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Lawn Care service in Plymouth

Plymouth is one of the favorite neighborhoods for Minneapolis. It is the seventh-largest city in Minnesota, which is a gemstone unto itself. Homeowners here feel blessed being a resident of Plymouth, where they get so much to do.

Sometimes, normal residential responsibilities like lawn mowing, leaf removal, etc., take priority over your plans for the weekend. Don't worry! If you like to spend your leisure time out in Plymouth rather than taking care of your lawn at home, Lawn Love completely understands your needs. We offer a range of Plymouth lawn care services.

Service types

Lawn Mowing

Right mowing practice doesn't only provide your lawn an attractive look; also, it increases the thickness of your grass.

Snow Removal

Whether you have light snow that floated up to several feet high or wet and heavy snow, we will take it out from your driveway and parking area.

Weed Control

We use selective herbicide to apply spot-treatments to prevent even the most destructive weeds.


It includes puncturing the soil with tiny holes in order to allow air, water, and other nutrients to soak up in the grass-roots.


Find out and treat uncovered spaces with topsoil, which will make the quality of the soil better and enable grass growth.


Applying fertilizers to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients it lacks to improve the complete health of the grass.

Gutter Cleaning

Clearing out leaves and trash that may be blocking your gutters and washing out the whole gutter system.

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Happy customers all over Plymouth

  • Lawn Care service in Plymouth, 48170
    Mona Liza S. | Plymouth, MN
  • Lawn Care service in Plymouth, 48170
    Chateau W. | Plymouth, MN
  • Lawn Care service in Plymouth, 48170
    Terence M. | Plymouth, MN
  • Lawn Care service in Plymouth, 48170
    Michael M. | Plymouth, MN
  • Lawn Care service in Plymouth, 48170
    Robert M. | Plymouth, MN
  • Lawn Care service in Plymouth, 48170
    Tane L. | Plymouth, MN

Lawn care facts in Plymouth, MN


Average mowing price $63
Average lawn size 6,904 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 45%
Bi-weekly mowing 43%
Monthly mowing 3%
Lawns that get fertilized 20%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Plymouth, MN

  • Greg Belsheim Logo
    Greg Belsheim
    Serving Plymouth, MN

    Minneapolis homeowners can reach out to Greg Belsheim for weed control, fertilization, and seeding. He can also take mowing and trimming off your to-do list for good. Greg assesses struggling lawns to figure out what they need. This reputable lawn care pro has completed more than 300 jobs since signing up for Lawn Love in 2016.

  • Midwest Ecoscapes  Logo
    Midwest Ecoscapes
    Serving Plymouth, MN

    Midwest Ecoscapes in Minneapolis and Saint Paul can keep your lawn looking great all year long. They specialize in landscaping, mowing, edging, seeding, and planting. They work with customers to solve problems and enhance properties. Midwest Ecoscapes has been a Lawn Love company since 2019.

  • Feysal Hersi Logo
    Feysal Hersi
    Serving Plymouth, MN

    Lawn Love pro Feysal Hersi in Burnsville helps customers maintain beautiful lawns by mowing, trimming, and aerating.

  • David Johnson Logo
    David Johnson
    Serving Plymouth, MN

    Lawn Love pro David Johnson in Burnsville is ready to work hard to service your lawn. He can mow, trim, seed, and fertilize. David also protects your roof by cleaning the gutters in the fall.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Fabian was very professional in his work. He made our yard brand new again! Thank you so much!
    Mona Liza S.
    Plymouth, MN
  • Did a great hedge job this week. Never did that before, glad to see a well completed job!
    Chateau W.
    Plymouth, MN
  • I hired this service for my elderly parents and they had nothing but good things to say!
    Terence M.
    Plymouth, MN
  • He did a great job with both the front and back yard. And clean the area well
    Michael M.
    Plymouth, MN
  • he cut the grass just how I wanted it continue doing a great service.
    Robert M.
    Plymouth, MN
  • Went the extra mile... He really did a good job
    Tane L.
    Plymouth, MN
  • It's Beautiful! THANKS!!!!
    Timothy A.
    Plymouth, MN
  • Mark does great work
    Chris C.
    Plymouth, MN
  • Good job
    George P.
    Plymouth, MN

Plymouth lawn care service

Plymouth lawn care services

A lawn is something that your guests first notice when they visit your home. So you must keep the condition of your lawn on the mark. It should look fresh, green, and flourishing throughout the year. But you should not feel stressed if your lawn healthy is deriving- just contact experts at Plymouth Lawn Service for their guidance and let them provide necessary treatment before it is impossible to recover it.

If your lawn is getting damaged slowly, stay calm as you can renovate it. Renovation is the procedure of treating and improving an existing lawn without entirely starting over.

