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Lawn Care service in Kirkland

Kirkland is a suburb in King County, located to the north of Bellevue. It has a lot of waterfront parks, boutiques, art galleries, and diners - plenty to see and visit. With a population of around 93,000, it is the sixth most populous city in the county and the thirteenth in the state. This city has been experiencing gradual economic growth, and the former headquarters of Costco and the training facility for the Seattle Seahawks were once located here. Most residents own their homes and have typical city lives, with busy weekdays and free weekends.

Lawn Love is also available in Seattle, with affordable lawn care services. We want to lighten the burden of lawn care and help you get a lush green lawn. Lawns enhance the beauty of our homes and add color to dull gray concrete.

We can help your lawns achieve the pinnacle of health and freshness. Professionals found through us have been doing lawn care for years, and their talent and experience are sure to be enough for all your lawn-related needs. Lawn Love saves you both time and money.

Reach out to Lawn Love today at 206-466-4650, or if you're short on time, try out our two-minute quote, and take lawn care off of your to-do list for good.

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  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Carissa K. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Gemma M. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Brad F. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Brian M. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Ronald Y. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    David K. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Conal G. | Kirkland, WA
  • Lawn Care service in Kirkland, 98033
    Max D. | Kirkland, WA

Lawn care facts in Kirkland, WA


Average mowing price $60
Average lawn size 4,934 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 17%
Bi-weekly mowing 56%
Monthly mowing 10%
Lawns that get fertilized 18%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Kirkland, WA

  • Carrada's Lawn Care Services & House Cleaning Logo
    Carrada's Lawn Care Services & House Cleaning
    Kirkland WA, 98034

    Carrada's Lawn Care Services & House Cleaning in Kirkland specializes in lawn maintenance, seasonal fertilizing and tree trimming, ensuring healthy and thriving outdoor spaces. They offer services such as pavers & hardscape, sod installation, lightning installation, pressure washing, move-out cleaning, and deep cleaning. With over a decade of experience, they prioritize customer satisfaction and promise to provide top-of-the-line gardening solutions at affordable prices.

  • Garden Maintenance Green Reborn Logo
    Garden Maintenance Green Reborn
    Kirkland WA, 98034

    Garden Maintenance Green Reborn is the go-to choice for residents of Kirkland and surrounding areas seeking professional lawn care services. They mow, trim grass for perfect shape, blow away debris, and remove leaves to keep your yard clear and tidy throughout the season. In addition, they provide mulching, seasonal cleanup, and tree care services tailored to your needs. Beyond lawn care, they can clean windows and gutters for pristine outdoors.

  • Green Gardens Services Logo
    Green Gardens Services
    Kirkland WA, 98034

    Greens Garden Services is ready to nurture your lawn with their services. Serving homes and businesses in and around Kirkland for over a decade, they will mow, edge, trim, and clean up your lawn to ensure it becomes a lush oasis. Whether it's a first cut, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly service, they will tailor their service to your needs. Their services also include weed removal, aeration, thatching, fertilizing, and seeding. They're also experts in landscaping, handling projects for retaining walls, fences, pavers, patios, and more.

  • O&L landscape & maintenance services Logo
    O&L landscape & maintenance services
    Kirkland WA, 98034

    O&L Landscape & Maintenance Services caters to Kirkland residents and surrounding cities, providing quality lawn care services. Their team mows, edges, and trims your lawn to keep it looking pristine. Additionally, they offer irrigation and gardening services to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Great job. Thank you for taking down the yard waste bin. I have had surgery and am still unable to do certain activities without hurting myself.
    Carissa K.
    Kirkland, WA
  • Anthony did a fantastic job! He was very methodical and thorough. We will ask for him back every time.
    Gemma M.
    Kirkland, WA
  • My guy did a great job at a fair price. Very happy with the service and will be using you again!
    Brad F.
    Kirkland, WA
  • On time. Very professional. Did an above average job. I would recommend his services
    Brian M.
    Kirkland, WA
  • Simply amazed with the work completed, was not expecting this level of service!
    Ronald Y.
    Kirkland, WA
  • Thank you for a great job!
    David K.
    Kirkland, WA
  • Thanks! Lawn looks great!
    Conal G.
    Kirkland, WA
  • All good. Thanks.
    Max D.
    Kirkland, WA
  • Looks awesome!!
    Ken C.
    Kirkland, WA
  • great service!
    Leo Z.
    Kirkland, WA
  • Great job.
    Carissa K.
    Kirkland, WA

