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Lawn Care service in Monroe

Greener, the better!

Do you look forward to having a beautiful lawn that can become the cornerstone of your apartment? Then look no farther than Lawn Love. We provide you with the best services for excellent lawns that make them look lush green and enhance your house's beauty in the neighborhood. The beauty of the house majorly depends upon the aesthetics from outside, and if the lawn is beautiful, then half of the work is done the house in itself starts appearing attractive.

For making a lawn beautiful, the major part is played by the grass. This grass is the primary concern while decorating the lawn. There are many types of grasses, and one must select the grass for their garden depending upon the weather, the growth rate, the look, the area, and so many other factors.

Anyone who has just a little bit of knowledge can sow the grass in the garden but where the actual problem arises is who shall maintain the lawn and take care of the other factors that affect the grass's growth? It is not just showing where the work ends up. Instead, there are too many tasks that need to be taken care of while maintaining the lawn. The beauty is reflected by the health of the grass and the green-colored living beings brought to life on the soil.

Lawn love works towards bringing the grass to life, and it pushes towards the look of the garden. The main aim is to obtain a beautiful lawn with healthy-looking plants and grass. There is a team of dedicated professionals that are localities. They suggest the best type of grass and plant maintenance services in town as they are aware of what is best for the lawns in the Monroe area and the factors that affect the grass's growth.

So, touch base with Lawn Love here at 732-585-1693 or try our easy two-minute quote. They'll keep your lawn lush and beautiful for years to come.

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  • Lawn Care service in Monroe, 28112
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    Queenie S. | Monroe, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in Monroe, 28112
    Katie B. | Monroe, NJ
  • Lawn Care service in Monroe, 28112
    Wanda G. | Monroe, NJ
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    Reginald S. | Monroe, NJ

Lawn care facts in Monroe, NJ


Average mowing price $76
Average lawn size 6,311 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 14%
Bi-weekly mowing 68%
Monthly mowing 11%
Lawns that get fertilized 0%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
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  • Sam took the time to blow away extra sand, leaves, twigs, debri, etc off our back patio. His first mowed strip was a bit low, but he adjusted accordingly for the rest of the front and back yard. He was very personable
    Kerry G.
    Monroe, NJ
  • The first visit, the weeds didn’t really die but he said he would bring something stronger next time, and he sure did! Big difference this time around. Thank you so much!
    Maria C.
    Monroe, NJ
  • We love us some Cotey on Riverside Pkwy!! Cotey in the best lawnsman we have had in 3 years. He is so professional and continues to wow us with precision and speed!!
    Queenie S.
    Monroe, NJ
  • Yard looks great overall. I thought weeds were going to pulled rather than cut as requested.
    Katie B.
    Monroe, NJ
  • My lawn is almost full. I have never seen the grass so thick! Thank you Juan!
    Wanda G.
    Monroe, NJ
  • Wonderful excellent job I love the way it looks
    Reginald S.
    Monroe, NJ
  • Joe did a good job---thanks a million Joe!!!!!
    Jim/Pat F.
    Monroe, NJ
  • Brandon did an outstanding job.
    David & Trisha F.
    Monroe, NJ
  • Thank you Brandon
    Carolina P.
    Monroe, NJ
  • Thank you
    Aretha W.
    Monroe, NJ

Monroe lawn care services

The breathtaking beauty and the benefits!

Natural lawns offer numerous benefits. Enhancing beauty is one. There are many other benefits of having a natural lawn. But before that, knowing which grass suits your lawn is a significant concern. The location of the lawn presents the first clue towards selecting the type of grass for your lawn. The first identification is the warm season grass or the cold season grass. Once the search becomes narrow from the warm type or the cold type, the next step comes towards the color, texture, and growing size of the common grasses in that category.

The grasses vary in their blades' size and can be identified suiting the search where the grass seeds have to be laid. There are creeping types, upright ones, and spreading types of grasses available for the lawns. The dense grasses majorly make the most of their way in Monroe.

The Kentucky bluegrass is common in the lawns of Monroe, and there are various reasons for it. Technically these are the cold season grasses. It can also tolerate the footfall and is better in heavy use. These grasses can take up the traffic of people moving from it in and out, which is why they are most common. It is not just the lawns of the homes that have these grasses but also the lawns of the office or organizations that enhance their infrastructure with well-maintained lawns.

It is not about the grass seeds that can be sprinkled in anyways, but technically, the seeds need to be sowed so that the grass comes out in a very proper manner with the proper dense look. The beauty is enhanced with healthy grass. There are many benefits that healthy grass has on the environment. The various benefits are listed below:

  • The air quality is improved with the lawns: The lawns that are healthy and greens tend to purify the air of the environment. Some grasses capture air-borne dust, impurities, and precipitation.

  • Carbon dioxide is trapped: The major reason that causes global warming is carbon dioxide. The grass helps to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment. These grasses help in trapping the carbon dioxide, thus reducing the harm to the environment.

  • The lawn produces a high amount of Oxygen: The lawn grass produces a lot of oxygen that gives the fresh air and aids in improving the health of the individuals residing nearby, thus improving the air quality.

  • Improve the groundwater quality: After the rains, the water that seeps down the ground from the grass enhances groundwater quality, thus making the water purer. While the water seeps down, it reduces the acidity and reduces the water contamination, thus increasing the minerals in the water.

  • Grasses help in reducing soil erosion: The roots of the grass hold the soil, and whenever there is the movement of the soil due to flood, etc., the roots hold up the soil and help in preventing the soil erosion.

  • Improving the soil quality: The lawn's maintenance helps improve the quality of the soil. The soil quality is enhanced by the natural decomposition of the insects and the leaves that fall. The worms and insects that decompose in the soil help improve the soil's quality, making it healthy for other plants.

  • Improves mental well-being: The lawns that are well maintained give a sense of freshness and happiness. Walking barefoot on the grass in the morning has its significant advantages in improving health, and so is doing yoga on the grass. These are the things that enhance the mental and healthy well beings of the individual.

  • Enhances Physical well-being: Physical activities and taking the sunbathe in the open lawns automatically enhance any person's physical fitness. These are attained when the person also admires the beauty of the well-maintained lawns.

Thus, well-maintained lawns constitute a significant part of the air, water, soil, and individuals' well-being. This wellness is nothing in return to the costing of the maintenance of the lawn. The lawns bring the best out of the individual.

Maintaining the lawns is becoming one of the best activities compared to the benefits obtained from the well-maintained lawn. This maintenance of the lawn is received by the professionals that provide the best care to the lawns. The well-maintained lawns give a treat to the eyes and become one of the places that present the place for evening parties. In the winters, when the snowfall occurs on the grass gives the presence and freshness in the apartments. A well-maintained lawn is the depiction of the brightness and the happy-go-lucky feeling around in the locality. Lawn love offers its services towards the betterment of mankind and the environment at the most economical rates.

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