Several signs that a lawn may require renovation are thatch buildup, too many weeds, lawn diseases, insect breeding, normal wear and tear, winter or drought damage, soil compaction, or drainage issues. But sometimes, you can fail to identify the exact problem due to some indications shown by different diseases. When you live in Plymouth, you must know about various diseases that can occur in local lawns, the damage caused by them, and the method to prevent them.

Here are some damaging lawn problems and their solutions that will help you easily identify and treat them efficiently:

Problem: Thin grass or less growth

  • Excessive thatch
  • Packed soil
  • Deficient nutrition
  • The lawn is in the shade for more than half of the day


  • Perform dethatching when required.
  • Core-aerate the specific parts of the yard.
  • Use natural fertilizers.
  • Reseed with a 2/3rd mix of fine fescue grass seed.

Problem: Snow mold

  • It arises in early spring when the snow melts.
  • Fungal growth starts in winter before the land freezes up.
  • Snow mold causes serious damage in some cases.


  • Smoothly rake affected areas to encourage drying.

Problem: Dead patches

  • These are caused by Japanese beetle grubs or other grubs eating grassroots.


  • Usually, once the damage becomes visible, the grubs develop into beetles and will no longer stay in the soil.
  • Apply Imidacloprid in the midst of May to September and follow all the instructions provided on the label.

Problem: Fairy rings

  • It is caused by various fungi available in the soil living on dead organic matter.
  • A dark green arc appears with an internal ring of dead or light-colored grass.
  • Sometimes mushrooms appear after a rain or regular watering.


  • Once the rings emerge start dethatching from the middle of August to mid-September
  • There are no chemical treatments to be used by homeowners.

Problem: Necrotic ring spot or yellow Patch

  • Thatch collection over 1/2 inches
  • Developed by a fungus because of frequent but light watering
  • Usually emerges in 2-5 years old sodded lawns.


Once you identify the damage, plan for:

  • Dethatching during the mid of August to the mid-September
  • Perform the core-aeration from mid-August through September
  • Provide your lawn average moisture of one inch per week.
  • Stay away from applying high nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Always prefer using organic fertilizer.

Problem: Dog spots

  • It is formed by dog urination.
  • It is more common with female dogs.


  • Scrape dead grass
  • Apply Gypsum to the part
  • Reseed the sections

Problem: Mole damage

  • Elevated soil shows, typically in lines, in the growing season.
  • It is developed by too much watering.
  • A great population of grubs is detected in the soil.


  • Lawns should be given an average of 1 inch of wetness per week.
  • Apply grub control to the lawn or by trapping to prevent grub population
  • Use Bonide Mole Scram to entrap or attract grubs during the growing period.

Problem: Vole damage

  • Clippings of dead grass typically come out in a line when the snow melts on the lawn.
  • Voles are dynamic in the lawn from the fall during the winter months.


  • Reduce vole harm by mowing the lawn just before winter to a depth of about one and a half inch
  • Catch voles in the fall with mouse bait
  • Use vole repellents like Bonide Repels All and Bonide MoleMax during the fall.

Problem: Thatch

  • It is created by excess clippings left on the lawn.
  • Thick thatch cover can prevent penetration of water, air, and nutrients into the soil, leading to abridged root growth and improved potential for drought pressure.
  • Thatch also supports fungal growth and can promote insect pests.


  • Avoid extreme applications of nitrogen.
  • Avoid recurrent and shallow irrigation on prepared lawns.
  • Get rid of clippings if excessive grass is removed once
  • Dethatch the lawn from mid-August to September if more than 1/2 inch of thatch is collected there
  • Organic fertilizer can facilitate thatch control.

Problem: Compacted Soil

  • Due to heavy traffic or deprived soil formation
  • Pond formation after a rainfall
  • Damaged lanes
  • Grass with low root systems restricts access to water and nutrients, which results in reduced drought tolerance.


  • Avoid foot traffic in selected portions.
  • Properly set up the soil before establishing the lawn.
  • Attempt core aeration from August to September and let cores stay on the surface to blend over a few weeks
  • Apply gypsum in the standard quantity of 40 lbs/1000 sq ft.

Consider our professional Minneapolis lawn care services

Identifying and treating various lawn diseases requires your time and effort. Sometimes, wrong recognition of a disease and incorrect treatment can lead to even more damage to the lawn, as well as wastage of money. Considering the help of lawn care experts can save you from such mistakes.

With Lawn Love, you don't need to skip your plan for the day. Hire our specialized lawn service, and we'll get this done for you while you are enjoying the beautiful sites of the city. Book our Minneapolis Lawn Care professionals today.

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