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As a Floridian, you know all that Florida has to offer beyond roller coasters and mouse ears, especially in Apopka. Taking advantage of all the sunshine, parks, and trails is one of the advantages to living in such a beautiful place, but that doesn't mean making your lawn beautiful is easy! Maybe you don't have the time or maybe you just don't have the familiarity with what it takes to make your Apopka lawn pop, but at Lawn Love we've got the time and the know-how to make your lawn the most beautiful on the block!

At Lawn Love, our fully bonded and insured lawn care technicians know all there is to know about Florida lawns. We know the invasive species that need to go and we know the right kind of grass you need to grow to create the plush lawn you want. So, go out and soak up the Florida sun and wildlife while we create a habitat in your back yard just for you!

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It looks like the expected precipitation in Orlando is 0.08 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:32 AM and set at 8:27 PM today in Orlando).

Apopka lawn care

Central Florida's top destination for outdoor activities is located in Apopka. Within the community, you can find beautiful natural areas, clear springs, and plenty of lakes. The town is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to the area, Apopka is ready for you to explore.

Lake Apopka is one of the main attractions of the city. Many people take a trip to Apopka just to fish in their waters. It is not unusual to catch a bass that weighs over 5 pounds. Lake Apopka is the fourth largest lake in the state of Florida. Located 15 minutes from Orlando, this lake is fed by natural springs in the area. This area is quickly becoming one of the best boating lakes in Central Florida. For those wanting to see a glimpse of the wildlife, the natural area is filled with alligators, bobcats, coyotes, eagles, and cranes. A hiking trail wraps around the northern edge of the lake. For the birders, Lake Apopka has over 300 species of birds cataloged near the lake. Lake Apopka is a true nature escape in the middle of Central Florida.

With its emerald springs, Wekiwa Springs State Park is another excellent spot to enjoy nature. Visitors have been exploring the springs since the mid-nineteenth century. The park has miles of trails that can be traveled on foot, horseback, or bike. You can even rent a kayak or a canoe to view the park on its waterways. While on the trail, you will have many opportunities to see some of the native wildlife. Wekiwa Springs often calls itself the longest-running tourist attraction in the area.

For the adventurous, you can travel down the 22 paved miles of West Orange Trail. This trail connects several Florida communities, including Apopka. The trail goes along the same path as the once-thriving Orange Belt Railway. The trail's end is located in Apopka, but you can cruise down the entire path to Killarney Station. You can even take your own horse on some parts of the path. The trail will take you past wooded areas and rapidly developing communities. Locals and visitors travel the trail frequently.

Apopka has plenty of places to get out and play, including the Northwest Recreation Complex. This sports facility has over 128-acres of activity space. It is one of Florida's premier outdoor sports complexes. You will never be bored at this recreational site. The site includes six full soccer fields, four multi-purpose fields, two lacrosse fields, two flag football fields, six baseball fields, four tennis courts, three basketball courts, and four sand volleyball courts. If that was not enough, it also has a 1,300 amphitheater and a mile walking trail. If you participate in a sport, the Northwest Recreation Complex has a field or a court for you.

For those who want to go tubing, you can visit Kelly Park. This park includes the area known as Rock Springs. Tubers are welcomed to ride a tube down the natural spring to the main swimming area. You can rent a tube or bring your own from home. The park recommends that you wear water shoes because some of the rocks can be sharp. Like some places in Florida, alligators have been spotted in the lake or on the shore. It is always best to consult the staff to see if there has been a gator sighting in the area.

Finally, your dog is not left out of the outdoor fun in Apopka. Doctor's Dog Park is the perfect space to let your furry friend get some exercise. There is plenty of room for your dog to roam around the grounds. Once you are finished, your buddy can get water at the many fountains in the area. There is even a pet shower to wash down your dog at the end of the visit.

With all the outdoor activities in Apopka, you want to spend your time enjoying the fun events. Why should you worry about lawn care? Don't waste a hot Florida summer pushing a lawnmower. At Lawn Love, our landscaping professionals are here to help. We will take care of all the yard work at your home. You have plenty of activities to keep you busy. Don't add lawn care to your list of things to do. Lawn Love will help with all your landscaping needs in Apopka.

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