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Lawn Care service in Moore

Living in Moore, Oklahoma, means you've always got plenty of things to do, from restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, and parks. Why would you spend even one minute of your valuable time mowing or raking your lawn?

Your lawn will look more beautiful when cared for by professionals! Lawn Love service providers have an average of 10 years of experience in Moore lawn care. Our local lawn care experts in Moore will ensure your lawn stays healthy, green, and free from weeds with our professional lawn care services. We provide full service lawn care, fertilization, weed control and more.

When your grass is getting overgrown, don't worry! Our lawn care professionals will take care of all your lawn maintenance needs. Our affordable range of services provides satisfactory results, which is why we're highly-rated by local homeowners all across Oklahoma.

Do you need help with weed control? Just give us a call and schedule your service anywhere in Oklahoma City.

So get in touch with Lawn Love today at 405-926-8318 or try out our convenient two-minute quote, and get a clean, green, beautiful lawn, easily!

Happy customers all over Moore

Lawn Care service in Moore, 73170
David B. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Stephanie J. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Brittany B. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Judy L. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Carl W. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Daniel M. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73170
David B. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Mark D. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Cathy T. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Linda L. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73160
Patrice D. | Moore, OK
Lawn Care service in Moore, 73170
Gabe S. | Moore, OK

Lawn care facts in Moore, OK


Average mowing price $47
Average lawn size 4,420 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 20%
Bi-weekly mowing 67%
Monthly mowing 3%
Lawns that get fertilized 9%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Moore, OK

Ultimate lawn care Logo

Ultimate lawn care

Ricky Campbell
733 North Gale Avenue, Moore, OK 73160
31 jobs completed

Hey, I'm all about some hard work and clean living. I'd love to be your go-to guy for all your lawn and handyman needs. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm an easygoing guy and I get along with anybody so I bet we'll work together great.

Paige Lawn And Care Logo

Paige Lawn And Care

Paige Standridge
629 Northwest 17th Street, Moore, OK 73160
28 jobs completed

I started lawn mowing because I love how a yard looks after it's freshly cut. I edge and weed eat. I ensure to pick up all the trash before I start mowing so the lawn doesn't look dirty. I am respectful to the neighbors and customers in the area.

Tuttle's lawn Logo

Tuttle's lawn

Aubrey Fite
629 Northwest 17th Street, Moore, OK 73160
61 jobs completed

I started this because I drive around and see a lot of grass that needs mowing or is poorly mowed, and right now, it's the only way to make good money in this poor economy. I and one other are ready to mow to our absolute best, and if you don't like our job, contact us to let us know how we can improve.

Tisdale lawns Logo

Tisdale lawns

Hunter Tisdale
103 Eberle Drive, Moore, OK 73160
9 jobs completed

My new business just got started. I promise I'll do my very best on your yards, but if you don't like my work, please let me know. I'm always looking for improvement in my work, so please, let's get these yards mowed for your pets to roll themselves into with joy.

Cooks lawn care Logo

Cooks lawn care

Dylon Cook
1501 Jordan Drive, Moore, OK 73160
4 jobs completed

My name is Dylon, and I started working in landscaping in 2020. It is something that I have enjoyed doing for the past 4 years. I am looking to serve my surrounding areas and expand my business. We offer flower bed maintenance, tree installation, fall leaf cleanup, and more.

RayRay's Lawncare Logo

RayRay's Lawncare

Raylene Ellingsen
112 Meadowbrook Drive, Moore, OK 73160
3 jobs completed

Hi, my name is Raylene. I enjoy being out in the sun, so you will find me out all summer doing anything I can do, including lawn care, gardening, swimming, playing tennis, etc. Mowing lawns is just another way to earn extra money, including a way to be stress-free and relaxed, and it's good exercise. I enjoy having a yard that looks good, including helping my clients have a yard they can be proud of as well. No one wants to be in the house other neighbors wish weren't on the same block.

F.Y.F Logo


Kenyon Simmons
130 Briarwood Street, Moore, OK 73160
4 jobs completed

My name is Kenyon and I like to talk to customers face to face. I also like to get an understanding of what they would like done, where not to weed eat, and what to make sure we get to. I like to have them look at the yard after I'm done as well. It is always my pleasure to mow your yard.

