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Lawn Care service in Poway

The city of Poway is situated in the North County region of San Diego County. It has a population of around 47,800, and many of the locals work in agriculture. Since this area has a rich rural heritage, it's often referred to as "The City in the Country," which is also its slogan. The residents of this city live mostly in suburbs and frequent local coffee shops and parks. That they live their lives to the fullest is no secret.

Many of them own their homes, and so their lawns are an important part of their everyday life. Still, to a lot of people, lawn care seems to be too much of a hassle. If you are such a homeowner, you've come to the right place. Lawn Love has been operating in 120 cities across the U.S for a long time and also provides Poway lawn services here in San Diego. By hiring pros using our platform, you can get some of the best San Diego lawn care out there. You can rest easy knowing that they're seasoned experts in what they do.

Want to find out more? Contact Lawn Love today at 619-320-1006 or try out our convenient two-minute quote, and get a gorgeous lawn, easily!

Happy customers all over Poway

Lawn Care service in Poway, 92064
Rachel T. | Poway, CA
Lawn Care service in Poway, 92064
Alex P. | Poway, CA
Lawn Care service in Poway, 92064
Marvin H. | Poway, CA
Lawn Care service in Poway, 92064
Sharna H. | Poway, CA
Lawn Care service in Poway, 92064
Phil R. | Poway, CA
Lawn Care service in Poway, 92064
Alex P. | Poway, CA

Lawn care facts in Poway, CA


Average mowing price $58
Average lawn size 3,363 sq. ft.
Weekly mowing 0%
Bi-weekly mowing 53%
Monthly mowing 18%
Lawns that get fertilized 16%
Lawns that get aerated 0%
Time saved Priceless

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Top Rated Lawn Care Service Providers In Poway, CA

Scott Angeli Logo

Scott Angeli

Scott Angeli
Serving Poway, CA

Scott Angeli mows and trims lawns throughout the San Diego area, from San Marcos and Carlsbad to Escondido and Poway. Scott spreads seeds, trims trees, and controls weeds. He supports healthy turf growth with core aeration, fertilization, and sprinkler repair. You can turn to him for fresh sod as well. Scott joined Lawn Love in 2014 and has taken on more than 1,049 jobs.

Eric Garcia Logo

Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia
Serving Poway, CA

Homeowners in El Cajon can rely on Eric Garcia to mow, trim, and fertilize their lawns. Eric repairs broken sprinkler systems to keep your turf from getting parched. He also controls weed problems to give your roots plenty of elbow room. When your lawn could use a renovation, Eric will hook you up with a fresh layer of sod. Customers have rewarded Eric with a 5-star rating.

miguel castaneda Logo

miguel castaneda

Miguel Castanefa
Serving Poway, CA

Miguel Castaneda mows lawns with his crew in Chula Vista, San Diego, Valley Center, Irvine, Poway, and Oceanside. In addition, they do leaf removal, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, and core aeration. They have completed close to 30 jobs on Lawn Love, earning an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Edward Gustafson Logo

Edward Gustafson

Edward Gustafson
Serving Poway, CA

In Chula Vista, San Diego, and National City, Edward Gustafson is available to seed, remove leaves, weed, fertilize, mow, and aerate. Edward is also available for outdoor touch-up jobs, such as gutter cleanings and sprinkler repairs. Having been a member of Lawn Love since 2016, Edward has earned an average rating of 4.6 stars.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

This guy is a hedging master!! My front of the house has never looked so amazing! He was so kind to contact me and ask if I had any special requests!
Rachel T.
Poway, CA
yard is starting to look nice again ! old service ruined my yard ! Josh is bring my yard back to its old glory ... thanks josh
Alex P.
Poway, CA
I need the weeds pulled or hoed as opposed to being chopped with a weed eater. Other than that the service is great!
Marvin H.
Poway, CA
Did a great job. Stayed until the job was finished. Would love to have her continue to service our yard.
Sharna H.
Poway, CA
Really great service. They went above and beyond. Thanks for the extra effort!
Phil R.
Poway, CA
i would like Craig to be my guy every time he was great did a great job
Alex P.
Poway, CA
I think you did a great job.
Jacqueline M.
Poway, CA
Lawn looks great. Good job.
Dennis I.
Poway, CA
Perfect service as usual!
Grace F.
Poway, CA
Rick did a great job!
Ryan R.
Poway, CA
Thank you CLYDE!
Kathy J.
Poway, CA
josh is the best
Alex P.
Poway, CA

Poway lawn care services

Although places like Old Poway Park, Blue Sky Reserve, and Twin Peaks Trail are great for visiting once in a while, it's hard to deny that sitting in your yard on a summer afternoon is way more relaxing and therapeutic. You feel a sense of safety in your own home that you don't feel anywhere else. This is a major reason why people want lush yards to relax, workout, and party in. In Poway, this trend is far more prevalent than in many other cities because the area is very open with a lot of greenery.

