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People in the Pacific Northwest love to get outside and enjoy life, and the folks in Redmond have turned it into an art form. Any sunny summer weekend sees scores of people riding bikes, going for walks, checking out the markets, taking in a concert, or bringing the kids out to try out their new remote-controlled plane. And while they're doing all of this, do you really want to be stuck mowing your lawn again?

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There won't be any rain in Seattle today, which means you'll probably have to water your lawn. Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 5:22 AM and set at 9:07 PM today in Seattle).

Redmond lawn care

Redmond is located about 15 miles from Seattle. Among other things, it is home to Nintendo and Microsoft. About 65,000 residents call this unique place home. It is located in King County and has plenty of modern attractions along with a rich history. Redmond is known for many things, including its designation as the "Bicycle Capital of the Northwest." This title comes from the fact that it has the only velodrome in the state of Washington. In honor of its cycling culture, the city has many attractions worth seeing year-round.

Redmond's History

Any resident will tell you that Redmond is a vibrant, happening place to live. Historical records indicate that people have lived in the area for more than 1,000 years. The first inhabitants are believed to be Native Americans, who settled in the area and lived a traditional, subsistence-like lifestyle. It wasn't until more than 100 years later, in the 1870s, when European settlers first arrived in the area. Even now, evidence of the first inhabitants can be found at the Marymoor site and Redmond's own archaeological site.

Once settlers arrived in greater numbers, the town's character quickly changed from rural to more industrial. By 1881, the first post office was established in town. The city's name was chosen as Redmond in 1883 upon the insistence of a local landowner named Luke McRedmond. The name stuck, and a post office was established in the same year.

About six years later, the arrival of a local train station, the Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railroad brought more industry and commerce to the area. Virtually overnight, this contributed to the success of the logging industry, which helped sustain the local economy through the Great Depression. During World War II, the local economy also acquired more of a maritime-based economy as well. It was only after the war, however, that the city's economy truly expanded. It did so in high numbers, tripling its population in about 15 years. In 1978, it was named the fastest-growing city in the state by the US Census Bureau. Not long after, technology and software companies moved into the area and changed the economic landscape.

What to do in Redmond

Today, there are a number of attractions to see in this vibrant Washington city. Whether you want a chance to get outside and get some exercise or fresh air, or you want to experience the city's technology-oriented business environment, there is something to see for everyone.

Idylwood Park

This park contains some of the oldest trees in the city. It is also dedicated to planting and stimulating the growth of numerous deciduous and evergreen trees. An impressive amount of trees (which range between 55 and 75) and more than 100 ground-cover plants, form this park's unique landscape. Although it was once home to dozens of cottonwood trees, many have been removed because of disease and other assessed risks. This park covers 18 acres, which includes a beach, a swimming area, and playgrounds.

Marymoor Park

Each year, millions of people visit the ever-popular Marymoor Park, which has something for everyone. The park includes over 600 acres of land that support a variety of activities. Among them is a 35-foot climbing wall that gives local climbers the ability to practice for more challenging climbs right in their own community. The park is also dog-friendly and offers a variety of amenities such as occasional movies and concerts.

Microsoft Visitors Center

If you're seeking a change of pace, a visit to the Microsoft Visitors' Center might be more in line with what you are looking for. The visitor's center features a number of modern and tech-centric events and attractions, including a demonstration of artificial intelligence (AI), a LinkedIn photo booth, a gaming station, and more. Lively presentations, futuristic displays, and the latest video games are all part of the scene at the Microsoft Visitors' Center. There is also a theater in the center and a store that offers both conventional Microsoft products and items that are exclusive just to the location.

The grass is always greener in Redmond, which is about as opportunistic as a city can get. And with assistance from Lawn Love, the grass on your property can be equally attractive. The area's moist climate is ideal for creating a beautiful garden or lush lawn that you and your neighbors will be proud of. With a little professional help, we can take your lawn from surviving to thriving in no time.

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