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Lawn Care service in Springdale

We pride ourselves on being one of the region's top lawn care providers. No matter the size and scope of your property, at Lawn Love we have the right lawn care package for you that will deliver results and stay within your budget. Please sit back, relax, and let our professionals do all the hard work.

You are guaranteed that the results will be greener and a healthier lawn. Lawn Love is one of the leading lawn care service providers in Ohio. We provide quality lawn care services to our clientele in all types of properties.

At Lawn Love, we are committed to offering our clients the best lawn care service on the market. At Lawn Love, we have one of the most budget-friendly pricing methods you can find in the market. Don't hesitate to give us a call for more information or to request a quote.

Over the last couple of years, we have provided quality lawn care services to Ohio residents from Cincinnati to Springdale. Due to our dedication and commitment to quality service, we have become the most trusted and high rated lawn Care Company in Ohio.

At Lawn Love, we understand that our clients have different visions for their lawns, and each lawn has its own unique needs. We also know that no one wants to spend all their free time working on their lawns. Instead, everyone wants to spend time outside enjoying their lawn. At Lawn Love, we will deliver what you need when you need it. You can always count on us.

Lawn Love offers year-round lawn care services to home and business owners in Springdale and Cincinnati. Our services include:

Call Lawn Love today at 234-312-4805 and make sure to ask about our free, fast and easy two-minute quote so you can find out how far a little Lawn Love can go!

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  • Lawn Care service in Springdale, 45246
    Sara T. | Springdale, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Springdale, 45246
    Emilee T. | Springdale, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Springdale, 45246
    Brooke B. | Springdale, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Springdale, 45246
    Pat F. | Springdale, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Springdale, 45246
    Melanie S. | Springdale, OH
  • Lawn Care service in Springdale, 45246
    Michael K. | Springdale, OH

Lawn care facts in Springdale, OH


Average mowing price $59
Average lawn size 6,876 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 40%
Bi-weekly mowing 50%
Monthly mowing 2%
Lawns that get fertilized 8%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Springdale, OH

  • Lawn Plus Pest Control Services Logo
    Lawn Plus Pest Control Services
    Springdale OH, 45246

    Since 2005, Lawn Plus Pest Control Services has provided homeowners in Springdale and the surrounding areas with lawn care solutions that can always be trusted. They offer lawn care services like aeration, seeding, fertilization, and weed control. In addition to lawn care services, they offer a comprehensive range of pest control services such as control of ants, termites, moles, rodents, and more.

  • Jays Clean Cut Lawn Care Services Logo
    Jays Clean Cut Lawn Care Services
    Serving Springdale, OH

    With a professional journey spanning over a decade, Jays Clean Cut Lawn Care Services is a locally owned and operated business that works in Cincinnati. They can mow the grass, trim it to perfection, and neatly edge the borders of your greenspace. Plus, they offer tree care and concrete services.

  • A&D Landscaping Logo
    A&D Landscaping
    Serving Springdale, OH

    A&D Landscaping offers expert lawn care services to residential customers in Liberty Township. They provide lawn mowing, trimming, and edging, fertilization, and weed control. They also lay mulch and prune and trim bushes, shrubs, and hedges. They remove all fallen leaves and trimmings and clean up the yard so your lawn is pristine.

  • Star Mowing Logo
    Star Mowing
    Serving Springdale, OH

    Star Mowing has been providing lawn care services to customers in Burlington since 2018. The local company offers lawn maintenance services like lawn mowing, edging, and trimming to residents in Burlington and other surrounding communities in Burlington County. They also offer free quotes to their clients.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Elijah, I really appreciate your attention to detail and am SO glad that I finally have someone who is conscientious about their work. Thank you so much!!
    Sara T.
    Springdale, OH
  • Emmett did such an awesome job today!! Very greatful to have my yard mowed!!
    Emilee T.
    Springdale, OH
  • Thank you. Our lawn was great for my Mom's 90th birthday party yesterday!
    Brooke B.
    Springdale, OH
  • Great job! Thank you for your hard work making the lawn look good!
    Pat F.
    Springdale, OH
  • I was gone all day at work. The yard looks beautiful, thank you!
    Melanie S.
    Springdale, OH
  • Great job. Thank you. See you in the Spring.
    Michael K.
    Springdale, OH
  • Wonderful job guys.. love it.. keep it up
    Gary M.
    Springdale, OH
  • Awesome service! Thanks a TON! :)
    Sean M.
    Springdale, OH
  • Did a great job once again!
    Tom D.
    Springdale, OH
  • Good job
    Abidah C.
    Springdale, OH
  • N/A
    Billy Joe S.
    Springdale, OH

Springdale lawn care services

A lawn not only provides a space for your kids to play and for you to sunbathe, relax and entertain your guests come summer but also acts as the highlight of any well-kept garden.

