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Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills is a suburb in Oakland County and is located at a distance of 12 miles from Detroit. It was a part of Avon Township until 1967 when some parts of the township were incorporated into the city of Rochester while the rest formed Rochester Hills. It is one of the wealthiest and most educated cities in the U.S. The campus of Oakland University is situated here. Stoney Creek and Yates are its two dynamic communities where more than 70,000 people live.

With many cafes, food joints, and parks, it is a great place for families to settle. For most, maintaining the yards of their homes is not something they are interested in. They would rather do something more enjoyable in their free time. Still, there is a need for lawn care to keep their property looking beautiful. If you are such a homeowner, what should you do now?

The answer is simple: hire a professional with Lawn Love. The experts are locals of the area where they work, so you can rest easy that they will be deeply knowledgeable about Detroit lawn care and will satisfy all your Rochester Hills lawn care needs.

So, before you head out for the day for a little fun with the kids, get In touch with Lawn Love at 313-202-4975 or try out our easy two-minute quote.

Happy customers all over Rochester Hills

Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Christina P. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Edwin H. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Nicole R. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Aquarius H. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Juanita S. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Chelsea H. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Elisa I. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Rhonda N. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Tenea C. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 48307
Diane O. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Samuel S. | Rochester Hills, MI
Lawn Care service in Rochester Hills, 76262
Tanisha B. | Rochester Hills, MI

Lawn care facts in Rochester Hills, MI


Average mowing price $66
Average lawn size 9,685 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 40%
Bi-weekly mowing 57%
Monthly mowing 0%
Lawns that get fertilized 6%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Lawn Care Requests
-28.13% this month
Annual Lawn Care demand in Rochester Hills, MI
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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Rochester Hills, MI

Ken'lawncare Logo


Kenneth Baldridge
Serving Rochester Hills, MI
1 jobs completed

Hello. I've been in the lawn business for a couple of years now. I work with two other guys, and they also do great work. We are looking to open our business and make new customers happy. I'm looking forward to doing great business with you all. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Tjs Luxury Lawnservice Logo

Tjs Luxury Lawnservice

Treyvon Johnson
Serving Rochester Hills, MI
226 jobs completed

Hi, my name is Treyvon Johnson. I'm 28 years old, and I have been doing landscaping since I was 12 years old. After working various jobs, I decided to start my own business in 2018 to test my skills, and it's been great ever since. My team is fast, skilled, and very reasonable with our prices for the amount of work we do, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Chandler lawn improvement Logo

Chandler lawn improvement

Rico Chandler
Serving Rochester Hills, MI
14 jobs completed

This is a lawn improvement service that's more like family. We try our best to make sure our customers are as satisfied as possible. I started this business for my son so he could learn the right aspects of life, including having a company and hard work.

Ermaniscleancutsllc Logo


Serving Rochester Hills, MI
11 jobs completed

We are here to satisfy all your lawn care needs, from weeds to tree trimming. We do everything; we also do junk removal. We are strong on pride and our work ethic. We are here to satisfy customers and keep lawns healthy and cleanly cut. Keep us in your mind for all your lawn care needs. We won't overcharge or do any hustling. Everything is worked for and done with passion.

MowedGreen Logo


Kaleb Grant
Serving Rochester Hills, MI
3 jobs completed

I started my business to make some extra money on the side. I have a truck and yard equipment to get any yard service that needs to be completed. The name of my company is MowedGreen, and we always arrive on time and ensure that the job gets done on time!

C-Care Lawn Services Logo

C-Care Lawn Services

Cornell F.
1950 S Rochester Rd, Ste 1180, Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Established in 2022 by Cornell Fairley, C-Care Lawn Services specializes in maintaining residential and commercial lawns in Rochester Hills. They focus primarily on lawn mowing using battery-operated equipment to reduce environmental pollution. In addition to the eco-friendly approach, they specialize in other maintenance tasks and offer snow removal services.

MI Green Logo

MI Green

301 Hacker St, Rochester Hills, MI 48307

MI Green in Rochester Hills offers lawn care and lawn pest control services to residents in the area. They offer lawn mowing, edging, and trimming, fertilization, and weed control to keep the lawn lush, green, and healthy. They also provide lawn aeration services and spring and fall cleanups.

Nielsen Pro Logo

Nielsen Pro

3400 Longview Ave, Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Nielson Pro, a veteran-owned landscape maintenance company in Rochester Hills, helps keep your outdoor space looking its best. With over 24 years of experience in the industry, they can mow, trim, and edge your lawn to keep it neat and well-manicured. They also offer tree and shrub trimming, planting bed maintenance, mulching, fertilization, and even irrigation repair and maintenance services.

