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Lawn Care service in The Village

Ever considered hiring a professional lawn care service in The Village, Oklahoma? Lawn Love is a fantastic option. We can connect you to affordable yet professional lawn care services in The Village, and we have serviced many homeowners in the area as well as 1000+ neighborhoods across the country.

At Lawn Love, we understand that knowledge and expertise are required for top-notch lawn maintenance. So, we readily, conveniently, and quickly connect you with professionals equipped with both qualities. All with online convenience!

You can comfortably begin your journey to a beautiful, all-green, and lush lawn by filling out our free two-minute quote.

To learn how Lawn Love can help you, just call 405-926-8318 to take advantage of our free, fast and easy two-minute quote today!

Happy customers all over The Village

  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Vesta H. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Dennis V. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Nathan R. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Elidia G. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Vera O. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Vesta H. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Vesta H. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Casey R. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Vesta H. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Scott K. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Scott K. | The Village, OK
  • Lawn Care service in The Village, 73120
    Vesta H. | The Village, OK

Lawn care facts in The Village, OK


Average mowing price $53
Average lawn size 4,713 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 21%
Bi-weekly mowing 64%
Monthly mowing 2%
Lawns that get fertilized 10%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In The Village, OK

  • Leray Thornton Logo
    Leray Thornton
    Serving The Village, OK

    You can turn to Leroy Thornton for a full menu of landscaping, from mowing and sprinkler repair to lawn assessment and sod installation. This friendly landscaper joined Lawn Love in 2019 and has taken on more than 4,000 jobs. He serves the greater Edmond area, including Moore, Oklahoma City, Yukon. Mustang, Warr, and surrounding communities. Leroy has maintained an average customer rating of 4.69 stars.

  • R and Y Lawn Care Service Logo
    R and Y Lawn Care Service
    Serving The Village, OK

    R and Y Lawn Care Service, based in Oklahoma City, was established in 2020. They provide lawn care services like mowing, trimming, and edging to keep your lawn well-groomed and define crisp lines around your walkways and driveways. They even offer weed removal services to keep your grass healthy.

  • Carter Property Cleaning Services Logo
    Carter Property Cleaning Services
    Serving The Village, OK

    Carter Property Cleaning Services is a company that seeks to help clients take care of their lawns. They offer lawn mowing services, moving-in or out clean up, and post-construction cleaning for clients in the Yukon area. They are open to customers every day of the week.

  • Blake Dworshak Logo
    Blake Dworshak
    Serving The Village, OK

    Don’t stress over a messy yard. Let lawn pro Blake Dworshak in Mustang take over. Blake will bring his best effort to make your yard lush and green. He can mow, edge, trim bushes, and blow away any leaves and debris to unveil the hidden beauty your yard wants to be.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • My soon to be replaced back door fell off, I couldn’t lift it to move it..he moved it completely out of the way, propped it against the side of the house very neatly.. gate securely closed, lawn perfect!
    Vesta H.
    The Village, OK
  • He was very professional and did a great job! The next need to call for lawn service again I need Him to come back!
    Dennis V.
    The Village, OK
  • Cory received the feedback of the last tech With an open heart and was very professional.
    Nathan R.
    The Village, OK
  • He did an amazing job with the cleanup after the rain we endured. My lawn looks good!
    Elidia G.
    The Village, OK
  • Ruben did a wonderful job. I couldn't be happier with the way my lawn looks.
    Vera O.
    The Village, OK
  • Excellent like always! Gate securely closed, lawn perfectly cut and edged!
    Vesta H.
    The Village, OK
  • Excellent like always! Gate securely closed..lawn trimmed just right!
    Vesta H.
    The Village, OK
  • Thank you for staying in contact with me! Everything looks great!
    Casey R.
    The Village, OK
  • Excellent like always.. lawn great, gate securely closed!
    Vesta H.
    The Village, OK
  • John always does an excellent job with my yard work
    Scott K.
    The Village, OK
  • Good but leaves the gate open and my dog gets out
    Scott K.
    The Village, OK
  • Perfect again! Lawn great, gate securely closed!
    Vesta H.
    The Village, OK

The Village lawn care services

Common weed types in The Village


Wiregrass; also called elastic grass, common Bermuda grass, or devil grass, is metaphorically the devil of lawns in The Village. It is the most notorious and most common weed in the area. This warm-season weed presents itself like a compressed, white-silver mat or a light green clump with flat stems. Once established, it's hard to control, spreading and creeping over barriers, landscape fabric, paths, and anywhere its seeds can reach. Wiregrass is often confused for crabgrass because of their similar seed head, but the grass is perennial and spreads through stolon above the ground and rhizomes underground.