A healthy, lush green lawn can bring your outdoor space to life, but the big question is, how will you achieve this? We've put together a 10 step guide on how to create, maintain, and conduct necessary repairs on your lawn to enjoy a perfect lawn all year round.

Step 1: Figure out the layout of your garden.

Before you start working on your lawn, you need to figure out the layout of your garden, and this can be done by looking at its size and shape. Which areas do you intend to use, and how will your lawn maximize the amount of sunlight it receives? Next, you should decide who will be using the lawn most. Is it your children and family pets, for example? If that's the case, then you should leave plenty of room for them to play and run.

Step 2: Decide which is best for your garden seeding or lawn turf.

This is one of the most important steps when creating a lawn. Do you want to plant the seeds and watch your lawn germinate and grow with time, or would you prefer instant results and have a lawn turf that will require very little or no maintenance in the first couple of months.

Step 3: Start preparing your lawn.

Whether laying down a turf or planting seeds, your lawn's initial preparation process will be the same. Start by removing any weeds, rubbish, or stones within the lawn area. Once cleared, turn over the ground using a garden fork and then use a rake to level the ground to remove any air pockets that might have formed.

Give the soil a few weeks to settle, and then rake it a final time before laying down your turf or sowing your seeds. Once the lawn is either laid, planted, or established, you should now start your lawn maintenance routine.

The first step should be:

Step 4: Feed your lawn.

When it comes to deciding how to feed your lawn, the best approach should be using a seasonal approach, which means using a specialist lawn treatment from spring, summer, and finally, autumn to achieve a healthy lawn all year round.

At Lawn Love, we have one of the best lawn treatment programs on the market. You can always reach out to us for more information or request a quote.

Step 5: Weed your lawn.

Weeds are any unwanted plants that you might have growing on your lawn, and they are likely to cause harm to your garden since they compete with the existing grass for nutrients, room, and water. Identify the weeds and then purchase a weed killer and apply it to your garden. Note that you should not apply any weed killer within the first six months after planting the seeds or laying down the turf since it is more likely to hinder healthy growth.

Step 6: Water your lawn

Watering your lawn around once a week is great for keeping your grass looking healthy all year round. However, you should ensure that your soil is left to dry before the next time you water it. The perfect time to water your lawn is in the morning before the sun has risen, giving time for the water to penetrate into the soil before the sun comes up and makes it evaporate.

Step 7: Aerate your lawn.

Soil that is too compacted will not absorb water and may even hinder nutrients and oxygen from reaching the grass's roots. In such a situation, all you need to do is aerate your lawn. After aerating, you should ensure that you water much more frequently with less water. This will help keep the soil moist without the risk of flooding.

Step 8: Mow your lawn.

When mowing the lawn, you should ensure that:

  • You do not cut more than a third of the grass length on just one occasion.
  • You mow more slowly if your grass is long or damp, as it is more delicate and more susceptible to damage at this stage.

Step 9: Protect your lawn.

There are a thousand different ways that your lawn can get damaged, be it through heavy usage, bad weather, or spot damage by animals. The best way to protect your lawn is by closely watching your lawn and keeping anything that might cause damage to it off it.

Step 10: Repair and reseed your lawn.

When reseeding, ensure you remove any dead grass with a gardening rake or fork, aerate the soil underneath that area where the dead grass was, and then plant your lawn seed and flatten the ground. Water the area regularly with a small amount of water every week for the next couple of weeks.

Please don't put yourself through another year of working tirelessly trying to maintain your commercial or residential property lawn. Let the experts do it for you. Contact Lawn Love today for more information about our services.

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