Native Designs Logo

Native Designs

Rochester Hills, MI 48306

Are you looking for a helping hand with your yard work? Let Native Designs handle your property's lawn care needs. Whether it's lawn mowing or other lawn care services, the company will enhance your yard's curb appeal. The company also provides snow removal and tree services. Native Designs serves homes and businesses in Rochester Hills and nearby areas

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What Our Customers Are Saying

After getting 2 weeks of cancelations from another pro Alvin showed up right on time. He was very friendly and did a great job.
Christina P.
Rochester Hills, MI
Surprised they did it by shovel. They did a great job. Cleared steps and put down salt which was more the expected. Thank you.
Edwin H.
Rochester Hills, MI
Great communication. Excellent job. Looking forward to working with Kenny again
Nicole R.
Rochester Hills, MI
I was very pleased. I look forward to continued business with lawn love.
Aquarius H.
Rochester Hills, MI
Thanks for trimming the red myrtle tree a little. It really grows fast.
Juanita S.
Rochester Hills, MI
He was efficient and thorough. We are very happy with the service!
Chelsea H.
Rochester Hills, MI
Thanks. Look forward to having Chris come regularly.
Elisa I.
Rochester Hills, MI
Treyvon did a great job. The yard looks very nice.
Rhonda N.
Rochester Hills, MI
Ruben is always awesome! Great work!
Tenea C.
Rochester Hills, MI
Excellent cut. Thank you.
Diane O.
Rochester Hills, MI
He was diligent and tidy.
Samuel S.
Rochester Hills, MI
Great work!!
Tanisha B.
Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills lawn care services

Every plant species has become adapted to its specific surroundings over the course of evolution. It can grow well only in its native environment or in the ones that resemble it closely. Among the various environmental factors, the climate is the most important and governs what type of flora grows in an area. Therefore, your lawn is also affected by weather patterns. Its needs depend both on the location of your home and the season of the year. Rochester Hills has a humid continental climate.


The average January low is 16 °F, while the average July high is 82 °F. It gets 32 inches of rain, on average, every year. Summers are hot and humid, but winters are cold and snowy. The average annual snowfall is 33 inches, slightly greater than the U.S. average. Warm-season plants will likely not survive such freezing. On the other hand, some cool-season grasses and ornamentals can tolerate temperatures close to or below the freezing point.


What's more, is that the sky in Rochester Hills is often cloudy and there are about only 180 sunny days per year in Metro Detroit. Thus, the plants you decide to grow on your lawn should have some degree of shade-tolerance, otherwise, you might end up with yellow, shriveled-up grass.


Weeds Control


The undesirable and unwanted plants growing on your lawn are called weeds. Most weeds in Rochester Hills are a hardy species that can withstand sub-zero temperatures. Once summer comes, they resume their growth and become much more prominent. They not only ruin the aesthetic of your lawn but also compete with ornamentals for resources like water, minerals, and space. Some of the most common weeds in this area are as follows.




This weed is a vine that can coil around and climb tall plants. It has weak stems, numerous of them intertwine to form a dense, tangled mess. The leaves are arrow-shaped. Bindweed has bell-shaped flowers that have a pinkish-white color.




The grass blades are pale green and are covered with fine, hair-like processes. It thrives in moist soil because it has a shallow root system. It can out-compete many turfgrasses, especially if they have already been weakened by disease or an insect attack.




The leaves are arranged in a circular pattern near the base of the plants. At the center, there is a hollow, leafless and erect stem, at the terminal position of which there is a large yellow flower that turns into a white ball of fuzz upon maturation.




Wiry stems emerge from the top of the taproot and form a dense mat. The foliage is light green and has a reddish-purple hue in certain areas. Individual leaves are heart-shaped and have a pointed tip. Young leaves are rolled. As they mature, they open up and their dark red veins become more noticeable.




It is a herbaceous and perennial weed. The leaves are broad and strongly serrated. Many of its species have stinging bristles on the surface of their leaves and stem. When the skin comes into contact with them, it can develop irritation and blisters.


Most weeds can be dealt with by applying pre-emergent chemicals before the growing season and rooting out the weeds that do pop out of the soil. You can also use post-emergent herbicides. Mulch can prevent smaller weeds from reaching the surface, thus depriving them of sunlight. If you are having trouble with the identification and removal of these pesky weeds, it will be a good idea to have a Lawn Love pro come and do these things for you.


Some General Tips on Rochester Hills Lawn Care


In a place like Metro Detroit where the seasonal variation of weather is a bit extreme, devising and implementing a lawn maintenance strategy can be difficult. We have compiled some of the best tips to take your lawn to the next level.


Test Your Soil


Before planting any grass in your yard, get the soil tested first. The results of the soil test will reveal both the good and the bad about your land. It will make it easier for you to identify the problems your lawn faces and solve them quickly. Although you will have to pay a small sum to get the test done, you will save both time and money in the long run.


Aerate in Spring or Fall


Soil can become compacted over time. Compaction reduces drainage and increases the likelihood of water runoff. To loosen the soil, punch holes in it with a manual or power aerating tool. Mix the top 6 inches of the soil with organic matter and that's it.




All soils lose some of their fertility when plants are repeatedly grown on them. To replace the minerals that have been lost, you can apply fertilizer to the soil. We recommend people to compost their domestic waste because compost is a good organic fertilizer that also improves soil texture. If you are about to use synthetic fertilizers, remember to check its pH and make sure that it is suitable with regard to the acidity levels of your soil.


Water Wisely


Many people have the bad habit of over-watering their lawn without realizing that doing so can actually harm it. Stop doing this! You should water it frequently, about 2-3 times every week. Whenever you do, keep the sprinklers on for at least 20 minutes so that the water can soak down to the depth of the root tips.


Lawn Love makes it possible for you to get the professional help you need for your lawn. Our platform makes this process convenient and quick. Just visit our website, sign up, schedule the tasks, and get an instant quote. We have kept our rates reasonable so that a wider demographic can afford our services. An expert might visit you in as few as two days after the submission of the request. Fast and economical. It sure is an irresistible offer, isn't it?

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