Cory Godwin Logo

Cory Godwin

Cory Godwin
713 Wall Circle, Moore, OK 73160
661 jobs completed

Where did you grow up?
Dibble, Oklahoma

How do you beat the heat when working outside?
Water and frequent breaks.

Have you ever rescued a lawn from certain death? How did you do it?
Massive cleanups that have required a lot of haul off and bagging of green waste.

Where is the nicest lawn in the world?
The nicest lawn in the world is whichever one you believe is the nicest. Everybody has different views of what they believe is nice.

What's your biggest lawn care pet peeve?
Pet waste.

Grass & Trees Logo

Grass & Trees

2402 S Santa Fe Ave 204, Ste 204, Moore, OK 73170

Grass & Trees is a locally owned and operated company that brings its licensed lawn care and landscaping expertise to residential and commercial properties throughout Moore and beyond. Their comprehensive services encompass mowing, treatment, edging, aeration, fertilization, seeding, and weeding, ensuring your lawn looks its best year-round - all at competitive prices. Additionally, free estimates are provided for their prospective customers.

Fence by Kinsey Logo

Fence by Kinsey

Kaullin K.
Serving Moore, OK

Whether you're looking to enhance your home's curb appeal or simply create an inviting outdoor space for your business, trust the Fence by Kinsey team to deliver exceptional results. From mowing and edging to weed removal and sod installation, they will ensure your outdoor space remains vibrant all year long. The other services offered by the company include fence and gate installation and repair. Kaullin, the owner, and his team are available to serve customers seven days a week.

Kyle's Lawn Service Logo

Kyle's Lawn Service

Serving Moore, OK

Kyle's Lawn Service proudly serves residents in Oklahoma City and nearby areas with honesty, dependability, and affordability as their core values. They can perform regular or one-time lawn care services such as grass mowing, overgrowth trimming, and yard border edging to ensure that your outdoor area remains pristine.

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Customer Support Agent Erica Profile Photo
Customer Support Agent Corey S. Profile Photo

What Our Customers Are Saying

The edging seemed lacking/incomplete. This one I should have clarified, for next time it needs to be driveway to driveway, don't leave that little strip by the neighbors.
David B.
Moore, OK
I really appreciate them doing an amazing job and addressing the overgrown weeds the previous provider neglected. I would prefer this provider as my regular provider.
Stephanie J.
Moore, OK
Did you mow today? I didn't schedule a mow and I didn't receive any emails or reminders about treatment or anything so I'm really confused. Let me know. And thank you
Brittany B.
Moore, OK
He did an excellent job. My lawn was awfully overgrown and it is trimmed and looks great. And he raked and cleaned up too. It is pretty again now.
Judy L.
Moore, OK
My Lawn PRO Alex did what I asked he listen and went the extra mile I do appreciate the great service thank you Alex and lawn love
Carl W.
Moore, OK
Very professional, prompt, finished in a timely manner and let me know what all was going to be done to the lawn before servicing.
Daniel M.
Moore, OK
Edging is still incomplete or not done at all. The edge that is against the southern neighbors driveway needs to be done too.
David B.
Moore, OK
As always they do an excellent job & are extremely professional. Communication is too notch and I totally recommend them!
Mark D.
Moore, OK
Yard looks great only need one place done which is by the white fence outback. Can’t wait to keep my yard looking good
Cathy T.
Moore, OK
Corey obviously does a great job on the lawn. But, more than that - I trust him. There is no bigger compliment than that
Linda L.
Moore, OK
It's always so lovely coming home after Haamin visits. My lawn looks GREAT and I am a happy customer. He is awesome!!
Patrice D.
Moore, OK
Looks really good did way better than I expected even help me outline overgrowth will definitely recommend
Gabe S.
Moore, OK

Moore lawn care

Oklahoma is no stranger to countless varieties of weeds. Hence, weed control is a popular practice here, and all lawn owners prefer this service to make their lawns beautiful. This process helps you keep your lawn green and healthy.

These pesky plants can be an actual trouble, particularly for those who have tried diverse techniques to kill them but only got watching them grow back. Implementing weed control measures is one of the most important elements of contemporary lawn maintenance practices.