Whatever your reasons for being interested in lawn care, you should know that doing it will not be as easy as you might think. The soil in most of San Diego is very clay-like and unfavorable for the growth of many kinds of grass. Moreover, the semi-arid climate with an average of 13 inches of annual rainfall (about one-third of the U.S average) is not really conducive to the survival and growth of ornamentals. Therefore, if you're thinking of getting your hands dirty with lawn care, your first course of action should be improving the quality of its soil. A lot of techniques like fertilization, appropriate irrigation, aeration, and mulching can improve the quality of your soil.

The problems working with clay soil

The composition of soil varies from region to region. Samples of soil from two separate cities might differ in a lot of features, an important one of which is the size of soil particles. Soil can be classified as clay, silt, and sand, in the order of increasing particle size. The smaller the soil particles, the more tightly they are packed. Thus, clay soil, such as that in Poway, has the following challenges with respect to lawn care.


Be it wet or relatively dry, soil containing large amounts of clay tends to be hard. It can be so firm, in fact, that the roots of your grass are unable to penetrate through it and spread. If you have difficulty digging your yard with a shovel, this might be an indication of large amounts of clay.

2.Poor drainage

As the small soil particles in clay are densely packed, they clump together to form chunks of dirt that contain an appreciable quantity of water but don't allow it to seep through the soil. Hence, clay absorbs water very slowly, with much of it forming puddles on its surface when you water your lawn.

3.Low level of air

Again, the interparticle spaces in clay are much less abundant than sand and silt. Therefore, air can enter clay only minutely. This deprives the roots of the much-needed oxygen and stunts their growth.

4.Easy compaction

Clay is easy to mold and change in shape. In areas of your lawn with a lot of foot traffic, the soil can become compacted. Compaction worsens the problems of hardness, poor water absorption, and the lack of air that are already pretty bad in clay soils.


Clay tends to be alkaline, perhaps due to the plenitude of basic metallic oxides in it. Although mild alkalinity can benefit some plants, you should keep the soil pH close to neutral, which is beneficial for a much wider collection of grasses and ornamentals.

The pros can help you run soil tests and lawn checks that can make the diagnosis of these issues much easier and quicker. You can then employ their help to devise an effective strategy to deal with such problems.

Things to keep in mind while maintaining a Poway lawn

From lawn care novices to those who have been doing this for a long time, everybody has room for improvement. Lawn Love has gathered some of the best tips to help homeowners in Poway get an enviably lush lawn.

1.Irrigate in the afternoon

San Diego is a warm place, especially in June, July, and August. There is also an ever-existing shortage of water. In such conditions, you have to irrigate your lawn wisely. Preferably use sprinklers instead of a hosepipe for this purpose and try to do it in the afternoon. The reason is simple: If you water it in the morning or at noon, the midday heat will evaporate most of the water. This is a huge waste.

2.Aerate annually

As we have already mentioned before, the clay soil of Poway is easy to compact. You should, therefore, aerate it at least once a year before you plant new grass for the next season.

3.Apply acidic fertilizers

Acidic fertilizers will help lower the pH of your alkaline soil, not only helping the plants grow but also making it favorable for soil-residing decomposers to reproduce.

4.Clean regularly

Lush lawns are pleasant to look at, but a neat one is far superior in beauty. Use a rake to gather fallen leaves, check for blockages in the pipes and gutters, and remove any other debris from your lawn to help its deep green color pop out.

5.Mow high

Mowing the grass too short can cause quite a lot of damage, which you can't afford in the early stages of establishing a new lawn. Take care to leave at least 3 inches of grass when you mow. Plants use their leaves for making their food and transpiration. Cutting its blades too short can put immense stress on the grass, especially when the water supply is also restricted.

Lawn Love is a platform that offers you a convenient way to find some of the best providers of Poway lawn care. They can not only make your lawn look its very best, but also advise you on how to do it yourself. So, hop on our website and begin the process!

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