lawn Care Logo

Venegas Lawn Care

Serving Watauga, TX

If you need urgent action for your lawn care needs, let Venegas Lawn Car help you. They mow grass, trim hedges and shrubs, and edge the perimeter of your yard. In addition, they offer spring and fall cleanup, landscaping, and fencing services. Venegas Lawn Care serves homes and businesses in Alvarado, Venus, Burleson, Arlington, and Mansfield.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Leo was awesome! Went the extra mile by making sure my lawn was done and looking good! He was very concerned about how the lawn would look and wanted to make sure we were happy! Would love to have him back again!
Duke D.
Watauga, TX
Always amazing work, I was nervous they would cut the grass to low as I just got new sod, but they did not & the yard looks beautiful
Kelly L.
Watauga, TX
We had left lawn chairs and other items out and in Mike'sway, but he took care of them with professionalism. much appreciated!
Sean C.
Watauga, TX
For the most part he did a good job, but it looks like he kind of missed a couple of spots
Douglas W.
Watauga, TX
My lawn was edged so beautifully! I came home to a perfectly manicured space. Thank you!
Elaine S.
Watauga, TX
Very quick, especially considering how out of shape the yard was in. Excellent work!
Sean C.
Watauga, TX
Thank Michelle, great job! We're you able to fertilize and weed control?
David K.
Watauga, TX
Matthew did a great job and was very nice on the phone. Thank you!
Kayla F.
Watauga, TX
Looked very good. No grass was in the pool. Thank you.
Emily N.
Watauga, TX
A couple of spots missed in edging, but otherwise okay.
William C.
Watauga, TX
Loved the service, very knowledgeable
Vivian P.
Watauga, TX
The guys did a great job!
Shawn F.
Watauga, TX

Watauga lawn care

Living in a suburban town gives you the option of being in the middle of productive chaos or a peaceful atmosphere. In Watauga, you have ample opportunities to make a living and also to reside in a peaceful neighborhood.

Both residents and visitors alike can take in several parks and nature-themed spaces within Watauga. Your kids will surely love a visit to Adventure World Playground. You can also schedule days to wander around Arcadia Trail Park, Capp Smith Park, and Richfield Park.

When it comes to homes, you will find plenty of polished lawns. Residents include Watauga lawn care as part of their routine tasks every day or every weekend.

Getting a lawnmower is a great start. It speeds up the process and makes your lawn look even. However, getting the equipment doesn't automatically make everything easy. The key is knowing how to use it properly.

Of course, aside from reading the manual, you also have to consider the parameters of beautiful and thriving grass. There are some considerations when it comes to mowing, like grass height, timing, consistency, and some things to avoid, too. All of these are part of appropriate Watauga lawn care throughout the year.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that lawn owners make when mowing and how to avoid them with the right Watauga lawn care practices:

Mowing irregularly

There is no other indication of the best time to mow than checking the grass height. The general rule is that you shouldn't mow more than a third off the height at a time.

However, there are other considerations like the grass type or the climate when you're mowing. During the dry season, you can retain a little more height just to lessen the evaporation time of the water in your soil. Taller grass can also stimulate more photosynthesis, thus cooling your environment better. Also, taller grass can overshadow weeds and suppress their growth.

On the other hand, it's best to stay within the one-third rule during the wet season. In the case of winter, mowing a little more than a third will not encourage mold growth while underneath the snow.

Staying true to consistent but situation-dependent Watauga lawn care practices ensure that your grass is given the appropriate care that leads to pleasant results.

Mowing wet grass

Mowing wet grass increases the risk of mowing unevenly across the whole lawn. This is because wet grass tends to clump, so it's harder for you to assess its true height.

Also, having an uneven lawn cut means that the nutrients from natural sources like sunlight, air, and water will not be distributed properly.

Another Watauga lawn care tip: If you want a healthy-looking lawn across all areas of your garden, mow the grass according to its position. Mow a bit lower under the shade and mow correctly in the area receiving direct sunlight.

Mowing too low

Meanwhile, mowing too low or too close to the ground causes water to evaporate faster from the soil. This dries up the grass and risks your lawn having brown patches or yellowish grass. Those dried-up areas are prone to weed growth, which can eventually overtake your lawn.

Many lawn owners think that mowing this way will lessen the frequency of mowing. However, it isn't a good shortcut nor healthy for your lawn. Grass thrives when its root depth is proportionate to its blade height. This balance helps it withstand stress and grow healthily throughout the year.

The lawnmower's blades aren't sharp

Mowing with dull blades causes tears in grass blades. Aside from mowing unevenly, this makes the grass more prone to diseases and browning.

Observing the best practices in Watauga lawn care pays off. Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp is a must because not doing so will just render your mowing efforts inefficient and useless in the long run, causing more problems later on.

Mowing in predictable patterns

On the other hand, mowing in different directions is more beneficial for your lawn.

This decreases soil compaction. As you know, it's important to keep the soil loose to allow the air to circulate to and from the soil. This way, the soil absorbs water and nutrients more efficiently. Also, it nurtures your grass root growth more effectively.

Another disadvantage of mowing in the same direction all the time is the tendency for the grass to flatten. This doesn't make your lawn look pretty and polished. Meanwhile, mowing in alternate directions can cause the grass to go back to an upright position.

You don't mulch

Mulching is a good Watauga lawn care practice that involves upcycling and saving time. By introducing grass clippings back to the lawn, you are using them as a natural fertilizer. Shredded grass decomposes faster, encouraging organism growth that is healthy for your lawn.

Meanwhile, it shaves off the time you spend collecting the grass and bagging it. If you don't mulch, you miss out on spending less time on your lawn, as well as the benefits of natural fertilization methods.

Mowing is more than just a routine task involved in Watauga lawn care. If you think you're unable to carry out your mowing tasks because of work, vacations, or other circumstances, contact us here at Lawn Love so we can help you find the best Watauga lawn care service.

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