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With over forty individual parks, a dazzling waterfront and even an arboretum, there's plenty to enjoy in Everett when it comes to outdoor fun. Mowing and raking your lawn, however, is probably not your idea of outdoor fun. But, if you want a great-looking lawn, you've got to put in the work, right?

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Everett lawn care

Everett, Washington is the largest city in Snohomish County. It is also the county seat. Everett resides less than 30 miles away from Seattle and identifies with the Puget Sound region. Located on the coast, maritime activities are especially vital to its identity and economy. A combination of attractive natural scenery, economic stability, and a quiet suburban character make Everett one of the most popular places in the state to live.

Everett's Past

Because of its proximity to the water, Everett was initially selected as a place to live by prospective residents because of its potential for sawmill operations. Sawmills did indeed for the backbone of the city's economy for many years since its foundation in the 1860s. However, the sawmill industry was joined simultaneously by the timber industry. While many other cities in the area struggled for economic security as they grew, Everett began with a very strong economic background. This quickly attracted the attention of investors who decided to build a city (present-day Everett) in the center of the sawmill and timber operations.

Everett was first launched as a city with a distinct identity in 1893. Fueled by the construction of the nearby Great Northern Railway, which ran near its town center, Everett became a major industrial hub in the area. As with many places in the country, however, its economy was transformed during and after WWII. After the war, its economy was no longer comprised mostly of timber production and sawmills. Instead, it changed its focus to primarily support the aviation industry. The construction of an assembly plant owned by Boeing in 1967 fueled this economic change. Even today, Boeing is one of the largest employers in the city. The second-largest employer, highlighting the city's seafaring traditions and significance, is the US Navy.

While many West Coast cities were founded by settlers arriving by ship, Everett was settled by a migrant from the East Coast. The first settler in the area was a man named Dennis Brigham who hailed from Massachusetts. Another difference between the first settler and that of many in the US is that while many settlers were wealthy individuals who seized maximum amounts of land upon their arrival, Brigham had more modest amounts of money. Using some saved funds, he acquired about 160 acres of land and constructed a cabin to live in. It wasn't long before additional homeowners joined him. Collectively, they started a town that centered around a sawmill. The plan worked until the sawmill collapsed. Nearly three decades later, in 1890, official plans for creating a formal city were finally underway.

Over the next few years, Everett became more developed. Land grabs and acquisitions were increasingly commonplace. The city was officially established on May 4, 1893. This was just one year after the Great Northern Railroad came to town, bringing more tourism and facilitating the transfer of crops and other economic products in the process. The arrival of the train also inspired the growth of the local mining industry, which was a steady supplier of jobs for many years.

What to See in Everett Today

Now, Everett has much more to enjoy than its heavy-industry background. From its museums to natural treasures, there's plenty to enjoy.

Future of Flight Museum

The Future of Flight Museum pays tribute to Boeing and the Boeing assembly plant, which is still one of the city's biggest economic drivers. Today, the Boeing factory in Everett employs close to 30,000 people. The factory has its own daycare facilities, coffee shop, and a fitness center. It even has its own fire department and security personnel. The Boeing factory, located in Paine Field, is the largest operational building in the world.

Howarth Park

Despite the fast pace of life in Everett, there are places to go for a quick getaway. One is the Howarth Park, which is a remote 28-acre park with a stunning beachfront. An advantage of Howarth Park is that it has a separate area where dogs are permitted to run off the leash. The park has a playground for younger visitors and public restrooms. Swimming and other recreational activities are permitted at this beautiful beachfront city park.

Everett, Washington, is a coastal city filled with natural splendor and a strong work ethic. When the city's residents aren't hard at work, they enjoy spending time learning about the city's past and enjoying some peace and quiet in its recreational areas. If you live in Everett, you probably want to keep your property looking its best to show off your fine city to visitors. Luckily, with the help of Lawn Love, your expert local lawn care professionals, that is quite possible.

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