Kirkland lawn care services

Seattle has a relatively cold climate with the temperature varying between 36°F and 76°F between seasons. Annual rainfall averages 41 inches, while the annual average snowfall is 4 inches. These conditions are relatively moderate compared to the rest of the U.S and help in the growth of a variety of cool-season grasses. Some of these grasses are:

Fine Fescues

These require only minimal maintenance and grow well in shady areas. They have narrow leaves and grow in a bunching pattern. These perennial grasses are tough and don't require a lot of fertilization and irrigation. They tend to stay lush all year and are drought-tolerant.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This is another popular low-maintenance cool-season grass. Its roots are shallower than fescues; as a result, it's less drought-tolerant. It is also perennial and grows well in places with limited sunlight.


Ryegrass varieties have seeds that germinate rapidly. The grass itself also has a high rate of growth, requiring mowing at least twice a week. It's a bunching sort and is tolerant of moist, cold, and relatively damp environments. It needs more maintenance than fescues and bluegrass.


These varieties have shallow roots that bend at some distance from ground level to grow laterally. They are perennial and require quite a lot of maintenance. Commonly used in golf courses, bentgrass needs to be cut short (around 0.25 inches) to look its best. If left unmowed even for a short time, it begins to look untidy.

Buffalo grass

This is a perennial plant and a commonly used turfgrass. It is tough and low-maintenance. It's easy to grow on your lawn if you can't give a lot of your time to lawn care. This is because this type of grass needs less water and fertilizer compared to many other varieties.

Why even bother with lawn care?

In a locality like Kirkland, which is rich in history and natural beauty, people have much better things to do than take care of their lawns. They would rather visit one of the many parks or go boating or fishing in Washington Lake. The art events at the Kirkland Performance Center are another source of entertainment for local residents.

During the summer, locals and those from neighboring cities converge at Lake Washington to have a good time. Saint Edward State Park, Juanita Beach Park, and Bridle State Trails Park have now acquired landmark status. It's no surprise that the people here have a profound love for greenery. These sentiments are what drives them to create a lush lawn. Lawn Love enables these families to get the lawns they deserve. We make lawn care efficient and accessible. No hassle. No worries. No hopelessly searching for trustworthy lawn care services. All you need to do is call us. It's that easy!

Common lawn problems in Kirkland

The climate of Seattle might support the growth of some plant species, but it can also cause a lot of problems for your lawn. You should take care of these issues before they get out of hand, as any sort of lawn damage is slow to repair. The following are the problems that are most frequently faced by homeowners in Kirkland.

Patchy growth

One thing you will notice during or after winter is the patchiness of your lawn. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, if there's snow on your lawn, it can kill the grass. Secondly, fungi called snow molds can attack your grass. These molds cause discoloration and eventually kill grass, especially in combination with cold stress.

Crabgrass and Dandelions

Crabgrass (as the name suggests) is also a kind of grass but with little ornamental value and more of a weed reputation. It is a low-growing plant that can't be done away with by simply mowing your lawn short. Dandelions are herbs with yellow or white flowers. Although some people find them to be aesthetically pleasing, for most, they are horrible weeds that ruin their yards.

Leaf Spots and Fairy Rings

Leaf spot is a term covering a heterogeneous group of plant diseases in which discolored spots emerge on the leaves of otherwise healthy plants. The causes of leaf spots are viral, bacterial, and fungal. The most common pathogens that cause leaf spots are sac fungi and imperfect fungi. Soils with a high amount of humus give rise to circular areas of abnormal turf. These circles are often marked by the growth of certain species of fungi. These circles are colloquially known as fairy rings.


Cool and wet weather, such as that during the winters of Kirkland, is perfect for the growth of non-vascular plants. Mosses tend to grow rapidly in these conditions. They cover turf and make it difficult for grass seeds to germinate. They compete with ornamentals for space and nutrients, thus, stunting their growth.

What is the best time to hire a lawn care service?

We personally recommend seeking the guidance of professional lawn care providers regularly throughout the year. However, if your budget or commitments don't allow you to do so, consider hiring someone during spring or fall. These are the seasons in which most seeds are sown, and your lawn recovers or prepares for the next season. Professionals will not only help you with simple lawn chores but also thorough yard cleanups. You're sure to benefit from their horticultural prowess. Find an expert through Lawn Love, check out our website, and shoot us an email. You may even have a local professional with you a few days later!

For further information, please call us. We would be happy to help.

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