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When you look around Georgetown, with its beautiful courthouse square and its masses of poppies and wildflowers, it's hard to imagine a prettier place to live. Walking along the banks of the river, or playing a round of golf, or visiting one of Georgetown's many food and arts festivals are all part of an idyllic lifestyle.

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Georgetown lawn care

If someone asked where the "Most Beautiful Town Square" and "Red Poppy Capital" were in Texas, would you know? In Georgetown of course. Georgetown is also home to many beautifully preserved Victorian homes, and it has nearly 50 structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Aside from these designations, there is plenty to see and do here that makes it worth visiting or showing off to friends.

Georgetown's Famous Poppies and the Red Poppy Festival

According to legend, red poppies first arrived in Georgetown from a soldier stationed overseas in WWII. The seeds, which were exported from Europe, survived the transAtlantic journey and were planted shortly upon arrival. The poppies proved to be a good match for the region's warm and generally mild climate. Each year, the poppies come into full bloom in mid-late March and continue producing flowers through late April or early May. Once contained in gardens, the poppies now grow wild throughout Georgetown, including along roadsides, in fields, by stream banks, and even in parking lots. The poppies are also unique for the fact that they can reseed themselves and self-sustain their population year after year. Georgetown happens to be one of the few places in the country where red poppies have that regenerative capability.

Although red poppies have been a fixture on Georgetown's landscape for more than 70 years, it wasn't until relatively recently that they were formally recognized for their historical and aesthetic significance. In 1990, Georgetown's residents and the state legislature designated Georgetown as the "Red Poppy Capital of Texas." This formal designation segued to the launch of the first annual Red Poppy Festival. Today, this festival draws more than 30,000 visitors each year. It takes place at the end of April and features a spirited weekend of fun, food, and music. Admission is free, as is the annual concert. There is also a parade, a car show, and a special food section where professional and amateur chefs and cooks can bring their poppy-themed food for a taste test competition. Awards are given out in the two main categories of sweet and savory.

Attractions in Georgetown

The Red Poppy Festival takes place just one weekend each year, which leaves plenty of time for checking out Georgetown's other attractions.

Berry Springs Park and Preserve

This preserve offers everything for a day trip or weekend outdoors with several miles' worth of hiking and biking trails, picnic tables, and camping sites. The scenic park is located on preserved farmland with plenty of wildlife, flowers, and a freshwater lake that is open for fishing. Pecan and oak trees also thrive in the preserve, which was named Georgetown's "Best Kept Secret" in 2010.

Blue Hole Park

On a hot day, nothing beats jumping into a cold body of water. That makes the Blue Hole Park, which is next to the San Gabriel River, one of Georgetown's most popular warm-weather attractions. Along with the lagoon, the park has picnic spots, wading areas, and restrooms. Located just five blocks north of the downtown area, it is a perfect distance for enjoying a refreshing dip after exploring Georgetown's other attractions.

Grape Creek Winery

In the United States, California, Oregon, and Washington take the spotlight for wine production. But Texas also produces wine. For wine connoisseurs, a trip to the Grape Creek Winery is an excellent way to get a taste of local award-winning Georgetown wines that collectively have earned more than 200 medals in the past few years. There are many varieties of wines available for tasting and for sale. The upstairs area of the winery contains a lounge area where visitors can and enjoy a glass of wine. Tours, tasting rooms, and a restaurant are the highlights of this 100-acre Texas estate.

Inner Space Cavern

For those who like exploring caves, the Inner Space Cavern will surely satisfy. The cavern was discovered in the early 1960s by a Texas drilling team. Today, it is preserved as a place with caving opportunities for all ages and cave tours, including a tour that explores the undeveloped and untouched areas of the cavern.

Georgetown is a place of natural beauty and unique attractions. Perhaps you're inspired to start growing your own red poppies or contribute to the scenery of Georgetown's hilly landscape by planting native grasses in your yard. Whether you're planning new plantings or need help removing weeds before spring arrives, contact us at Lawn Love for all your lawn care needs.

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