Chickweed, sometimes called Starwort, is an herbaceous, annual broadleaf plant common to The Village. Various studies have identified the plant as a natural treatment for health conditions like asthma, constipation, fever, and numerous other ailments. Although attractive, with white flowers, chickweed will compete for nutrients with your grasses and leave them malnourished.


Clover, like chickweed, is a cool-season, annual broadleaf weed, which, ironically, was commonly incorporated into lawn mixes in the past. Some lawn owners like the way it looks and is less concerned about curbing its growth. And indeed, chickweed can help affix nitrogen in the soil. However, during times of drought, this weed becomes inactive, leaving unpleasant brown patches on your lawn. Worse yet, they fight for soil nutrients and are strong enough to best your grasses.


Many types of weed are often inaccurately labeled as crabgrass, but the real weed is a warm-season annual grass that thrives in the heat. It grows in the areas where your lawn is thinnest, spreading its light-green blades (like crab legs) everywhere. As crabgrass is an annual weed, it will die immediately after the first frost hits. Despite that, this weed type is known to produce many seeds - averaging around 25,000 to 250,000 per plant. So, even when crabgrass dies, it will have spread its seeds all over your lawn.


Dandelions are also one of the most familiar, easy-to-identify, and most invasive lawn weeds in The Village. Like clovers, some lawn owners like them. But remember, dandelions can become a constant problem if not controlled. Like crabgrass, they produce thousands of seeds carried by the wind that will spread across yards and landscapes. In other words, if your neighbor has dandelions, there's a high chance that your lawn will be infested too. Another problem with this weed is that its long, taproot system burrows into the soil several inches deep, and if you fail to remove the entire root, it will certainly grow back.

Grasses that grow well in The Village

The Village has an average annual rainfall of 34 inches (lower than the US average of 38 inches), 5 inches of snow (US average is 28 inches), and a staggering 239 sunny days per year. Thus, warm-season grasses thrive better in this area. Here are some of the warm-season grasses you should consider for your The Village lawn.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass buds best under full sunlight, but it will tolerate light shade. It's traffic, heat, and drought tolerant. This grass is a favorite among lawn owners who need low-maintenance turf. It has a deep root system that allows it to get nutrients/moisture. Zoysia is the most drought-tolerant turf among all warm-season grasses and needs the least supervision/care.

Care: Zoysia requires only 1 inch of irrigation once a week and a mowing height between 1 to 1½ inches. However, the dense growth makes it thatch quite quickly; so, it will need aeration and dethatching in the fall. You can create holes with a spading fork if your lawn is small, but you should get aeration services through The Village lawn care if your yard is larger. This grass doesn't need much fertilization. It conserves nitrogen quite well, but a soil test will reveal its nutrient needs. Consulting with The Village lawn services for appropriate test and fertilizer application (if required) is an excellent way to care for your Zoysia grass.

Bermuda Grass

Like zoysia, Bermuda grass loves the sun but will blossom only under full sun and proper irrigation. It is an excellent option for your The Village lawn if you want quick establishment. Bermuda can withstand heat, drought, traffic, and salt brilliantly but doesn't do well in the cold. It requires heavy maintenance, but it has the fastest growth and recovery among all warm-season turfs.

Care: At its peak development, Bermuda demands monthly fertilization. You may also need to mow the turf twice weekly to keep it at the recommended height of 1 to 1½ inches. Lastly, you have to water at 1 to 1½ inches to prevent the grass from going dormant during summer. If you love Bermuda's fast growth but aren't so keen on its heavy maintenance, you should contact The Village lawn service to get the whole process set up and undertaken for you.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass equally loves the sun but can tolerate partial shade. If your lawn is quite shaded, this one might be for you. It has good heat tolerance, low maintenance, and few nutrient requirements but is sensitive to alkaline soils, and the relatively shallow root system isn't particularly good for the grass during summer.

Care: Although slow to establish, once it does, this grass won't need much fertilization. You can find someone through The Village lawn service to conduct a soil test and manually provide nutrients if necessary. The standard recommended height for mowing centipede grass is 1½ to 2 inches, but its slow growth rate means you won't be doing that often.

Why you need professional lawn services in The Village

We understand how tedious it is to keep a clean, weed-free, and healthy-looking lawn in The Village. Getting the right grass, soil testing and fertilization, mowing, pulling out weeds, and more are chores that you might not be eager to deal with.

Lawn maintenance requires work, hard work! So, it would be best if you allow experienced, knowledgeable and skilled experts contacted through The Village lawn care. You can then channel your new free time into more fun-filled adventures like visiting the Howell Museum, Duffner Park, Bixler Park, or other beautiful places in and near your neighborhood.

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