Fall can be a terrible period for gardening because everything is falling down from summer. There is a continuous supply of leaves, which needs to be blown off your yard, and weeds are just more frustrating! While a lot of weeds don't arise until the spring; hence, the most favorable time to treat them and begin your weed control process is in the fall and winter months.

What is Weed?

A weed is just a plant that grew unintentionally in an unwanted area. Some weeds can really be useful or attractive, but the majority comes in the damaging category.

Weeds are naturally strong that best adjust in the environment to dominate other plant species, contending for water, sunlight, essential nutrients, and even area. They usually reproduce and extend through the spreading of their seeds by nature, animals, or humans, and can grow increasingly anywhere on the soil or ground.

Types of Weed

The foremost step toward removing these unnecessary plants from your lawn is finding out which type of weed you're treating. Being aware of the weeds that generally grow in your lawn will help you and Moore Lawn Service specialists treat and clear them from your garden more efficiently.

Unfortunately, several types of weeds can commonly grow in the Oklahoma area. There are two main types, grassy and broadleaf, and they can be annual, biennial, or perennial. So, you need to determine the type before treating it.

Grassy Weeds

Grassy weeds look like turfgrass but normally have longer and narrower leaves than usual blades of grass. Also, they are different in color and the manners in which they develop. It is difficult to control grassy weeds due to their resemblance to turfgrass. In reality, several types of grasses that may be seen as weeds in one area can be considered as popular types in another.

Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds are what many people consider weeds. They are easy to recognize and different from nearby turfgrass due to their bigger, broader leaves and net-like veins. It is different from turfgrass and grassy weeds, which have fibrous root systems. It grows from taproots, meaning its roots will grow vertically downward.

How to Treat Weeds?

Treating weeds in the fall and winter period sets your lawn ready for gardening the rest of the year. Weed control actions in fall treat annual and perennial weeds both and can truly play an important role in eliminating grown-up, hard-to-kill perennials like dandelion or clover. Take a look at the following two methods of weed removal.

Hand Removal

There are some weeds that you can remove easily by hand. If you only have a small number of weeds in your garden, you can eradicate them one at a time, pulling up the roots as much as possible. You can easily remove weeds by either hand or garden tool right away after a rainstorm, as the soil is soft and workable.

This technique is suitable for broadleaf annuals with shallow taproots. For deep-rooted perennials with compound root systems, hand removal is often not appropriate as even a small part of the root left inside can help the weed grow again. For perennial weeds, herbicide treatment is suggested.


Getting weed control in fall will target weeds growing in that season like winter annuals and perennials, starting their dormancy process. In this process, the weeds will start moving their internal food sources from their leaves to their roots. By controlling perennials during this time, the herbicides can basically shift from the leaves to roots and destroy the weed.

Both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are used for weed control treatments targeting both annuals and perennials. The pre-emergent herbicides tend to remove any weeds that have not yet grown, and the post-emergent herbicides will damage any weeds already produced. Moore Lawn Care Service providers determine the best solutions for weed removal depending upon its type. Consult the professionals to know more about weed removal.

Prevent weeds with Moore Lawn Service

Healthy turfgrass and soil is a perfect blend for preventing weeds from the captivating root. By keeping your lawn mowed, fertilized, and watered timely, weeds will have to struggle to establish themselves in the yard. Mowing the grass very short; exposes the soil to excessive sunlight, which increases the probability of weed growth.

It doesn't matter how much care and attention you pay to maintain your lawn, but you can feel keeping weeds away impossible. Fortunately, now professional services for weed control are available at affordable rates at Lawn Love. Our experts not only help you get rid of these weeds existing in your lawn but also help you prevent the growth of any weed by providing preventive services.

At Lawn Love, we offer comprehensive services for Oklahoma City Lawn Care, including lawn maintenance, gardening, fertilization, aeration, weed control, seeding, clean up, leaf removal, snow removal, etc. We provide 100% satisfactory results in Moore and nearby areas of Oklahoma City. You don't need to bother yourself to maintain your lawn- hiring our services will save you time and money both.

You can book your local professional weed control expert in just a few clicks, and we will get the work completed as early as possible. All you need is a smartphone or web browser to coordinate everything and get the schedule ready for the lawn care service in Moore, Oklahoma.

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