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Lawn Love connects you with a McDonough lawn care provider based on the services you need and your location. We provide the benefit of having hundreds of lawn pros on our platform to choose from, each with different skills and experience, and all local to McDonough. This helps you, the customer, to be matched with the right person for the yard work you need completed based on expertise and availability. Gone are the days of relying with uncertainty on a friend or neighbor to help with your lawn.

Depending on the availability of the lawn pros in McDonough, we can generally get your job scheduled in as quickly as 2 days. You’ll be notified as soon as a provider picks up your job and it will be added to their schedule, without you needing to do anything else!

The best thing is you don’t need to change your plans to accommodate for your lawn pro’s services. Everything from booking to payment is handled online, so you don’t need to be home when the service is completed. If you have a gate code or special instructions, include that information during or after the quote process and the message will be relayed to the pro.

Occasionally you may experience rescheduled jobs. If your job needs to be rescheduled, it will be opened back up for pros who have the first availability to accept it. You’ll be notified with the new date and time once it’s confirmed.

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McDonough is located about 30 minutes south of Atlanta and while it manages to maintain its southern charm, it is one of the state's most picturesque communities. It is home to some of the friendliest people in the state and the community itself is constantly thriving and has become a center for commerce, arts and activities within Henry County. With beautiful parks, a historic Square, unique shops, and fine dining establishments, McDonough has plenty of fun for everyone.

What isn't fun is having to work behind your lawn mower during the weekend instead of hanging out with your friends. If you need some expert lawn care done right, you should let Lawn Love handle it. Our independent lawn care pros are all highly experienced and aware of the different grass types and weather that is unique to the region.

The summers in Georgia can be quite hot at times, so why would you want to spend your free time behind a lawn mower sweating? Lawn Love has the tools, experience and manpower to tackle any kind of lawn care-related task. We have affordable rates and an online booking system that makes scheduling and managing our services stress-free. If you want us to care for your lawn, pick up the phone and call at 470-443-9522. You can also try our free two-minute quote.

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How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common lawn mowing frequencies in McDonough:

How are lawn care prices in McDonough?

Prices vary depending on the size of the lawn and frequency of your service. Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in McDonough:

While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval. Too long between cuttings can cause shock to the plant and result in an unhealthy lawn or bald spots. At Lawn Love, we always recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing services to maintain a lush healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!

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It looks like the expected precipitation in Atlanta is 0.04 inches, which means you will probably have to water your lawn today.

Dusk and dawn are the best times to water your lawn (the sun will rise at 6:26 AM and set at 8:48 PM today in Atlanta).

McDonough lawn care

McDonough, Georgia is a suburb of Atlanta. It is the home to multiple famous athletes, including former NBA players Shaquille O'Neal, Darrell Armstrong and former Kansas City Chiefs player, DJ White. McDonough was founded in 1823, and the majority of the original historic town square buildings remain today. Many of these buildings are on the National Registry of Historic Places, including the entire downtown district.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is one of the largest parks in the county. With three pavilions, lighted adult softball fields, an event center, and over 120 acres, this park is an excellent destination for families and weekend warriors.

Heritage Park is also the location of the historic village and several living history museums. Many of the restored or original buildings represent what life was like in the McDonough area from the early 1800s through the early 1900s.

The George M. Nolan House was built in the mid-1800s and is typical of the type of architecture of the region into the late 1800s. Commonly it is called a "raised roof cottage," and the Nolan House is one of the few remaining in the state. Nolan was a prominent attorney who was also a General during the Civil War. The house also has a heritage garden, which contains regional and historic heritage garden specimens.


McDonough has multiple festivals throughout the year. Festivals in McDonough celebrate seasons, cultures and more. Whether you are looking for something to do for a weekend or hoping to find something to entertain visiting family and friends, you can certainly find something to fit your taste.

The Old World Balloon Festivals takes place every September at Southern Belle Farms. The Old World Balloon Festival brings together people who enjoy watching hot air balloons being blown up and flying. Some balloon pilots even invite members of the public to go on rides if the weather is accommodating. Along with the balloons, you can enjoy good music, food from local restaurants, food trucks, and can enjoy the farm. Ticket sales go toward supporting the Old World School, which is a local school for special needs children.

The Carribean Culture Festival takes place in June. The Carribean Association of Georgia sponsors it. Attendance is free, and visitors can play dominos, eat food from all over the Carribean world and learn about Carribean culture. Also, multiple vendors are present, including clothing, handmade jewelry, and other items representing the Carribean.

The annual Geranium Festival is an annual festival celebrating Spring and the local community. Geraniums are celebrated, but so are local artisans and crafters. You can look at the creations of local jewelry makers, fiber artists, and sculptures. Additionally, enjoy local barbeque and grab a bite of alligator tail, turkey leg, ribs and more. Enjoy delicious tomato sandwiches and a glass of Southern sweet tea.


Ola is a neighborhood made up of newer homes built in the past two decades. Homes are moderately sized, many of which have gorgeous green lawns and carefully manicured landscaping. Ola is extremely family friendly, and families and couples are seen taking evening walks or playing in the front yard. This is a wonderful neighborhood to make friends and meet your neighbors.

The Peeksville Road/Old Jackson Road neighborhood is made up of medium size homes, many with three or four bedrooms. Many of these homes are newly built, but there are also a significant number of homes that were built in the 1970s through 1990s. Many homeowners own more than two cars, so you will often see cars in driveways or parked in front of homes. Most of the residents of this neighborhood commute to work and are employed in upper management or white collar positions. Here you will see carefully maintained lawns and newer landscaping.

Kelleytown is considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire state of Georgia. The majority of homes built in this neighborhood have been built since 1999 and are freestanding single-family buildings. Built on large lots, many homes have large lush lawns and extensive landscaping. They also have pools and large entertainment areas. Kelleytown is also designed to encourage residents to interact, with wide walkable streets and lots of places for kids to play. The overall feeling of Kelleytown reckons back to the 1950s, where neighborhood residents felt safe, and children were free to play in the front yard.

Overall McDonough is one of the most sought-after suburbs of the Atlanta area. It has many parks for families to enjoy and all kinds of community activities. The majority of residents live in newer single-family homes with beautiful landscaping. Instead of spending all of your time working on maintaining that gorgeous lawn or pruning bushes, let us at Lawn Love help you take advantage of your time off doing things you enjoy more. Whether it is hanging up holiday lights, doing seasonal cleanup or mowing your lawn weekly, we have trained professionals to help your home keep that beautiful street appeal.

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